Trump: the wild card that can change the paradigm

  • 2017

By Claudio Alvarez Dunn

Before I begin to write in depth, I must admit that I had always seen Donald Trump as a foolish guy, a true life thief .

However, at a higher level, it can be presented as a wild card that could change the history of mankind, interpreting this as a totally unexpected event that is out of all odds and that can change things to really move the paradigms.

Make no mistake, Trump is an entrepreneur and will continue to defend his own interests and investments (like those he has in the pipeline that wants to go through Standing Rock, among others), but from another perspective he is aiming to dismantle the corporate mafia that has kept us dominated by the last 100 years.

But the United States of America may never be the same again if the Trump bill that seeks to audit the Federal Reserve advances.

Senator Rand Paul announced a few days ago that President-elect Trump has declared his support for the “Fed Audit” project, to be presented at the next session of Congress, according to The Hill.

On the other hand, several independent media indicate that the brand-new Trump has ordered an audit of all governmental and non-governmental gold held by the US. This could indicate that it is considering whether it is possible to return to the monetary standard of gold for the dollar and get out of this dollar fiasco printed with no real value behind or propped up by petrodollars that only makes Saudis and their Bush / Clinton clan members millionaires . (It is worth remembering that JF Kennedy was killed by a similar measure).

If we add sudden changes to the Environmental Protection Agency (the EPA, which was pushing climate change to establish a new world order), the Center for Disease Control (CDC, unofficially accused of contaminating the world with Zika and other viruses that cause autism, for example) and the Department of Agriculture (USDA, dominated by the capital of transgenic seeds), it can be concluded that behind the scenes there is a broad battle to eliminate the tentacles of the dominant elite and their government minions United States corporate.

Donald Trump also announced the withdrawal of the country from the free trade project, the Trans-Pacific Economic Cooperation Agreement (TPP), taking the US out. of the globalization agenda pushed by corporate political wage earners. Trump tries to defend the interests of his country, but it will surely rain the commissioned articles suggesting that the United States is throwing stones on its own roof.

Outside the secret societies

Within this framework of things, it is worth remembering that in the middle of the electoral campaign, the former president of the United States House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich, explained on March 3, 2016 before the nationwide TV cameras that Trump He could not be a Republican candidate because he was not an "initiate" of the secret societies that dominate American politics.

(Videos that confirm it are still available on YouTube: y)

Those same secret societies are those that sell weapons on both sides of the same war and secure the country's resources for their benefit (as in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, for example, campaigns supported and endorsed by Hillary Clinton, by the way).

It is also those same corporations that dominate the press and the entertainment industry (Time Warner, Disney, Viacom, News Corp., Sony and NBC / General Electric) so it is more than interesting to see how anti demonstrations are financed and promoted -Trump from these platforms that 100% supported Hillary Clinton.

During his oath, Trump thundered against those who have looted the country, something that practically went unnoticed among the mass media, more aware of Melania's smile or dress and the number of attendees, than the words at stake.

Not to mention the latest arrests on pedophilia that the US press. He has almost ignored, unleashing the unusual attacks of the tycoon who became president.

Eight years ago we all had faith that Barack Obama was this ambassador of the light that would take us out of the sewers in which the Washington regime had subjected us with its wars and blood baths meaningless all over the world. But that did not happen.

A catalyst agent

A recent reflection presents Trump as a catalyst for the Age of Aquarius, a necessary evil. Having Hillary Clinton as president would continue to exist in the illusion of the matrix. There would be no change for the elite, as always. Trump is literally the trump card, the deck's wild card. Since it unites millions of people against the corrupt and fascist capitalist system, which he himself represents with all his inherent evils. Trump does not play the system game, he makes his own game. A catalyst for change needs to be a disruptive, said Dr. Morag O Brien MA, MSc, PGCE, Scottish writer who, in addition, is a Reiki teacher and experienced tarot reader for the past 25 years.

In these fateful days, he also read the following reflection: `` Today Trump appears with a brave fighter, with enough wealth to not be able to be bribed or bought, with experience in building empires, who knows how the elite works, but is not afraid of them and is willing to put their family at risk. The elite media wants us to remain divided, they know that if we don't put our differences aside and stay behind this new president, we could very well thwart the efforts he is making to change the country. s. In fact, they are counting on it, so we will see more marches and more insurrection while they build new organizations to create more civic disturbances.

Before this we need to unite. Regardless of what we think of this new president, he is the one who was elected. And if everything is really perfect as it is, then having Trump as president is also perfect. And finally, as if we needed more convincing evidence, who is more qualified than Trump to carry out this cleaning?

I don't feel that this president is the guy who gives speeches about unity, because I think that is his purpose. As I understand it, its purpose is to be a game changer, and as such, a fighter. The Light on this planet has increased significantly in recent years. Darkness knows that the only way to defeat us is to divide us. With this in mind, the call to unity and compassion must come from us. It is our job to be advocates of the compassionate and instigators of integration. This is what we came for. It is what we wanted to achieve. Who is more qualified for that job than us?

In conclusion, although this is defective, we must take the path of high vibration and keep him and his family in our prayers while working to rescue our country from the controlling elite., risking his life and that of his family in the process.

An Ascended Master reminded us: “Do not be fooled by what you believe will happen, because it is only an illusion of the perceptions of the old energy. In other words… it is not done yet, and the Lightworker has the responsibility of being the peacemaker, not the one who despairs because they have already decided who is who and what is what. ”

The Elite does not want to lose power, and knows very well the old game of "divide and conquer." Their conquests and extreme machinations have brought us, as humanity, to this point of our growth, so we must now walk our own path or continue in the dark. Only compassion, forgiveness and even gratitude will allow us to learn from this lesson for the highest good on the planet.

Leave the pattern of anger

Scottish writer Morag O'Brien adds that “there is a lot of anger in the atmosphere, a true and authentic anger grows day by day. Every group in society that has been mistreated by the elite is angry. The injustices of this planet are amazing. Living with anger corrodes the soul. It breaks it, poisons it with a denser frequency and makes it gritty and dirty. No one is sure with the awakening of anger. Some may feel guilt or complicity. It is all part of a programming to make a forced disconnection of our mental body with the soul system. If we keep this anger too long it becomes our current reality. After a while it hardens into bitterness, taking root in our physical bodies as a disease. ”

To counteract this, he proposes an act of balance between the alignment of the fifth dimensional frequency and this reality. “We are being marked in different directions. The fears and pressures of the womb push our vibrations down, and you can only escape through meditation and that withdrawal can elevate us through our crown chakra. We must focus on our solar plexus to build and anchor the force in this central power chakra in order to be concentrated, grounded and elevated simultaneously. This is the beginning of quantum existence. ”

(The author is a journalist, meditation teacher, Yoga instructor and Reiki Master)

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