Who is Kryon ?: messages of love, peace and evolution for the planet

  • 2018

Kryon is an entity with a feminine energy field that has offered human beings a transformative knowledge with messages of love and peace for humanity.

These messages are channeled through different people in the world, especially Lee Carroll, author of more than 14 books on Kryon.

Kryon introduced himself as the ruler of the feminine field of God and has the mission of broadening the consciousness of the 9 magnetic dimensions that have created the Universe, those found in the human being and in everything that exists.

He affirms that a new energy, that of love, can achieve an important transmutation that allows that change on the planet, and it is everyone's responsibility to learn to use it.

Who is Kryon?

Kryon is an entity that issues its messages of love and peace to humanity through various people who channel their teachings. It is sent by a group of guides or extra physical teachers known as "The Brotherhood" who arrived on Earth in 1989.

This was the year of the Harmonic Convergence, a crucial moment in which a measurement of the energy and the potential of the future of humanity was made, being the positive result, so as a result The Brotherhood arrives to modify the magnetic grid of our planet, which will allow us to evolve.

Kryon expresses himself through channelers such as Lee Carroll, the person who has been in contact with this entity for 28 years. This channeler is the author of more than 14 books with Kryon's messages.

What is Kryon's message?

Kryon's messages are intended to give us the information to evolve and reach Enlightenment . They inform us about the process carried out by the Brotherhood, about the changes that are taking place and the opportunities we have to take advantage of to improve our life on Earth and for the future of humanity.

In the first book, "The End Times, " channeled through Lee Carroll, Kryon says he is from the Magnetic Service and that he is not and never has been human . He affirms that at this moment there are 9 entities that have come to bring the same message "channeling the Kryon".

The entity, which expresses itself in a tender and feminine language that reflects its “she” aspect, says that the message reaches the elect, who take the frequency of the whole to a higher level.

It is those who decide to listen and understand a message who have the power to take advantage of available information.

These Final Times to which Kryon alludes are not negative, but reflect the great evolutionary change that as humans we can access.

His message is that love is a great source of power, it is energy that can be turned on, stored, sent and used for many uses. It is always available, because you can learn to feel that source of love every time you want it, it will never fail and it is the promise of the Universe for a positive and transcendental change.

This is a new power that will be fundamental to the change that is necessary on Earth . And it is everyone's responsibility to learn how to use it to be enough energy to achieve that transmutation that is necessary.

Kryon says that this path is a choice that everyone should make . That nobody will be impressed if you decide to undertake or that nobody will be disappointed if you do not undertake. It is a decision to be made that implies having spiritual discernment that makes it possible to make a very important decision for the future of humanity.

Seen in Quantum Symbols, by Peter, editor of the White Brotherhood

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