Kryon's heavenly message: "The 5 alignments of life"

  • 2017
Table of contents hide 1 But today I am here to tell you about “The 5 alignments”, which I will mention and explain below 1.1 Alignment with the others 2 The alignment with the others consists of a resonance, a convergence of energies which sound between yes 2.1 Alignment with the stars 3 All the elements that make up the other worlds are represented within yours

Greetings dear brothers,

I am Kryon, who comes to bring you a heavenly message . I come to you frequently, so that you are already accustomed to listening to me, although not everyone agrees with what I say, because many of you are in darkness and do not understand everything that I and the other beings of light that come we say. But my dear ones, you are going through an era of reflection, a time where you must be governed by understanding, compassion and above all tolerance.

Actually, this era that they are living, consists of a scientific encounter full of both spirituality and esotericism, since both complement each other. Here there is something for each of the beings that inhabits their world, given that the study carried out by science is about the study that focuses on knowing how the creative source, that is, God, created each of the deep systems that They are investigating.

But today I am here to tell you about “The 5 alignments”, which I will mention and explain below

Alignment with others

During the last few days, several of you have begun to experience the sensation that you have known certain people you have recently met, many feel you as your own family, many feel they have changed but do not know exactly in what way. However, several of you felt it and will feel it again, now I will explain why:

This occurs frequently when ancient souls mingle with you and are present when this kind of encounter takes place . Possibly, some of you have heard about the field, since we are in the perfect place to talk about the physics of matter, however I will not do it because this was already discussed previously by scientists. The " Field " allows both harmonies and benevolent energies to be synchronized, with the purpose of manifesting before you, those things that have never been planned. Practically, we could say that the Field is like an invitation to perceive and feel things that you would not have the opportunity to know otherwise. This Field has always been found in his world, however, it was only from 2012 that both its effect and its power, presented a significant increase.

Alignment with others consists of a resonance, a convergence of energies which sound to each other.

This alignment is not about some kind of friendship between souls, it is rather a merger and the best way to align with another person is none other than by compassion. n . To understand you better, I can say that the alignment with others consists of a resonance, a convergence of energies which sound to each other. But the compassionate action that allows this alignment to be generated may be due to a community of thought or it may be because of the realization of God within each one of you.

Alignment with nature

The alignment with nature consists in the union that exists between the land in which you live and each one of you. The Love that human beings can feel towards Earth and all that is found in it is the reason why this alignment is created, which allows them to be linked to their own planet .

This alignment began because the natives and their ancestors who lived in the quiet desert called Monument Valley, through their practices thanked the Earth for all that it gave them and by fully loving the land where they lived, they had the opportunity to align with it. When these natives spread around the world, they taught other people to love the earth, which is another living being like each of you and made a pact with planetary energy, so that the earth provides all those things that arise from it, from the oxygen that daily fills the lungs of the beings that live there, to the food and tools they may need to survive

Alignment with the stars

Have you managed to realize that the stars and all the planetary systems, are you created with the same material that makes up your planet ? Each of the elements found on Earth are the same elements that make up the galaxies, since there is no huge amount of unknown elements hidden in the vastness of the Cosmos .

All the elements that make up the other worlds are represented within yours

It is possible that you have certain problems to perceive what is inside the atom, however you have no problems to know and understand that the atom is in anything around you or that your scientists study.

There are different levels of gravity, different combinations of gases and everything you know in different sizes, since your planet comes from what is outside of it in the great and vast universe, which means, every time any of you look at the stars, align with them and become part of you.

Vis-a-vis alignment

The vis-a-vis alignment refers to themselves, to their internal "I" . To achieve this alignment it is necessary to be in harmony with your interior, know who they are and know their souls. Many of you wonder if through alignment with others or with vis-a-vis alignment, it is possible to see God, either in other people or in themselves and the answer is that there are multiple human beings and even many old souls that consider that they are not of great value and that they are below the others and while that happens it is not possible to see God, since to be able to do it it is necessary to love themselves.

Alignment with the creative source

In order to be in alignment with the creative source, they must recognize the difference between the creative source and God. God is a singular noun, which is usually a source of both power and judgment . While the creative source consists of a fairly broad concept, which could be as extensive and diverse as desired, since the creative source is not only multidimensional but also quantum, it has no end and is everywhere at the same time.

Alignment with the source is something quite feasible, as long as you create it and feel it that way inside, believing that you are part of the creative source and consequently are multidimensional beings, who have the ability to appreciate, know and understand everything that is beyond what is possible to see in your own world .

And it is that the alignment between human beings and the creative source generates a multidimensional change in you, which will allow you to have access to the truth . Now that I am done, I say goodbye to you, dear brothers, hoping to speak to you again when you reach 5 alignments, which I hope will be very soon.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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