Metatron 2018 The Year of Creations. Channeled Message from Adriano Pereira.

  • 2019

We want to share with you a beautiful message channeled at the beginning of 2018, by Adriano Pereira, Metatron's message !

Metatron Channeling of January 1, 2018.

This Channeling was translated from the Portuguese language, if you want to see it in its original version, we invite you to enter here.

Children, this New Year that begins, will be the year of great changes not only in the external plane but also in the internal plane. ( Metatron).

For many it will be scary, as these external changes can bring a sense of fear and insecurity about the future.

For others it will be a year, since the changes will surprise them by understanding what they bring to their Earth .

For the whole world it will continue following its traditional rhythm, with the earth spinning on itself every 24 hours, alternating daily periods of light and darkness .

Whatever the external changes, they reflect humanity's collective desire to create a new society, with new humanistic patterns that have not yet manifested in their reality, but that you yourselves are slowly creating.

However, external changes must follow the collective and Divine plan, and you and each of you must focus on understanding your inner world so that you can understand the scope of external changes.

You and each of you are Angels of God on Earth, responsible for one of the greatest Divine creations, which is the transmutation and elevation of humanity and its planet to a new and superior dimension, a place where your dreams they guide, and there is very little left to conquer.

In this New Year, the individual power of the creation of humanity is very latent, so that the place where they direct their thoughts can attract abundance, Love, Peace and prosperity to their lives, or can attract more current sorrows that inhabit the heart of many.

This new year is "Your year", it is "Year of all", since everyone can magically create what they want through their thoughts and intentions. Therefore, all care is little.

It is our desire that you believe Love, Joy, Happiness, Abundance, Fraternity, Love to others, Respect, and let your Light shine wherever you are, because it is the incarnate Angels of the Lord on Earth the most responsible beautiful and wonderful creations that Only you as legitimate children of God can create.

I am Metatron, and I greet you in the Light and Love.

Happy 2018

Channeled by Adriano Pereira - Metatron. January 1, 2018.

Author : Patricia Gambetta, Editor and Translator in the Great Family of

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