We must be attentive to the next full moon of October 2018

  • 2018

There is a calm that occurs just before a storm is about to strike. The weather warms up a bit, the air becomes drier and the wind calms down, so things can stabilize before the storm. Perhaps it is the way in which Mother Nature protects herself.

The full moon falls on October 24 at the sign of Taurus

This moon will be there to stabilize us, strengthen us and help us become aware of our triggers and weaknesses, so that we can find our calm every time life brings a storm.

Sometimes, when a storm comes into our lives, we tend to get defensive, run and hide without facing what we have before us. When this happens, we have to take a break, find our calm before entering the storm, otherwise we will get carried away, and when we are in this state of helplessness, it is more natural for our ego to take control to protect us.

When the ego enters, it becomes difficult to see reality. Instead, survival is imposed at all costs and by all means, including hurting someone or saying something that really isn't true. This full moon is not meant to cause chaos, what it will do is highlight where we need to develop calm.

We all have triggers, a combination of buttons that when pressed, we cannot avoid reacting from a lower state of consciousness. This happens to all of us. And all you need is a moment of awareness and calm, even if the storm arises around you.

The full moon of October will guide you to enter, retire and think about your calm. How often can you find that place in your daily life, stay focused and in balance? How often can you give up and let things take their natural course? Answering these questions can only be asked if you take the time to travel inside.

When you get there and the answers come up, keep pressing and ask yourself, what can you do to maintain and increase that place of calm within yourself. Full moons have a way of improving things in our lives and sometimes allow us to see things more clearly. They allow us to see the truth of our ways, see our triggers and how we can forgive, do better and reconstruct aspects of our lives that have been neglected.

The reality is that storms will always come. We can't escape them, we can't always run and hide. Life brings storms, and we must be ready to face them. The more we align with our truth and believe in ourselves, the more we love each other and the more likely we are to achieve success .

We all have weaknesses, but we can strengthen other areas

We all have triggers, but we can learn how to handle them better. We all have questions, but we can learn to listen to inner wisdom. The energy of the Bull that surrounds this Full Moon, wants us to find our stability, our calm and be strong, so that we can resist any chaos that happen to us today, tomorrow and forever. Staying in our calm state also allows any negativity sent to float and leave us unharmed. Although storms can create feelings of fear and uncertainty, they can also be extremely healing and repairing.

After a storm passes, the sun shines brighter, the rivers flow more, the grass looks greener and the trees are taller . There is strength and confidence that appears in the air. And just as Mother Earth looks more beautiful and full after a storm, so will we.

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by tanaaz

Original URL: https://messagescelestes.ca/astrologie-intuitive-pleine-lune-doctobre-2018/

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