"State of the Galaxy" by Master Djwhal Khul

  • 2010

Djwhal Khul Spirituality Article Channeled by Reverend Terri Newlon

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"State of the Galaxy"

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May, 13, 2010

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Djwhal Khul Here. Tashi Delek

Well, the "state of the Galaxy" is my theme today and it greatly affects the health conditions within people, animals, plants and of course the environment, or the Earth, as a Being, solar energies, what What is happening in your Solar System and what is happening in the Galaxy. So the State of the Galaxy.

As we are reaching the end of the Mayan Calendar, it is really what I mean, a little hectic trip. Vibrationally, we will see many changes. You will see more things like volcanoes, hurricanes and many things that have been prophesied. It is not the end of the Planet, nor is it the end of the Solar System, but there is certainly something very cosmic that is happening. And you will see evidence of it on Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and on Earth in particular.

Now if they have knowledge of Astronomy, they know they have some retrograde planets sometimes. Pluto in particular. Pluto in Capricorn is the one who must take care of himself and see what else is happening in relation to Pluto.

Now in the foreground, health is being strongly affected by these changes because the magnetic energies in the body change, the electromagnetic energy field changes. The relationship of gravitational attraction between your body and the center of the Earth and the center of the Sun changes. And the movement of the North Pole and the South Pole, or the axis of the Earth, corresponds to your column chakra and is tilting a bit. So everything is in a state of change.

What we will be seeing on the physical plane of consciousness are more irregularities of the blood. It's good to keep the blood a little thin right now. The natural way to do it is with vitamin C, ginkgo biloba. There are also other ways to thin the blood a bit like proanthocyanidin (procyanidin) or something called grape seed extract. You can search them online easily and of course, do not mix them with blood thinners that have been prescribed for you. Of course not.

Red wine is in fact on the list if your body tolerates it, a little daily, a glass, 4 to 5 ounces daily. Other things we are seeing is a sudden increase in cancer, particularly serious cancers, not visible and suddenly they are very serious. Or recurrent cancers, which were had, treated and returned, treated and returned. So we are seeing them.

We are also seeing things that affect the solar plexus, so there are stomach disorders, sometimes liver, gallbladder, congestion of gallbladder stones. This can be worked with herbs, oriental medicine or there is a product called Stone Free -Stone Free-, a mixture of herbs and there are also 3-day gallbladder cleanings. These are a bit strong for the body. Do not do them unless you are trying to avoid surgery or be an option to surgery. The pancreas is also affected. I'm even seeing changes in bone marrow, red blood cell production, that kind of thing.

This is a very important time to strengthen your immune system. Think in terms of herbs from the Amazon, maybe cat's claw, maybe probiotics for any bacteria they put in your gut, not only acidophilus or yoghurt but a good mix of prebiotics or probiotics.

Then look for things to remove toxins, carbon that cancels toxins, chemicals and things they take every day of life or the toxic result of say a virus, bacteria, fungus or parasite. Then look for colloidal silver. I am a big fan of colloidal silver because it kills all those four things: virus - all kinds; bacteria - of all kinds; parasites - of all kinds; and fungi - of all kinds, naturally without side effects. Take appropriate doses, etc. and again you can research it online.

Whatever you investigate anywhere you will hear pros and cons, so use your own sense of Filtration of Truth, your own sense of "that feels good." Or ask people around you who know they have tried it, not just people who don't believe in it.

Then of course, Vitamin C, the MSM mineral that is crucial. Your body, with a large protein base, needs MSM to continue its protein functions. This forms a link in the chain, each link in the chain is protein, MSM or Sulfur, protein, MSM, protein. So a break in the chain breaks the protein functions in the body.

Keep MSM in your system. I can safely see in your system traces of minerals, they probably need extra of them. You may make sure that you are taking a good spectrum of vitamin B. You really support your body through this great process.

Now, it is true that many are going to leave the planet, transcending into eternal life, some reincarnating very quickly, others going to different places. This is not to be alarmed. I am only asking you to be aware of how you can support yourself if you intend to live another decade, even two or more time. So special care is required.

The Galaxy is in a state of change. Your body, like any other part of nature, has to respond to it. And spiritual retreats, an hour of silence just walking around your house even, more meditation, sleeping a little more so that your body has more time to repair itself, and of course, stay hydrated: water, water, water.

Very well, I hope this information has been helpful. As always, thanks and my love to you.

Djwhal Khul

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Nora Hernández Portillo

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