You will make the difference between a false policy and one with faith in humanity

  • 2017

Greetings dear earthly brothers, Lady Vesta, your friend on the other side of the veil of this world, speaks to you, the same world that makes you shiver and intrigue you greatly, the world of the dead. You should know that this is a really happy world full of twists, completely away from those horror scenes that many of you imagine or see in your movies.

This world is a place where it is possible to be at ease and fully enjoy what is around

From here we witness the flourishing of life in the oceans, the creation of multicellular organisms and numerous corals; We also observe with great emotion, all the way they have traveled throughout their journey not only to reach Earth, but also to be within this world. We also have the ability to return to the past and witness the origin of the first organisms within the warm sea floor.

Because we can fully access any kind of knowledge, we are able to understand the past of humanity and we must say that this in fact has nothing to do with what those books say where the story is told.

In the past, within their world there were civilizations of giants, which faced each other, disappearing from the Earth and their passage through this world only huge ruins remained. Inter-lateral conflicts happened that ended up devastating not only the planet, but also Mars and the Moon, among some others whose remains now form the well-known asteroid belt. Yes, numerous horribly deadly conflicts took place and today, we don't want you to access that lost past, since it could only cause you a lot of pain.

Their rulers and those who support wars want them to think that they are inevitable, however, that is completely false.

There are worlds in harmony in which all kinds of conflicts turn out to be completely non-existent, so those who inhabit them can live in a really peaceful way. The civilizations that inhabit these worlds possess great means and a fairly high science, which allow them to know the challenge of the Universe.

Stop saying that they are too far apart, since they have a great technology today, which used correctly, could allow them to know the Universe and other civilizations; their governments know it and that is why they try to keep them threatened with weapons, so that they are not able to see the truth and do not reveal themselves against them. Although now, many of its technologies are in disuse, the truth is that it should not be that way, on the contrary, look around, see all those people who are hungry and do not even have a little water.

Is it that many beings have not died for these reasons?

The military technology they have developed could be helpful, since the armies have quick and simple means of purifying water and also delivering food.

What do the governments and armies of your world expect to join and start helping those regions that are devastated for different reasons? What do you expect to be encouraged to act, to indicate what is wrong and demand a better life for all mankind? It is you who will make the difference between a false policy and one with faith in humanity .

Remember that you are also creators, divine beings, who possess within you the ability to change the destiny of the nations of the world that are suffering.

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