Get organized like the gods: 8 organizational tips to turn your space into your sanctuary

  • 2017
Table of contents hide 1 How can we transform our house into our sanctuary? 2 1- If you really don't love it, give it away. 3 2- Don't be a perfectionist. 4 3- Start with the kitchen sink 5 4- Find help! 6 5- The organization is a way of life 7 6- Order as if it were an offering to the gods 8 7- The method of the four boxes 9 8- Respect your priorities

You need organization in the spaces of your house and you wonder, why do I surround myself with disorder and things that I don't need? And why is it so difficult to get out of this situation?

Our home should be our personal paradise and the place where we feel most comfortable in the whole world. But sometimes we feel that it is more messy and full of things that bother us than it should.

Getting home has to fill us with energy and peace at the same time. Feel surrounded by beautiful objects that make us feel good, in an order that inspires us to be happy and that also makes us feel good and generates good vibes in the people who inhabit the house with us. A home where its members respect each other, can relax and live in harmony.

How do we transform our house into our sanctuary?

Learning to organize like the gods!

Below you will find 7 organizational tips to help you get started:

1- If you really don't love it, give it away.

This includes everything: ornaments, paintings, clothing or even furniture, especially those that have been inherited.

Feng shui teaches that things have their own energy and energy that they absorb from their owners. If you have your grandmother's bed, it may be time to change it, without feeling guilt or obligation to keep it. Let her go.

2- Do not be a perfectionist.

Perfectionism is one of the worst enemies of order, even if you don't believe it.

We think that in order for the house to be perfect, all drawers have to be ordered all the time. That is not realistic. If we try to solve a disorder of 15 years in a weekend, we will end up exhausted. We will not succeed and ruin our rest days.

Instead, set a timer or alarm for 15 minutes every day. Then rest, do not do more. You will be surprised to see how much you advance with those 15 minutes.

Stop yourself if you want to continue, do not continue more than that time!

3- Start with the kitchen sink

Finding a clean and bright sink every morning, makes that feeling of cleanliness and organization spread, and, over time, will spread throughout the house.

4- Seek help!

Some projects of order and accumulation of objects are too large to face alone. Seek the help of an organizational coach or personal organizer. Surely you find one near where you live.

5- The organization is a way of life

Let your spirit move you. There are times when we are given to clean and throw things in the trash. When it happens, let yourself go.

6- Order as if it were an offering to the gods

Or to the Universe ... When you turn a worldly task into a spiritual fact it is much easier to do it, since it takes on another importance.

7- The four boxes method

It is a technique of the minimalists, to organize, they take four boxes and label them as follows: garbage, give away, keep and relocate . ALL objects in all rooms of the house have to go through one of the boxes, each one must be considered individually. So that it is not very overwhelming, you can try a quarter at a time.

8- Respect your priorities

If you have small children, don't demand it. With a job outside the home, and then the house ... is too much, it will exhaust you. You better use the time to take the children for a walk or play with them.

They will grow and you will not regret having dedicated their time even if the house was not in the optimal way you would have liked.

Do you use any of these methods? Which do you think would be more useful?

DRAFTING: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood

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