Message from the Angels: Don't try to change who you don't want to change

  • 2018

When I look back on my life, I can see that the light of the Divine was working to help me, even when I danced with those who tormented me the most.

The sociopaths I dated when I was learning not to be a martyr didn't really care about me, but the light within us did. Although they were not yet ready to change, the light was pulling me away from them, moving away from behaviors that didn't work and towards me.

The person who wanted me dead didn't care about my life, but the light within them wanted me to know that it was the maximum power and protection. The people who talked about me and betrayed my confidence did not care about my feelings or discover the truth, but the light within all of us was working diligently to help them learn from their own reality and, at the same time, show me that.

Over the years the angels helped me to go from being a self-righteous and angry soul when treated in an unkind way, to a person whose mood was at the mercy of others, to a person who can see and love the light that tries to emerge in all interactions.

Respect the light that is within you

If someone's behaviors don't seem right, they aren't right for you.

This does not mean that we have to judge, condemn or even criticize another s. It simply means that we must have the courage and self-esteem to get away from behaviors that don't work for us or set healthy limits: "This doesn't work for me." Next time, I will do. "

Agreement or understanding is not necessary. What is necessary is that you discern which behaviors belong to your life and which do not, and be clear with yourself about how to handle them.

For example, I once had to tell someone that I cared deeply: “If you continue to judge me, I will withdraw from your life. You have the right to feel what you want and I want to be close to people who accept me, even if they disagree with me. ” Happily, that relationship continued. Others have not.

If we do not love and respect the light within us, we cannot love and respect the light within others. If we grant ourselves the right to live and be treated as we wish, then we more easily grant the same to others.

Respect the light within others, but don't dignify the darkness

Recognize that the Presence of the Divine lives even in the most annoying souls, but grant yourself permission to disconnect from angry, fearful or unpleasant interactions .

Stay away from behaviors that don't work for you. Stay quiet in unkind conversations. Look back or beyond hurtful behaviors to see the pain that drives them. I pray often to see through the eyes of God.

It is never our job to "teach" someone who has not asked to be taught . However, if you want to teach someone to act with more kindness, you can start by not responding to anything less. If you want to teach a person not to discharge his anger, go quietly every time they do. If you want to teach a person how to get help, withdraw from it with a loving explanation that it hurts to see them hurt themselves.

The angles say that we can pray more easily and love the light within another, when we stop allowing ourselves to be targets of their pain. When you find yourself judging or hating another, remember that you love them so much that you really want them to behave in more evolved ways.

This is a difficult question to accept and it took me years to really understand what the angels were trying to say. How could I love people who hurt others, who made horrible decisions that affected millions, who hurt me? I didn't get it. Wasn't it natural to be mad at them? How could I love someone who lied to me, cheated on me?

You loved them, the angels persisted, or you won't mind. The light in you loves the light in them and your personality desperately wants that light to surface.

You want to be understood. To understand a better and kinder way of living. To be more honest, more loving, more understanding. You are frustrated and angry because you don't know how to draw your light. Your soul sees its potential and you are very upset because you cannot find a way to reach that light and extract it. You are angry at your own perceived inadequacy, your inability to reach them.

Oh, how I argued with the angels about that… “I don't like the way they treated me! I don't like the way they treat others!

"Of course not, " the angels responded. "Walk away. Life will teach them. Let it go."

"I want to complete it, " he would argue.

"What does that mean to you?" The angels asked.

"I want them to get it, " I replied. I want them to see how they hurt me, how they hurt others!

"Why?" The angels asked. "Why don't you care more about your own happiness instead?"

That one has me "I want them to know better. I want them to never hurt anyone or ME again in this way!

"So you want to get the light inside them?" The angels persisted.

"Yes!" I admitted, finally understanding that part. “But not for them! For me!"

"Why don't you walk away and just pursue your own happiness?" The angels asked again.

“Because I love you and I want you to love me. I want to leave with peace and understanding! "Ooh! I saw that the angels were right as usual . I was angry because I couldn't find a way to create a more loving interaction. I could not change them. I was angry at my own "perceived inadequacy, " as they said.

“Dear, they don't want to be contacted yet. They don't want to change yet. It is not under your control to change them. You're just having a tantrum because you can't do it. ”

That understanding changed my life. I no longer have to bother with unpleasant behaviors. I don't have to try to make anyone "understand" it unless I want to. I don't have to waste my precious time and energy being unhappy about the decisions others make. I can live and let live, set healthy limits and walk towards my joy.

This was useful recently, when I was able to get away from some people who had not been kind, only with love and compassion for the pain caused by their behaviors, and not a trace of discomfort. Although they did not treat me very kindly, I felt the wonderful freedom to love ... no matter what!

So the next time you get mad at someone, remember that of course, you want to see more love behaviors from them! However, you cannot fix or change someone who does not want it. Give that fact, you have a choice ... Stay frustrated by not being able to accept it and move towards your joy . Option B is definitely the happiest!

Then, and only then, can we find and feel the light within us that can recognize the light within them.

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Ann Albers

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