Control your ego by María Damiani

  • 2015

I am right!

How many times this phrase is said throughout the facets of life.

Disagreeing with someone who rarely admits their mistakes and does not accept other arguments often deteriorates social relationships, friends and family.

The word ego is synonymous with a false yo, a yo manufactured from experiences and experiences. To define it, you can imagine a mask, because it is something that hides the face of the person, and by association, we can say that it hides reality. If you define the ego in that way, you can see that it has never been real.

How does the ego work in life?

It feeds on the desire to be superior, but it is nothing more than all the impressions that have come together. It aims to obscure one's spiritual light and, in many cases, can give rise to beliefs of all kinds, including diseases and discomfort.

How are you looking at yourself How an isolated individual or how the reflection of Love?

If you look in a mirror, you will see only the reflection of your body image, so by identifying with Divine Love you can put aside the egocentric influence and abandon some wrong point of view about yourself.

Understanding your spiritual identity allows you to glimpse all the good that is within your reach and this will favor your mental and physical health. A mental change about the way you look can change your life for the better.

How to stop being always right and start having peace?

There are some important points to fight the ego:

• Do not feel offended
• Free yourself from feelings and thoughts of superiority and self-reliance
• Stop identifying with achievements
• Get rid of human opinions
• Get rid of the need for fame
• uproot negative beliefs
• Develop spiritual qualities

When the ego does not get in the way, the heart has greater clarity to think and act.

Christian metaphysics Mary Baker Eddy deepened on how to deepen consciousness, writing: "We should examine ourselves to know what are the affections and purposes of the heart, because only in this way can we know who we are honestly."

Valuing and loving oneself from purity and innocence make it possible to accumulate treasures in the heart and eliminate the wings of the “false self”.

What gives well-being and true health is love, it also frees you from limiting thoughts and fear that the ego intends to implant as a defense against others.

Pride, fear and self-justification give in when goodness, humility and tenderness are aligned with the spiritual essence and unwavering unity is recognized with the unique Ego, with Love. The unique consciousness is like the sun, its rays They can't let go. The sun includes everything, hence its fullness.

The true and simple is what comes from the divine Mind. If you free yourself from the "ego", from the "personal self", you can find balance, peace and well-being in your heart.

María Damiani writes about health and well-being from a spiritual perspective and is the Committee for the Publication of Christian Science in Spain.

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