The Seven Elohim

  • 2018

Elohim is one of the Hebrew names that refer to God and the Seven Elohim are the "Seven Spirits of God" named in the Apocalypse. Under them serve the "Four Cosmic Forces", the four beings of the elements, who have dominion over the elementals: gnomes, sylphs, salamanders and ondins.

In hierarchical order, the Elohim together with the Cosmic Beings are those who maintain the highest vibration of Light that humans can understand in this evolutionary state.

These beings represent the power of our Father as creator, together with the four beings of nature and their consorts, as well as with the elemental constructors of the form.

Who are the Seven Elohim?

The Seven Elohim are the ones who direct the Creative Power One, the creative energy of the Universe and are the Builders of this system.

The energy comes from the Central Sun through the Sun of the system and then through the Seven Elohim, where it diversifies as seven rays. These same beings come from the Central Sun and are the conductors, through their rays, of the seven activities of the Deity. They also represent the Seven Attributes of the Form for the planets and direct their rays through the Seven Angels.

The Seven Elohim and their Divine Complements (male-female) are:

  1. H rcules (m), Amazona (f)
  2. Cassiopeia (m), Minerva (f)
  3. Orion (m), Angelica (f)
  4. Clarity (m), Astrea (f)
  5. View-Cyclopean (m), Crystal (f)
  6. Peaceful (m) Peaceful (f)
  7. Arcturus (m), Diana (f)

Hercules and Amazona

Hercules is the Elohim of Power, that of the First Ray . This Elohim represents and does the Will of God and is the custodian of the energy of the planets.

This Elohim is known for his Power, but his power is Love, even though he measures almost 4 meters. Amazona is also very tall and very powerful. The first Elohim is frequently invoked to ask for courage and his color is blue.

It was Hercules who summoned the other Elohim to carry out the plan of Helios and Vesta to create this system.

Cassiopeia and Minerva

Cassiopeia is the Elohim of the Second Ray, the Elohim of Wisdom and Minerva is the Goddess of Wisdom . This Elohim is the one who directs the actions of Perception, Understanding, Illumination, Understanding and is the Power of attention. Its color is yellow-gold.

Orion and Angelica

Orion is the Elohim of Divine Love . While there are many beings called Orion, this is the Elohim of the Third Ray, who governs Cosmic Love, Divine Love, the love that holds form together. Angelica is the consort that sustains the quality of the apex of love. The color of this Elohim is pink.

Clarity and Astrea

Clarity is the Elohim of Purity, the Elohim of the Fourth Ray, which represents the Cosmic Purity in this system, which maintains Perfection. Astrea is a Great Cosmic Being, the purification of the Earth's atmosphere, which sustains the Divine or Perfect Concept. The color of this Elohim is white-crystal.

Astrea was considered a masculine Being, but it was later revealed to be the feminine aspect, the Elohim's Twin Ray of Purity. Astrea is from the Fourth Sphere.

Vista-Cyclopean and Crystal

View - Cyclopean is the Elohim of Concentration and Consecration, it is the Elohim of the Fifth Ray and the Elohim of Music. He is the one who governs all the activities of the vision, he is the Eye-All-Avizor-of-God for this system.

Its primary activity is Concentration, Consecration and action, but it also has the quality of Healing, just like Crystal. The predominant color of this Elohim is green.

Tranquility and Peaceful

Tranquility is the Elohim of Peace, the Elohim of the Sixth Ray and represents the action of Peace in this system as support of the form. Peace and the Ministry are their actions. Peaceful, as the name implies, is the embodiment and manifestation of Peace. The colors of this Elohim are intense pink and gold.

Arcturus and Diana

Arcturus is the Elohim of Liberation, the Seventh Elohim of the Violet Flame, of the Seventh Ray, who directs the violet ray to Earth. Its action is of Invocation and of the Rhythm of Application. Diana is the one who intensifies that Purification Flame, to transmute the substance around the electrons (the Pure Light) into the four lower bodies.

Seen on TSL, by Pedro, editor of the White Brotherhood

The Seven Powerful Elohim

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