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  • 2019

We want to share with you a beautiful Channeled message , made by Adriano Pereira, Metatron's message !

Metatron Message Channeled on 09/24/2018.

This Channeling was translated from the Portuguese language, if you want to see it in its original version, we invite you to enter here.

Children, as the great change approaches, humanity feels more anxious, since everyone on a spiritual level knows what the changes will be and where humanity is headed. ( Metatron)

But what everyone wants is for the change to begin as soon as possible, it is part of the thoughts of all those who are already awake, the Lightworkers and those who are the telepathic channels to receive the messages that those in the higher dimensions are sending us all.

Anxiety arises from everyone's expectation that there will be a turning point, a boom, a time when things will suddenly change.

Everyone has heard from the messages channeled through the many channels on Earth that change has already begun, and that each one will create their own world, since they are all co-creators. Yes, all this is true. So what's missing? What is the reason for anxiety? Why don't things change then?

Children, the change you long for, what you expect, what you want, must begin to be created within you so that you can manifest first in your life, inspiring others to follow your path.

Many are already doing this. They have already found their way to inner happiness, and they know that prosperity, joy and abundance in everything in life is a state of mind that can only be achieved if they find it within themselves . ( Metatron)

When I say many, there are thousands of humans who have already found their way home, and it is only those who are allowing change to begin.

Now many more are required in this work to increase the flow of Peace, Love and Joy to the Collective Conscious of Planet Earth.

Keep in mind that in the midst of chaos there are absolutely calm and calm people. Keep in mind that almost everyone fights politics, they are hypnotized by the news, friends arguing and, sometimes, defending politics, from the point of view, in family gatherings, political disagreements are sometimes unsustainable.

Keep in mind that amidst the tension and chaos, there are those who simply smile. They speak nothing. Notice how their lives seem flatter, softer and happier .

Those who say nothing, who seem calm and peaceful, are those who are already back home. Some at the beginning, others later, but they know that the destiny that awaits them is the destiny that they create every minute . And they know where they are going, because they follow the paths led by their own hearts .

This is the time for each one to turn to their own heart and seek guidance on the path that their soul wants to follow, and then start step by step towards their own destiny, which is only important to you, and that your success contributes to everyone's success, because we are all ONE.

I am Metatron, and I greet you in the Light and in Love.

Channeled by Adriano Pereira (Manaus, Amazonas) Metatron. September 24, 2018.

Author : Patricia Gambetta, Editor and Translator in the Great Family of

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