Divine Mother: Transfer of consciousness from the brain to the heart - Part 2

  • 2019

Today it's about trusting your heart and trusting the connection system and we don't tell you this because you're going to get away from the center of your brain, but you may be less likely to hear, feel less smells, you'll have It is less tasteful and you will feel less.

Somehow the mind will recover its virginity

That is, breathe silently, deeply and let it go! Welcome with joy to this period of transition because from your heart it will take back the reins of all your senses.

You take back the reins of the functioning of your body, of your respiratory, digestive, blood, nervous system. Withdraw the reins of everything that happens in your body because it is the intelligence of your heart that is a small part of the Intelligence of the Universal Heart.

This is the Universal Intelligence that manifests in your heart, your physical heart and takes control of your existence. Today you dare to leave your head that you know perfectly well that it is necessary to walk towards your heart and stay there permanently.

You dare to cross this passage into the unknown because if you already know the Universal Heart, you still do not know how to be in this heart in your physical body, how it works, how to establish yourself, how to work and I only tell you one thing: “ Trust yourself ”Because in this haven of peace, you will find orders as if you were crewing in a boat or in a car, you will find orders and you know that you already know it!

You still don't remember, but you know how everything works! You know it instinctively, so you don't need to use your intellect.

There is an instinct in you that you already know!

This installation in your heart can create small inconveniences, oppression of style, vertigo, heat. In the worst case, it can also generate as a small wind of panic . Breathe calmly and trust yourself and just welcome the feelings by telling you that everything is fine, that it is normal.

Imagine a great painting in front of you, imagine that your nose is almost stuck in front of this table! Do you see? Surely you can see an entire part of the image and if your eyes are not well-adjusted, you can even see the cloudy image.

Now you decide to come back. You go back one step, you go back two steps. You start to see it better, you start to see a larger part of the image. Now take the necessary perspective and suddenly you see the image in its entirety, you see it and you see it with precision . This is what is happening.

So the image certainly represents your life but it represents your life in the Universe. The process will continue until the installation is perfect. From time to time, think about it and accompany the movement, not in a will but in acceptance and trust !

The sweetness that accompanies this process, allows it to occur silently and safely.

All the evacuations you have made, all the changes you have made to clear your heart, clear this path, all this allows another step, a great step, to be lived today, understanding that it is something important for you .

As we said in the first part some of you may feel disoriented, destabilized and disturbed, something that may be difficult to understand, but if you sit down and think carefully, everything makes sense. Meanwhile, a part that is inside does not know how to act, nor does it know how to feel free.

This part has a hard time knowing what to do with this freedom and at the same time there is another part of you that is glad to be completely happy. The whole universe is happy for what is happening for many of you.

I am the Divine Mother who blesses you, takes care of you and loves you infinitely.

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Isabelle Daré

Original URL: https://messagescelestes.ca/transfert-de-la-conscience-du-cerveau-vers-le-coeur/

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