Message Saint Germain: What is the energy in common that exists between us?

  • 2017
Table of contents hide 1 But now we are here, gathered justly, in the most important time 2 The group that has just met in this place and at this moment, is made up of a series of people formerly known, which attended a mysterious school together . 3 What is the Atlantean dream? 4 This cleaning will eliminate how bad you stay in 5 Discover Shaumbra's disturbing dream

Let us take a deep breath together, beloved beings of light, as we meet again, in one of these meetings that have been held for many years, in different ways, in different ways and in different places; because it was not only during this existence that we have met for the purpose of generating Peace in both their hearts and their souls, but we have been doing so for many centuries.

But now we are here, gathered justly, in the most important time

When conducting these meetings around the world, in what is known as a seminar or workshop, something really special usually happens. All those who have been part of one of these meetings are surely aware that I commonly ask the group: “What is that common energy between them? What exactly brought these 50-100 people together in one place? What is that common energy that is inside the room? ”And usually, after several incorrect answers, I finally give them the correct answer:

"The group that has just met in this place and at this time, is made up of a series of people that were previously known, who attended a mysterious school together."

That is the common bond that this group has in particular, having been part of the same mystery school for many years, they finally decide to meet again. Many, if not the vast majority, think they are going to a workshop; However, that is only a good facade for the meeting of all those souls who attended the mystery schools together, and in each of these meetings, those souls have the opportunity to speak, hold conferences and enjoy a lot of fun together, In addition to generating a great movement of energy.

Many of these groups usually meet because they are deeply injured, because they have wounds that they cannot easily let go and that is precisely the common energy that is present in this seminar. So we talk about injuries; In these meetings, although I am distracted in numerous ways, what we really do is usually a process through which, souls have the opportunity to relax completely releasing that old energy or failing that, recognizing that it is present, in such a way so that each of the workshop participants can finally free themselves from it.

What is the Atlantean dream?

However, no one has asked: What is the common energy that exists between us? well then, in this case, the common energy n that is present, consists of what I usually call the Atlantean dream, through which, the workshop participants have the opportunity to return, covering a long road, to the Temples of Tien located in Atlantis. It is a dream of his incarnate divine Light, through which you can appreciate the moment when the Master incarnates in a human being with the purpose of coming to this world and living in it and it is that Through this dream, we invite you to live fully what is now known as Ahmyo Life .

Through the Atlantean dream, they are able to appreciate that in fact, if they were found inside the ancient temples of Tien in Atlantis, so all those who meet in this workshop, also have as point in common, this dream, in which they return not only to Atlantis, but also to their days in mystery schools.

Oh Atlantis Isn't it interesting to see everything that is currently happening in the news? So many disasters caused by hurricanes and other natural forces; by consciously feeling everything that is happening around the world, there is a purification in you, through which you are cleansed of all those ancient Atlantean energies. Obviously and in certain cases, this cleaning turns out to be tragic in terms of human comfort and generally, also in relation to human life. However, what is really happening is a thorough cleaning of the old Atlantean energies that are still in you, since these are a war energy that caused a wound, an energy through which Isis was very injured.

That's why you can appreciate this constant pattern of cleaning around the world, but don't worry, since it will stop, but you must understand that you will do it only for a while and then, I will return again until all these energies are completely erased from you.

This cleaning will eliminate the bad thing that stays in you

This way this cleaning works, not only around the planet, but also within each one of you and it will happen when everything is finally clean. This cleaning will be responsible for eliminating everything that you are not even aware of that is in you, in some cases, such cleanings are very uncomfortable, painful or cause a lot of emotion, but in In any case, the most important thing is that you manage to clean everything that is not yours, freeing you.

Discover Shaumbra's disturbing dream

There is also what is known as “Shaumbra's dream”, a dream through which you do not need to work hard to work, since you have no need to fight, but instead you just have to let yourself go. This dream comes just at the right time, allowing them to get rid of any fight or mental battle, freeing them from any conflict and giving them the opportunity to transcend. With Shaumbra's dream you are still in this world, however, you will be working on a different level, since you will not let yourself be controlled by your mind.

Oh the mind We will be telling you in detail about the mind in our next messages, which will be delivered to you next year, since that is the end, the last stage of the mind, and although a large part of human beings are not aware of them, Many others wonder. What will happen to people's minds? Well, the mind of human beings was from the middle of Atlantis, which it is today, this being the reason why it has been taken for granted that the mind naturally is and acts in this way, so it will always be same. But it's not like that. Since the mind is experiencing and still needs to experience a formidable process of evolution.

Let's take a deep breath together and breathe deeply, let's take a deep breath while giving ourselves the opportunity to hear what the Universe tells us through its messages. Do not forget that it is already written and everything that happens is part of a higher plan.

Now we say goodbye, not without thanking them for listening to us and opening their hearts to this message.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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