The 5 internal strands of light. Maitreya channeled by Elsa Farrus

  • 2016

Beloved to be of light I am Maitreya

The natural toroid of its prana is reinforced with 5 strands of golden light inside, generating a double helical silica, which nourishes them in the crystalline frequency and in the inner wisdom of their own being.

It is the resonance matrix for anchoring your being in your physical body

These 5 new energetic elements distribute 5 fusion channels from your chakra of the stellar consciousness to your chakra consciousness of the matrix, which anchors you again in the essence of light that you are and belong by holding them in a continuous present.

Now more than ever what they decree is going to manifest, if they have not yet doubled their consciousness patterns that distance them from their essence, they will experience very diverse life creations, with ups and downs, do not fear everything is fine is the opening of your channel manifestation center.

You have three broad resonance bands attached in the prana, the first is your natural toroid or electromagnetic field that unifies your active chakras from 12 to 27 depending on your opening of consciousness and then you also have a second internal toroid in golden ray that it is the resonance consciousness of your heart, the manifestation in the present continuous, it has several strands of light, now you are adjusting the first 5

Does it mean they weren't there manifesting? Not of course not, it means that you manifested but without such synchrony, apparent depending on the cases, or manifested directly, without a constant balance

These first five strands of golden light come to open the resonance of the heart and anchor its manifestations in the present continuous, helping them to be faithful to their resonance, and to walk in sync with their learning, he showed me, an example if they want to do something, but a single thought, pattern of consciousness or DNA, doubt, I will travel, but I fear the train, there is no trip, everything is canceled in the act, because now more than ever, all the resonance will be unified. Although then they thought about taking the plane, the materialization of the trip has already fallen. It was just an example :

"What they deny, they deny it, what they are manifests, what they were left, what they will be will appear, " this is the pattern, silence internal voices, he emphasized me in Buddha consciousness, not in being a budha but in the infinite awareness of inner silence.

Many of you, he told me), are still in the internal noise, it is normal, it is a human life, but now they have a few months of adaptation to their leo portal in August, then everything will be constantly present

These 5 strands of golden light, build in your heart chakra, a pentagonal surface, which is the first facet or crystal of icosahedral consciousness, (the icosahedron is not composed of pentagons, but is one of the figures that support the diagonal cut inside, for what we draw in geometry, we know that all solids are contained to them and that every surface is part of a plane that contains it, this pent gono is part of its diagonal surface)

To show you the greatest dimensional openness, in apparent present and in interdimensional love. Beyond their juices, their experiences, love grows every day inside, and they embarrass us for feeling it, on the contrary it is a gift from God, from their being of divine light internal already in unified quantum field.

Or what is the same, a heart, full of light, responsible for manifesting matter in balance.

Manifesting the balance from the resonance of the heart is the current master, which you face, many of you finished a great exam, being yourself whatever happens, now it is time to face, to manifest that being that you are, from within from the bedical consciousness, do not take care of the outside, that outside will also find its balance shortly focus on the inner journey, on the resonance and manifestation .

These 5 strands of light open them to the full manifestation of the waves of form, of their internal crystal or merchandise of light, not the one that envelops them, but the infinites that are found, in all their energy sources called chacras, even acupuncture points, that is why you are crystalline consciousness because you are infinite beings of light in unity.

Beloved being of light, this is the call to co-creation and manifestation, it is pure physics, if you do not believe reality, others create it for you, because matter does not understand emptiness, so it is time now to open its internal light space and merge the manifestation toroid, in the resonance of heart, with its toroid of light, formed by its subtle quantum bodies, and later, the two will open to integrate their original template, into their star chakra of the matrix forming a third manifestation toroid, which will communicate its being, its essence, its resonance and its current plane of consciousness, with everyone else, but that will be through the emerald frequency later.

Beloved, you have to do nothing, not at all more than align your emotions, align your interior, the rest is taken care of by Mother Nature, the coronal solar injections of the next few days, and its essence of light, everything else is just a progressive and natural opening process.

How will they know if it happens ?, by synchrony, when things happen every day better than ever and each time, have more internal joy, without fighting without delay, and remember, external energies, revolts, are great teachers for your positioning in real life, thank your commotion, and follow your path, in your own heart, being a point of harmony, to temper reality, from inner love.

Thank you beloved, for this great awakening, that you are being active and that you open every day to your authentic and full consciousness, thanks from Alcyon, Maitreya.

AUTHOR: Elsa Farrus


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