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I want to share with you the Channeling of August 5, 2019 of our Dear Caroline Oceana Ryan, “A Message for the Lightworkers”, you will love it!

Message for Lightworkers, August 5, 2019

... conscience has risen to a place where violence is never considered necessary or preferable ...

This week's Guide of the Ascended, Galactic, Earth Elemental Masters, Fairy Elders, Angels and Archangels known as The Collective:

Greetings friends!

We are happy to have this time to talk with you today.

We see that many of you are reacting understandably with sadness to the sudden loss of life in various places in the United States where there have been recent outbreaks of violence.

And we want to say that the weapons used in these events are primarily a tool of despair used by a lost spirit.

There will come a time when all forms of weaponry are considered unnecessary and unnatural. That will happen because consciousness has risen to a place where violence is never considered necessary or preferable to a peaceful expression of calm and normalcy. ( Message for Lightworkers )

That may seem impossible in the case of those who are so mentally ill and so controlled by dark entities that do not have an internal rudder to guide them to calm and sensitive words and actions.

They have been denied these forms of internal leadership and internal equilibrium because they are in a state of very serious internal imbalance, and because the worship of weapons in the United States exists in its own matrix, as an energy network that attracts those full of the desire for protection, or of those who seek a dark form of excitement and, sometimes, to take revenge on those they blame for various social ills.

If you could see your life as we do, you would see the many energy cables that connect each of you with ideas, people (living or dead), entities, angels, economic and political systems and other networks.

You will realize how your vital energies (sometimes with, sometimes without your knowledge or prior permission) have been connected in those systems to feed them ethereally.

However, in this new era, the powerful Light that enters the planet is now disconnecting you from those systems, since many of you are consciously disconnecting from them .

And so, a clear line is being drawn between those who are so desperately devoted to darkness that they do not have a clear thought or reasoning ability of their own, and those who are waking up progressively to the many energy traps and forms of drag that exist to control all humans on the planet.

We encourage you to move away from feelings of anger against those who have been encouraging racial division and xenophobic beliefs in the United States and elsewhere, although that reaction may seem logical against to the attacks that go back to those beliefs.

Giving way to anger and resistance would now be played by those who plan and promulgate these crimes and many others, including illegal and unfair imprisonment of innocent people.

These people are mainly invisible; They are not the politicians who appear in front of television cameras and talk about having thoughts and prayers for those who have lost their loved ones.

They support news creators, they make the decisions that guide them

Love those moments that highlight what you call your weaknesses or lack of skill. (Message for Lightworkers)

You remain with the Upper Light, dear friends, and believe it or not, that makes you much more powerful than any of the old regimes that once ruled the Earth and its external realities.

And so, as representatives of the Upper Light, stay out of these events and even your own emotional reactions, even while transmitting Love to those who are in a state of shock and pain now.

We grieve with you ; Many of us in this Collective have lived lives on Earth, and we remember the experience of a sudden and traumatic loss, and should not be taken lightly. ( Message for Lightworkers)

However, as loving and healing energies flow towards those who have lost their loved ones, and as a higher Light flows towards those who make their transition, some of them, not very sure at the beginning of what happened, rises from the prepared network of Action / reaction responses.

It flows well above that system, and sends Love and compassion to all involved: those who offer hate speech, those who carry out dense actions, those who have lost and those who are on the side, seeing these words, behaviors and situations.

In that moment, you flow Love and compassion towards yourself

... powerful Light entering the planet is now disconnecting them from those systems ...

Love for all those moments when you realized that you had made a "mistake" and delayed yourself in some way emotionally, financially, socially and physically.

Love those moments that highlight what you call your weaknesses or lack of skill . ( Message for Lightworkers )

The love for all those moments when you felt that your love for someone was simply not enough, and the sadness that followed.

Love for all the times that life made no sense, and you knew that you had to continue anyway, although part of your spirit was thousands of miles away, trying to protect a loved one in war, or a group of people who suffered a lot.

And the love for a country long broken in promise and intention, since it allowed and promulgated two and a half centuries of slavery and the annihilation of many millions of native peoples .

Is there a cure, even for such a place, whose natural beauty is undeniable, and whose people in general only want peace and a safe place to raise their children?

Most likely, folks! That healed and united nation exists in a probable timeline.

It is his choice completely (and no one else's) to reborn what St Germain and the Founders of the late 18th century sought in those days in Philadelphia when so much was decided and put on paper.

We would say that both Life and Freedom still await you, they still call you, they still beg you to listen to them and know that they are within your reach.

And that anger, reaction and harsh accusation will not take you there, more division, in other words, which will only generate more anger and loss.

And then, we would say: You have within you the strength to, if not forgive, at least to release those influences that are hindering your growth, healing and renewal as a people . ( Message for Lightworkers )

You have within you the ingenuity and power to create the healing of the psyche and the spirit of your nation, its land and your people, and begin again.

This is what Nesara represents, and this is what you must begin to be born in your heart now, no matter what madness appears before you and how often.

Understand that in this holographic universe, every appearance constantly changes.

And that you are able to create Peace if that is the predominant image and the preference that you carry in your collective energies.

His bearing of Peace, equality, Love and respect for all beings, regardless of the team they appear to be playing in, can only externally generate more of the same. ( Message for Lightworkers )

All of you, beacons and transmitters of the most powerful forms of Light in this Universe, can only construct more positive indications of the revelation of the energies of the fifth dimension now anchored on this planet

And how do they anchor, even in the midst of shock and loss?

Through you, dear ones!

You are the miracle you have expected. You don't need a savior to go down and gather them all safe.

You are here.

And so, do the work you came to do, and yes, it is mainly based on the energetic heart, expressed naturally in external forms throughout your day.

In this, of what we know you are fully capable, we honor and appreciate your courage, and as always, we are always by your side .

You loved, dear! We are with you always.

Copyright 2019, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you republish, maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here and including the link to the original publication. Thank you.

His bearing of Peace, equality, Love and respect for all beings, regardless of the team they appear to be playing in, can only beget more of the same externally.

Author : William Hernán Estrada Pérez, Editor and Translator in the Great Family of hermandadblanca.org

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