Through the Mantle of Grace, you are blessed to live the Light

  • 2018
Table of contents hide 1 Why does Light sometimes seem to increase the manifestations of the Shadow? 2 What to do with the defects observed in our daily personality? 3 How can we overcome the resistance we feel in ourselves? 4 What is the sensation of fire experienced during the Presence?

I am Archangel ANAEL,

Beloved Children of Light and dear Star Seeds, may the Grace and Mantle of MARY be in you.

I greet you within this space, accompanied by other Archangels to establish Grace. I will talk about a number of elements related to this Shield of Blue Grace, without altering the prerogatives of MA ANANDA MOYI, expressing myself with much more precision, about what this Shield of Grace corresponds to and what can be expected.

First I come to answer your questions about all things. I will express if your questions allow me, a certain number of elements that, perhaps, are being lived or will be lived by yourself, in what I would call face to face. This face to face is the face to face of the Light or what I would call the Self Light, as opposed to what I would call the personality I or the I-Shadow. What we are playing today is no longer just an illumination of certain Shadows, but the positioning of your Consciousness within the mind or within the personality and this definitely has to do with regard to its orientations, in terms of its vibrations and in As for the state of who you are, so if you wish, we can begin to answer your questions.

Why does the Light sometimes seem to increase the manifestations of the Shadow?

Beloved children, there is within what I have already pointed out, the very characteristic of what is seen, experienced by some or by others. In fact , during this period and through the addition of the Blue Mantle of Grace, you have been given all the elements (either through the progressive teachings we have achieved together, for those of you who have followed what we have said ) to take you to that Narrow Gate that some of you are beginning to pass and that others among you are fearing.

This Narrow Door, as you know, represents the Definitive Abandonment of everything that constitutes the Illusory Personality, that is, both this body, its emotions, its mind, its accessories, its beliefs, in short , everything that is ephemeral in opposition to what which is eternal, that is, its star seed dimension. No one can enter the Kingdom of Heaven if he is not a child again and it is that through this door, some beings perceive, for what is now covered (not by the etheric vision, not by the Vision of the Heart, not by the perception, but directly in consciousness). Some of these manifestations come to oppose the reality of what is given to see, of what their brothers and sisters present. Therefore, this may somehow induce imbalance.

Today, none of you can cheat. They can not escape. Where do you want to go ? What develops in you corresponds to the strict Truth of the establishment of the Presence (or non-establishment of the Presence ) within its manifestation in this world. Therefore, we the Archangels were, in the early stages, a destabilizing process to realize that there is a (sometimes immeasurable) distance between personality and being.

This refers him to elements that have been communicated to him (already many months or years ago) about the Abandonment to the Light and especially to the notion of Autonomy and Freedom. What is that autonomy? What is free? Certainly it is not personality, it is not the ephemeral, but simply it is Eternity. Today more than ever and every day he approaches the cosmic and earthly events related to the Dissolution within the Light, something that leads him to position himself.

Some of you have the ability to see beyond appearances, to see beyond what gives the Vision of the Heart, to see beyond. of the Unit itself, in the Essence of the affirmation of what it is : in this there are sometimes confusing elements and what is observed outside (remember) also happens within you. This puts him in front of his individual and non-personal responsibility, which leads him to readjust, as soon as possible, what needs to be readjusted.

The truth does not know the desire, the truth does not know the passion, the truth knows no fault, the rectitude does not know any of the personality inclinations. Through the Mantle of Grace, you are blessed to live the Light and it is that living the Light allows you to become the Light, as long as you do not deviate from the personality inclinations, but transcend them . Remember: acuity has no desire, nor has personal will.

What to do with the defects observed in our daily personality?

The important thing is to observe them. The second phase, beloved children, is not feeding them. Now, you feed the least of your faults, from now on, as soon as your Consciousness is carried out. Search for the Kingdom of Heaven and the rest will be given to you, you no longer have that personality, you are not that body, you are not your emotions, you are not your thoughts and you are not your belief. What he faces (in the observer or in suffering) corresponds strictly, not to what must be done, but strictly to what must be there to no longer appear.

How can we overcome the resistance we feel in ourselves?

Beloved, my answer will be superimposed on the one I just made. It is no longer time to want to do it, it is simply time to dress in the Coat of Grace and let this Grace work, because Grace is its Essence, because grace is its nature and that everything depends on the point of view. As long as you look at the personality side, your own resistance and your own failures, it means only one thing and that is that your Consciousness is installed within the personality .

From the moment that Consciousness settles in the mind, everything that appears as Shadow, Resistance or Failure disappears instantly . This is not something to do, this is not a job, it is the exact opposite. These defects are no longer or serve to put under the carpet or to light up, these defects serve as an illusion vector and as the driving force of your own personality . Without guilt, without regret, but firmly.

What is the sensation of fire experienced during the Presence?

The Presence is Fire. This fire is what allows the total dissolution of the personality, their beliefs, their desires and their illusions. Fire is, at the same time, the nature and Essence of its Presence. Fire is its purifying element, which ends completely in Illusion. To live the Fire is to live the Liberation. To live the Fire is to become Free and Autonomous. There is no other alternative. Everything else only maintains the illusion of personality, the illusion of doing, the illusion of an action that is, in essence, just a reaction. The mechanisms of the Mantle of Grace, as well as what will happen in a short time, is the arrival of Fire within this world. This fire is a fire of love and light.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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