Message from Master Maitreya: Re-evolve. By Fernanda Abundes

  • 2018

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It is necessary to revolutionize the mind and conscience to reach a perfect degree, that degree in which they can transform everything that is even taken so complex and so far away that the re-evolution of beings has been seen as impossible.

They have evolved to this day and we cannot say that it has not been difficult, it has been a complex process through the existence of the mind where many thoughts have arisen in this idea, great theories, great beings, strengthening their thinking constant moment by moment; But what is the re-evolution of beings?

Re-evolve means reaching the initial moment where everything begins and where growth begins, where does growth begin in humans? Where do they re-evolve to exist in the now? There is a moment of beginning in human thought and there is an initial moment of learning, everyone has an initiative and everyone has a beginning in this reality.

Human learning takes place since they arrive on this Earth and the learning of the Self has been given before they can remember, there is no measurable time for the learning of beings but then, when did that spark begin to evolve? The spark of evolution existed when those two great polar masses were divided and those two great polar masses that turned us into the positive and the negative giving us different objectives but at the same time on the same path, gave us the moment to exist, there the first idea begins, there begins the evolutionary process of beings; After humanity arrived, we had to create something that could exist through learning and then those great races were created which had to reach Earth to exist and evolve. Some evolved and others had to leave because they did not evolve as nature evolved, they had to go to all those places where they were fit and where they were well received.

The Earth only receives those Beings that are apt to evolve, those Beings willing to evolve, but they have reached an evolutionary leap is true, a large part of the Beings have evolved on Earth but another large number has not wanted to change the awareness. What do you not want to change about yourself or that you are afraid to discover in yourself? Suddenly, when evolution is accelerated beings tend to pause reality because they do not want to meet because they know that if they meet, they will find something that they will not be able to deal with in the mind and then it will be so complex that it is easier to put a evolution pause.

You need to re-evolve, your thinking evolves and as you go into what you truly are, not what the world describes but what you really are, pause, because finding the inner enemy is very difficult, but it is the art of a sage. . They are avatars of their own path and are avatars of their own destiny but above all, they are avatars of their learning. He who with strength obtains all that he finds himself can transform and evolve; You need to take out everything that you are, the warrior you have inside and what is the warrior that lives in you, in your supreme conscious? It is all that they have and that they have not wanted to recognize because they know that if they begin to fight with strength, they will find something within the same warrior that they cannot deal with.

What do you need to find since you are afraid to find within yourself, which has prevented you from continuing to evolve? But evolve in a quantum leap so large that it is so obvious that beings are evolving. A part of the Earth is generating awareness and has also generated learning, has tried to fight against those detractors of thought who try to distract them in a world that does not exist.

What is the world that does not exist and that they have identified? They live in a lost time which is invested in everything that is not real, there is no communication between warrior beings. Warriors do not communicate with each other because they have lived in a world that is not material, does not exist, essence exists, consciousness exists, they live it, they perceive it, they enjoy it; But everything they create does not exist and they are generating and betting more energy on a non-existent world than on everything they should return to, at the origin .

What is the origin of consciousness? We have said that the masses, when they divide, but what is the origin of consciousness? The origin of human consciousness is when it materializes in a body, now they have an origin of consciousness when they have arrived on this Earth with the name they have and with what they are, what they now represent. Suddenly remembering through the Supreme Consciousness and the Essential Consciousness, when is it its origin? It would be to overlap the lives backwards, but it is not the time now, you have to take care of what you have at this moment to solve then, the above but above all to solve the coming.

Mental chaos exists, mental collisions are perceived, there are so many ideas that do not land at any point because they create worlds that do not exist, bet on the world that is truly material, evolving through constant material consciousness, what they have as human. The one who feels human and lives as a human but also knows that he is a conscious being, is evolving.

Evolve through human consciousness, in the perfect thought of existing now and return to that point where thought began, including detractor thinking. There is a warrior within you who struggles, constantly struggles to meet and at the same time not find something that he will not be able to deal with. There is a warrior so opposite within you that they need to have him in front to face him, only by taking out the Warrior that that detractor of you, they will be able to face him and face to face with all those thoughts that make them involve instead of evolving, they will be able to transform, generate a point of origin, that will be the Origin of Consciousness .

Everyone has had an origin of Consciousness, all who are here, know at what point in this human life they have reached this level of wanting to think differently, but it is not wanting to think differently, it is wanting to think conscious. The world thinks but does not think conscious, they do not think conscious because they think for themselves and not even for themselves, they think for something that does not exist, for a world that has made them believe that it is more powerful and m It is real than yourselves.

When you discover that the potential is not in what you have created but in you, you will return to the art of existing, to the art of creating. Great philosophies and great theories did not arise now in their immaterial world that does not exist, arose when consciousness was much stronger than its technologies, that its materials, return to the plane of origin. The one who creates is the one who lives because he is the one who is conscious, everything else can be modified or finished in a second. The human being has discovered that if nature wants to test their conscience is stronger, they do not need nature to show them that even everything they have created is not strong enough to be able to balance with it. The only ones strong enough to balance nature are the conscious beings that constantly evolve.

Give more strength to the mind, to the essence, to evolutionary conscious thought, if they give more strength to what is inside and not to what does not exist outside but have given it strength, it will begin evolve and a change in their environment will observe.

Evolving and re-evolving with you.

Message channeled by Fernanda Abundes ( ) (Puebla, Mexico. 7 Feb. 2018)

Published by Geny Castell, editor of the great family of the

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