Maestro Saint Germain channeled by James McConnell February 19, 2017 (Spanish translation)

  • 2017


I am often with this group; I can often let you know my presence. It is extremely important to offer you this continuous program, this continuous process that we are working with you. Because when we work with you, you work with others. When we share with you, you share with others.

This is what is happening. Everything happens for a reason. Everything that you're aware of, everything you're talking about. As you have heard many times, everything is being orchestrated. Nothing that is happening happens by chance.

You yourselves are building the whole process. How have you also heard many times, if it were not for you there would be no Ascension process. It has become possible because many of you are waking up, and even more will wake up in the future.

So we work with you, we work closely with you. Some work more closely, more individually with you. Even more than you can know. Many times we will whisper in your ears. Many times we share things with you and you don't hear our words. But we are still there, the information is there. It is being delivered to you. It is becoming a part of you. Your consciousness is growing in many different ways. The old programming moves away for many of you, for most. Many of you are moving beyond the old paradigm to embrace the new, the new dawn that is coming upon us now.

I say "we" because not only you are moving through the Ascension process, but we are also. We are all moving in different ways towards our higher vibrations. Everything is movement. There is very little stagnation in life. We keep going as long as you keep going. Just as we are helping you, you are helping us.

You have heard many times that things are changing or about to change. Or the word "soon" is often in your mind and is often shared with you. But I, like Saint Germain, was with you. I was with you for many lives. Even in this room or on this phone or reading these words, you have been with me and I with you in other past lives. We have shared bread together, we have shared wine together. And we will do it again.

As these times continue, many changes are about to unfold. Several ads will come to the foreground. Many truths that have been hidden behind the scenes, behind the veil, will become known. Many will feel a strong impact on these truths.

Those of you who have acclimated to these energies, and have been working with them, are going to be ready to receive the news, ready to receive the various truths. Nothing can stop it now. It is a tsunami that comes to you and you have been given this analogy many times. It is the analogy that works here.

As the tsunami moves through the earth it continues to gain strength and sweeps everything in its path. This is the tsunami of truth, the tsunami of love ahead. It will be revealed in many different ways, many different ways. From all different angles the truth will be announced.

There is even talk of a New Republic in the sense that the truth has not been present for a long time. But the New Republic is going to be what it was meant to be. You will be part of this. We will bring it together. You must share knowledge with all those who are not yet aware of these changes. They are not yet aware of the truths that are coming. We will be there to help you share with them. Help them understand. Help them grow in the same way that you have grown in consciousness, in knowledge.

My brothers and sisters, trust yourself. Trust everything that is to come. Trust everything that is happening within you. It's all for a reason. It is everything that is about to explode within your reality, within your vision, within your knowledge.

I AM Saint Germain, and I leave you now, but I will only leave you temporarily. I want you to know that I, like many others, am always here with you. We are only a whisper away, within complete understanding and knowledge.

All my peace and love be with you. Continue working within the Violet Flame of existence, the flame of health.


ENGLISH-SPANISH TRANSLATION: Eva Villa, editor in the big family of


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