Message from the angels: A love that lies beyond the limits

  • 2019

I feel the heat of your celebrations in me. I feel inside of me also those of you who feel sad and alone. I embrace and love each and every one of you equally because within me all of you are one. Wherever one wants, there I can feel inside . Every time two others are reunited, you can see me in the eyes of another.

In your celebrations of love, you feel my presence as a blanket of heat and peace surrounding and dwelling within you and if you do not celebrate it, you can sit quietly, open yourself to receive and feel there too. My love awaits you every moment . My peace surrounds you, waiting for you to breathe deeply and feel it arise within you.

I have no judgments, because I can be found within all perspectives. I have no religion and yet I am in all religions. I have no limits, and yet I take shape in many ways . I am present at your Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, Kwanzaa, solstice celebrations, in every emanation of love, and in every tear that falls from your eyes.

I did not come into the world in one soul but centuries ago . I incarnate in this world with every birth, in every newborn child. I didn't have a single son, but I'm inside every son, every daughter, every mother, every father, every sister, every brother, every aunt, every uncle, every cousin, every pet, every sunset, every sunrise, every earth, every moon, every star, every sky and every grass under your feet.

My love lives and dwells in everything that is manifested in all creation and in everything that has not yet become

Each one of you who celebrates the miracle of light that arises in a dark world is celebrating the light that wants to be born in every aspect of your life. My light wants to rise from within and heal all your ills. I want to dissolve all your pains .

I want to comfort your sadness, calm your discomfort, and fill yourself with the joy of knowing that you are not and cannot be separated from a love that is so deep that it requires the universes to express themselves and that they still don't know limits. My love for you has no conditions or limits.

The light that you celebrate lives within you and has lived within all creation since the beginning of time.

Inside you lies the baby in the manger. Let it rise. As you focus on love in any way, you feel that my love is born within you, again and again. Inside you the lamp burns brightly reminding you that nothing external is required for love to arise from within.

You are the star of Christmas . Being a bright light that by its very nature guides others to discover this love within themselves. Victory over darkness is already yours because darkness is only an illusion, a shadow created by the mind that masks the truth of the inner light.

In your Christmas celebrations you will find me like the heat in your hearts, the food on your tables, the lights in your decorations and candles, and the blessings that are granted and received from each other. My love emanates from the songs you sing and the prayers you pray . My love waits patiently, ready to be expressed in all the ways that allow me to express it…. both you and through you.

I love you. I am you. You are inside me. We are one.

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Ann Albers

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