Fabric of the Lemurian brotherhood (flower of life) - By María José Bayard

  • 2015

Each block (cell) carries a portion of the truth, so they all have and are carriers of the truth. They represent the fabric itself, there is no separation, no orders, no hierarchies, they are ALL the FABRIC of the UNIT. And so we are. And so we went in our humanity without shadow. And so we come to wake up now.

We must "dance" the path of unity, the path of the Lemurian brotherhood. Plasma that same sense with 144 people for a remembrance of who we are and what we were. This is a dimensional portal to that frequency, for the GAIA land.

(As I draw the fabric, the Argentine National Anthem hums in my ear and tells me that there is a sacred song of the brotherhood. And so it is)

We were the Flower of Life and we preserved with us the flower of the new dawn.

“Draw the fabric and together they will be. It is necessary to weave and unify the internal network itself to unify with that of other brothers. You have to dance life. It is time to dance the form, extended by humanity . It is time to represent it anyway to be transformed ”

Each tissue within the MOTHER fabric has its groups and its tribes. Now tell me: “Where do you see the beginning and where is the end? None, right? Because there is no less or more, but INTEGRANTS who come to INTEGRATE the great brotherhood. They get to make it INTEGRA, complete in UNIT

And you will tell me:

"But in the fabric of the matrix I drew a beginning, the first matrix, and then, from it others came off ... therefore I drew others from the first"

“And I will tell you that the root is God, the same God within you. Why do you think there are thousands of human beings at this time trying to return to unity and connection with that root, looking for their brothers in the network ?. In each brother of the fabric is the representation of the whole, so you can find and find the creation in all, since everyone has that divine root. ”

“Plants, trees, all life, have that symmetry, and together they form a tissue . When they discover that the universe, the galaxy, its system and everything is extended hexagon, there will be freedom ”

Then, those matrices and roots come into contact with yours and in turn each kingdom is a matrix in itself. By absorbing, for example, Bach flowers you will be absorbing the matrix of that plant kingdom that you ingest, and it is their perfect tissue, which will help yours to restore its meaning, which it forgot. Each kingdom has a guardian, just like you. There is a guardian of matter in each position or fabric. What sets them apart from other tissues is free will, since they can destroy life or elevate it through it. In turn, each matrix is ​​filled with different essences. It would be like telling them that there is a bottle (of perfume for example) that is the same in every way (for all kingdoms). But what differentiates them from each other, is the filling. The container is the same (the matrix) but what changes is the flavor and color of the essence that is inside, which makes it be of another color, however, the container is the same for all cases where the lifetime. Imagine then the hexagon and all its crystalline tissues ... sensitive fibers that carry the essence, the substance ... that is what gives each species a reason for being, vegetable ... The structure is masculine (the container or matrix) and the essence that fills it is feminine.

“And how did you draw the network?… With time, right?

This is how God wanted to build them from the celestial plane towards a sense that, for you, is now human . And you wove a network in linear time. And that's how they came to represent him now. In the same way. They will need time, but if they want it, he (time) will be their ally. Because for God to weave a destiny is a breath within his eternal existence. But for you to weave that light it can take thousands of years of history (what for us are years)

We wove the net every day, avoiding letting darkness into it. We wove it in the eternal heart, that light was reflected in the brothers and each one shone his own light so defined and sustained by the blessing of heaven and earth. The fracture happened when the network breaks, because if it fractures in its own internal network, everything else is also affected. And so you will see that when drawing the net, on a path or in a space that is not well placed, destroys all the remaining tissue you will have to erase, fix, solve, to continue drawing the other spaces but the entire network deforms. That is what happened a long time ago. It has happened again in these times so that this time they are aware of it. Now, who have become more fracture experts, they can cope with the dual aspect with more experience. But understand that in those times everything was one way until suddenly it was from another and feelings emerged that were uncontrollable in those times since they did not have a conscience so full of shadow.

That is why drawing the fabric becomes aware of what I say. That is why when they dance it they also do it. It is the fabric and the form itself that will communicate the message. Start with the first step: awareness

And if you had to live the fracture in you and transcend it in order to help transcend other brothers of humanity, who remembering everything lived will awaken the sense of good and bad of those times in shadow, reaching the end of the great lemuria.

In addition, in addition to AGRIPPA, there were other AGRIPPAS (groups) (agrippas, the female agrippacion group of brotherhood). They are like constellations that go together in the same sky. In turn, in addition to AGRIPPA , there were other brotherhood hearts . They all loved them, they will all love them again. Because everyone goes together in the same network. That is why it will resonate with some who with others For all they will feel joy and “no rancor”, but equality and love. Get together in your AGRIPPAS and brotherhoods and seek peace, love and joy. Go back to your little internal constellations, represent them, remember them, heal them ... so that you can rebuild the world outside. That is why they chose in these times to form an oracle with steps. Healing the first links and then be prepared to rebuild the brotherhood (they show me that we must solve from the lowest vibrations, as in layers)

By observing and discovering parts of that web-fabric, you will observe the dimension that this has ... the doors of unity and the sense that everything is united. It is a map. Like the world map. Where each tribe, AGRIPPA, is extended.

Reconnect with the figures, fabrics, maps, sounds, because when they do they will know how to identify their place in the fabric . Identify yourself with the sacred forms because when they do they will know how to understand what they have been sent to this human plane.

Reconnect with the sound because in it and in the songs go these coded forms. From now on draw, sing, heal with your power within, the power of the sisters. Each one carries this crystal inside, each one carries it and it is to activate it every time a brother also requires it.

This structure is born from you, your hearts, your eyes, your gaze ... identify it, take it everywhere to sow-harvest the flower of the Lemurian brotherhood. To the extent that you take your own totality into your hands (which is reflected in doing so by all forms: singing, painting, dancing, etc.) you will be carriers of the totality itself. And so God and Mother wanted it.

I ask: "Would we say then that this message comes from the collective voice of AGRIPPA?"

Answer: “And when you said AGRIPPA Maia it was correct, because you mentioned the name by which the group was identified… and at first you understood it as a single structure, but now you understand that it is not… that you were AGRIPPA Maia, like all of them, each is the AGRIPPA Maia. AGRIPPA is the group and MAIA is the-mesh-the fabric where they danced and moved for eternity. And this fabric is an imitation of the fabric they bring from the Pleiades. From the fabric of the star MAIA (they show me with an accent in the last A) And when they (the Pleiadians) discovered what I am telling them now, they raised their own structure, they grew and today they have become ETERNAL (they show me when they were like us now) Maia is all knitting. That's what we call it. Therefore, the information traveled to lands -mayas- which was where the -malla- was established as a sacred energy space from where the configuration would be protected. The Mayan lands were stepped on by members of AGRIPPA and then constituted the pyramids of power, because they were custodians and centers of truth or portals to the truth, because there they were sown before. And in that mesh weaves tribes and brotherhoods, all dyed by all. And they will draw the fabric with pencil, because there they will know what I am telling them. Because the same fabric is going to talk to them. And they will do it with pencil so that, if they are wrong, they can erase. And know that in that mistake you will be learning and receiving a message from your AGRIPPA. The message that AGRIPPA wants to give you. Read the vertical and horizontal lines once you have formed the fabric. See if you have forgotten something.

Tell me: What is the heart or center once the network has grown or been established? A part of what is apparently a base can be transformed into a new network and base for another. This is the meaning of life and the divine fabric ”

With love…

Channeled by María José Bayard

From the voice of the Lemurian female brotherhood

AUTHOR: Riviera Maya

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