Message from Master Saint Germain about the change, channeled by James McConnell. November 21 (Translation to Spanish)

  • 2017

I AM Saint Germain . I am here and now, to continue the process that began so long ago. Now we are together, in this very moment, during this precise moment, as if the present were another moment in history. Only that it is precisely the historical moment that will change everything.

I know that in your discussion today. You have spoken of the same. The changes that are coming. How everything is about to change, or how you would like it to change.

I tell you, how Saint Germain, together with all my brothers and sisters, that you all repeat the same thing: that this is the moment of change. But by observing everything that happens, everything that happens in what you call the outside world, I tell you that any change that the outside world undergoes will first happen within you, internally.

We are creating this new planet, this new Golden Age, and we are creating it all together.

You have already heard of the so-called " Revaluation ." You have heard about NESARA and the many changes that have already begun. You speak of the advent of what has been known as Brexit. The advent of your recent elections, and many other changes that occur in the outside world.

I tell you that there are also many hidden things that occur behind the scenes; Much of them so far. But many changes will come from understanding, from the vanguard. In this way you can see them with your own eyes, listen to them with your own ears. All changes will come quickly to you in the present time.

Until today, the change was taking place in small quantities, but as our brother said " The one who serves ", in the future the doors will be fully opened. You will begin to see that more and more truths are offered to you. You will receive a greater understanding, because from the beginning you were the only ones who caused the change. You, the light workers . You, the ones who share the light. And those with whom you share it, being all part of this great company.

NESARA will be announced. The revelation of the Galactic presence will be announced. You now know that the current financial situation will not be extended much longer. You will have to go through a transition, how each of you is going through a transformation. You are making an evolution towards a new level of understanding within yourself. An understanding of who you are that you already had once, and who is now returning to you.

As already said, you and your higher self are One. This is absolutely true. We are all One with the whole world, and with all things. We are One with the First Creator, He and Herself. We are all the same energy, the same energy of love. There was never a disconnection of this energy. We have always been One. We will always be One.

Together, you, and I, and all the others who are your mentors, will raise this planet to a higher state of knowledge and understanding of it, just as the Collective Consciousness of man becomes everything that can be, and all that What does being mean? The darkness that you have come to know and understand will no longer exist. Darkness cannot exist within the light. Even the tiniest spark of light can illuminate a dark room.

I AM Saint Germain . I will be with you very soon, in what you call " Advance ." We will be with you during all this time.

All my peace and love is with all of you. ”

CHANNEL: James McConnell channeling Master Saint Germain.


ENGLISH-SPANISH TRANSLATION: Eva Villa, editor in the big family


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