Message from Melchizedek: Follow your inner guidance more than ever and the impulses of your heart

  • 2019

Well loved

I come on the wings of love. Wherever you look, there will be a change in the world around you and most likely it will continue that way while cleaning. We cannot fail to emphasize the importance of keeping calm and now being the island of peace and the lighthouses of Light.

We often repeat it to bring these simple but very powerful truths to your conscience, since as simple as it may seem, you can radiate your Light and your love to those around you today, it is a unique service, me It's important and effective that you can do.

The chaos that seems to abound on your planet reflects the chaos that reigns in the deepest parts of every incarnate soul on Earth. There are so many things that have been repressed and conditioned on each person that they now surface so that they can be taken care of, transmuted and forgiven honestly, and we also tell you not to forget to forgive yourself.

These truths are simple but powerful

Many times, you assume the burden of another without even realizing that you are doing it. It seems that your destiny in life was an endless punishment for the acts that were supposed to have been committed in a previous life. This is not always the case, make an effort and try to take some time each day to forgive others and yourself, in this way you can keep your energy field clear and radiant.

Follow your inner guidance more than ever and the impulses of your heart . These impulses come from your superior calls where all probabilities and possibilities are known. Hearing this voice still small in you, you will remain firmly rooted and focused on the spiritual path that you have always chosen to follow.

Visualize that you are surrounded by the pure white light of Christ at all times and that this Light expands from your physical heart and shines through your etheric body that surrounds your physical body. This practice will anchor your Light Body with greater ease and grace, helping you acclimatize to a greater awareness of yourself and closer to your physical world.

The wheel of change moves quickly now and by standing in the center of this wheel, you will find that events can be seen with a certain detachment that helps you maintain your sense of harmony and balance, no matter what is happening to around you.

Stay focused by reminding yourself who you really are and why you are here . Let the drama of these ends and the simultaneous beginnings pass you without perpetuating an emotional charge that will keep you quiet in these events over and over again, because they are recycled under the influence of the phases of the moon.

Halfway, between the phase of the new moon and the phase of the full moon, the emotional dramas that you have not yet released and that you have not really been able to solve in yourself, will be back for a new review. Be aware of these cycles, well loved, because once you realize them, you can overcome them and finally release them.

Become aware of the cycles and patterns of your life, because that is where the secret lies in becoming the master of your Being and your life. Everyone has done it before in other lives or circumstances and everyone on your planet is well qualified for this domain. Always walk in peace, with humility and with a loving heart.

That's it! I AM Melchizedek.

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff

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