Message from Saint Germain: Let's talk about the passage through life ...

  • 2018

Beloved children of the violet light that purifies and transmutes errors that are nothing more than lived experiences that help us move forward. Let's talk about the passage through life.

And what is that passage through life? It is a long, winding, dark and clear road, with places to contemplate, climbs that have to be climbed, obstacles to jump, views to admire and stop to rest and continue.

And the goal is not the end of the road, but the entire course that leads to that end, but rarely do you stop to observe and enjoy that journey wanting to reach the end as soon as possible and who has said that there is the end? And who has said that the end of the tour is the best?

Concerned to reach that end, important moments have been lost, they have stopped enjoying themselves, they have stopped living, when the real and true sense of the way is to live it, enjoy it, understand it and take advantage of everything that comes our way. after day, because even in that most trivial there is a great lesson, but it is not appreciated if one does not look, if one does not live, if one does not understand life.

The body that is corrupted is only the answer and consequence of this blind and mediocre journey in which the last thing that matters is to respect and value it as the masterpiece that it is. Have you ever thought about the wonder and complex structure called body, which you possess, how many times have you heard yourself valued, thanking you for that walking miracle that accompanied you on this tour? Each human being has a shape, a color, a size but in reality all are equal, there is no better or worse, the difference lies in the love that each one offers to his body and yet, words of disapproval, of rejection, of anger, of dissatisfaction against him are repeated day by day, constantly. So how do you expect to have a beautiful and healthy body when it does not receive words of love, sweetness and recognition.

If it were not for him, you could not travel through this life, you could not see the immensity of wonders that this planet contains, nor would you hear the vibrations that produce so many different sounds, nor would you perceive the scent of nature, nor enjoy the flavors ... and with all this so evident, so present, so “at hand”, one is not able to see it, to thank it or to value it, only when something fails then we value its presence.

The body could remain beautiful and incorruptible if it has always been loved and respected, however, nothing and no one can withstand abuse, scorn or ignorance for a long time, that is when the body's response is to get sick, it is to grow old and not there is reverse, however we can stop the deterioration.

From this moment, honor your body, love it, protect it, treat it with the care and protection you would give a baby, talk to your cells, fill them with the regenerating light and live every day aware of your words, your look and of your feelings towards him.

There is no going back, we can not walk that same path again but if we can start from now on to create a bond, a communion of love with your body who will so nobly respond with health, well-being and you will live with dignity and with acceptance the stage of life It's your turn to live

Do you want a healthy body? Talk about health, do you want a young body? Speak with joy, live with joy, marvel at the miracle that is the human body and above all things thank for the perfect function of your body.

Use the violet flame to eliminate those established patterns, to erase from your eyes the wrong image that you have made of yourself, to heal the emotional and physical wounds that your body is carrying and let the violet flame regenerate everything that must be regenerated, rebuilt and healed.

Do not forget ... the body gets old and sick in response to the little love and respect it receives, it is in your hands to make it bloom or wilt.

Love it, love yourself but do it now, there is no time to lose or waste.

Receive this violet rain, feel it, it will fan your sacred fire.

I am Saint-Germain.

Until our next meeting

Published by Geny Castell, editor of the great family of the

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