Message from the Pleiadian, Syrian and Arcturian Light Council channeled by Suzanne Lie

  • 2017

Recently we attended a curious event. We received a Message from the Council of the Pleiadian, Sirian and Arcturian Light channeled by Suzanne Lie . However, in this case it was the users who asked and the channeler who questioned the Council and received the answer. Are you coming to know these questions and answers about intergalactic communication?

Suzanne Lie and the Council of Light

Suzanne Lie has written in all her books about the Council of Light since she discovered them in the 90s . Since that time, he has worked with them at various levels. At present, their relationship is getting closer as the days go by. That's why it's really interesting to read messages like these. We go with them.

Message from the Pleiadian, Syrian and Arcturian Light Council channeled by Suzanne Lie

Suzanne: I would greatly appreciate any information about the Language of Light. Perhaps because I am psychotherapist I am especially interested in all forms of communication. The first thing I did was work with human communication. I am very happy to learn Intergalactic Communication. Is it okay to use this title?

Council of Light: Yes, we agree. Do you mind if we continue calling you Suzille, as is your Higher Self? That is, this is your Galactic Name.

Suzanne: Yes, please use that name. I would like to ask if you prefer to use the Galactic Name with all the humans with whom you speak.

Council of Light: It depends on the individual. We have found that individual choices are a very important component of the human being of the third dimension . In any case, like the humans we are talking with, they expand their consciousness beyond the fourth dimension and within the fifth dimension, they begin to release their attachment to individuality and increase the fun of the constant camaraderie of Consciousness. United .

Thus, as our visitors, like the return of the Ships, are more deeply linked to their Interdimensional I, their individual identity needs, quickly, or slowly, vary towards a shared purpose identity. In the Ship we are all united for one purpose, which is to help the beloved planet, Gaia, with its Planetary Ascension .

It is not that we are not taking care of the ascension of humans. But since we know and embrace the expressions of humanity in the fifth dimension, we know that they will eventually remember their expressions of the I of the fifth dimension in the Ships and in their World-home in their highest dimension.

Suzanne: Thank you for the vote of confidence towards humanity. With the constant interference of the Illuminati, many of us on Earth are having trouble feeling security with our highest knowledge.

My next question is not so much a question, but a question that I think many people on Earth would like to meet. Does anyone have an expression of the fifth dimension in any of the many ships that are surrounding the Earth?

Council of Light: Undoubtedly, many would like to know that answer. Each person, from the Saints to the Illuminati, has a High Self. Unfortunately, there are still many who do NOT remember, even, that they are multidimensional forms that are simultaneously living many versions of reality .

Humans, who are just going through and / or those who feel overwhelmed by life in the third dimension on Earth, often cannot expand their consciousness sufficiently to embrace the consciousness of the higher dimensional expressions of their Multidimensional I. So, very often, they feel as if there is no hope for a better future.

So we have asked Suzille to create this blog in the hope that some of those who are lost in despair may perceive that help is on its way. And best of all, this help is not bound by any sense of time or merit. This help is FREE to EVERYONE who asks for it .

We say, "everyone who asks for her", because Gaia is the free will of the planet. So, we cannot help anyone who does not ask for our assistance. On the other hand, it does not go through who asks to help you, or if that source is capable and / or willing to assist you.

The fact is that you choose to ask for help remembering your ascension process, or maybe if you ask for our help remembering your daily challenges of life in 3D, let us know that you are prepared and willing to communicate with the invisible you that It is an active member of your present, of ascending reality.

We, your Intergalactic Family, like all the highest expressions of your Multidimensional I, are NOW here to assist any of our Earth-based members to anyone who wants our help .

Also if any of you ask for help for your planet Gaia, or for others who are not yourself, we will be delighted to expand your consciousness by perceiving your I, not only as an individual but as a member of a larger group.

When you, or any of the terrestrials, are perceived as something more than an individual, your consciousness expands beyond the individual consciousness in a group consciousness . Then, if you include Gaia in your personal call for help, your consciousness will expand into a planetary consciousness .

Details of the Message of the Council of the Pleiadian, Syrian and Arcturian Light channeled by Suzanne Lie

There is no doubt that the Message from the Council of the Pleiadian, Syrian and Arcturian Light channeled by Suzanne Lie is a beautiful note of joint consciousness that will elevate us with our beautiful Mother Earth Gaia to a new dimension if we open our minds together.

We will soon continue with this Message from the Council of the Pleiadian, Sirian and Arcturian Light channeled by Suzanne Lie, for there are many more questions that people have for these wise Intergalactic beings. Do not miss the next entries of this curious initiative.

Translated by Peter and seen in The Crystal Gateway, editor of the Great White Brotherhood

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