Message from heaven: April 2019 energy forecast

  • 2019

How do you feel about the changes that have taken place within us and in our world? We have been through intense weeks that consciously and unconsciously allowed us to review our feelings, emotions and thoughts deeply to be clearer of what we really want to continue to nurture, evolving to grow or honor or let go. As difficult as they may be, we must change the foundations of our reality and create balance in our lives.

The month of April will feel very different . It will be a month of action and movement, time to start and finish the proposed projects or tasks. To establish new relationships, start a career, enjoy a new life and creative activities. It is time to honor the internal call to action. The mind uses patterns of delay and lack of motivation as mechanisms to face a new challenge. Although these behaviors have nothing to do with who you are.

One of the reasons why the mind chooses to postpone and feel unmotivated is that it prefers things to remain as they are. Therefore, stories are created, conditioned and limited . However, there is always another option. Help her feel heard and honored . In a short time that compassion will allow you to lower the defense and recognize that there are benefits with other ways of taking responsibility.

Honoring our minds with compassion establishes a space between the fear it uses to protect itself and the old habit of believing stories. Embrace your energy of universal life, motivate yourself, act inspired by the direction you have in life. The energy of this month of April will help support and treat minds in a different way. What we are asked is that through daily practice we be more compassionate and loving with our mind and ourselves.

As the energies are focused on the movement, we have the opportunity to clarify our skills for events. It will help us establish experiences that reflect what we want. Intentional manifestation and projection into the future is not the same. This occurs when someone considers their intentions as a circumstance or an upcoming event, instead of feeling the conditions that it brings.

If you find yourself mentally trapped in history and in the details of how they should appear in your life, you are projecting yourself to the future, instead of manifesting yourself intentionally. He is a mechanism of resistance that the mind uses to protect itself and continue to feel organized. It is often mixed with doubt, worry or fear.

Intentional manifestation requires that we be first in the present moment, to be fully here and now; because it is in today when we operate with our greatest power and are able to create the happiest and most satisfying life.

These are some ways to align with the present: recognizing ourselves as spiritual beings and actively using the five senses. Honoring our feelings and emotions. Expressing gratitude. Serving without expecting anything in return. Working with affirmations. Nourishing your body Meditating and enjoying nature.

When we manage in the present and choose to create intentionally from the 'Now', we go beyond the references of those desires that tend to stagnate us. Give yourself permission this month to honor the parts of you that made projections in the future. And when you're ready give yourself consent to choose to do something different that motivates you.

Rejoice in this month full of action, fun and wonderful surprises. And of course, keep in mind that all the calls to action that you receive internally, make you work happily with the beautiful energies available to us right now.

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Emmanuel Dagher

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