Change of Way in November: The Way of the Cosmic Christ

  • 2018

Blessings of the Beloved Tribe of Light,

A single influx is expected towards the end of the month. These preparatory frequencies that we open on Monday night are already expanding the doors. Since the opening of the Gate of Infinity at the end of August, the experience of the purest consciousness of the Source-on-the-Go, Pure Unity, has been anchored in the collective through many hearts activated

These hearts in turn activate the Divine Crystalline Human DNA, the Diamond-Solar light bodies and the Rainbow bridges towards the New Earth .

At this time the crystalline DNA receives and transmits pure positive photonic light. Our crystalline DNA event last weekend proved it; we can initiate others to this higher state of Critical Cosmic Consciousness through the shared activation of DNA.

He amplifies and activates the networks, Gaia, Solaris, Humanity, kingdoms and elementals for the revelation of the New Earth. Infusions of pure light are constant . The unification of the cosmic Star Portals with the star portals of the heart is happening in this Now.

Feel the expansion and changes in your personal trajectory as the DNA receives and transmits pure positive photonic light. Meditate often on this; These highly charged particles must be directed by conscious intention.

Preparation for the Change of Collective Path from November 21 to 25

We are preparing for the next influx from November 21 to 25. A significant collective change in the timeline / trajectory is expected. We unite to bring the reality of High Vibration to all the hearts that desire it, to accept and amplify the highest choice of incarnation, as well as a complete experience of Source and Being as a trajectory.

Ask for it through all interconnected star portals, including your heart and Gaia. As with each Portal in this year of powerful transformation, they build, expand, amplify the cosmic currents for greater plasma penetration.

The experience of the High Vibration Tribe is already changing to take into account the collective intention, and my presence I AM shows me that this Main Christ Line will bring many people to live a resurrection experience at the beginning of the New Year.

For the High Vibration Tribe, integration takes place in the now

The integration changes the energy fields of Gaia. Information revealed for the month of December : January will be a very busy month for the first integrators . Although it is a wonderful, unique and undeniable experience, our intention is to be at the service and open these bridges to the New Earth for all willing hearts.

It is time to detoxify us at all levels so that the new wave can enter. Support this influx of Light in thoughts, words, actions, creations and spirit . Deep introspection and cleanliness were the theme of this year; Now we understand why.

Everything happens in divine perfection

Solaris enters a highly charged photonic frequency band and the source codes are activated inside and outside for a totally new experience. We have migrated realities this year and now we face a new change in collective trajectory.

A unified ceremony and the intention to celebrate the 11-11 anniversary will help achieve the best results. Portal Guardians and Network Workers may be asked to travel in the coming weeks to align the network, prepare and activate their own network.

Remember that your stellar DNA speaks to Gaia.

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Sandra Walter

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