Workshop: Awakening of Consciousness

  • 2011

Based on the texts channeled by Graciela Bárbulo

Those of us who have managed to build realities in dimensions outside the law of duality will be exempt from pain, and the advance to another reality will be more pleasant.

Claudia Franco

This workshop aims, through the abandonment of the dual perception of reality, to achieve a state of Consciousness ascended to the perspective of the Spirit or Higher Mind.

Graciela B rbulo has been channeling texts of her Higher Self for years, compiling them into two books ( Worlds of Ether and Conversations at the Bonfire of Knowledge ), plus a third currently in the process of completion n.

At this time, when the awakening of humanity is happening in an accelerated way, there are many confused people due to the lack of understanding about how to interpret and address the processes of change that occur in their lifetime. That is why many people work with behavior (mere behavioral variations when not postural) instead of trying to find the origin of such changes. This causes them internal conflicts that make them feel disoriented.

Graciela has managed to develop a very frequent connection with the Higher Mind, to the point that much of her texts are not channeled, but collected by her earthly mind through `` Direct Knowledge '', that is, recognized thoughts as coming from a vibration more subtle than human. These texts offer us clues to understand the mechanism of our macrocosm, and to help people interested in it to live their evolutionary process and their life project coherently.

The Workshop is organized in meetings whose mission is to achieve, through the Unity texts, that its participants merge their two minds. Let them take charge of their own thoughts, and become independent of any kind of doctrine, opening their human mind to the subtle understanding of a Higher Mind. In this way, he will learn to recognize that each conflict is only about the dual vision of a Whole, and that understanding the Whole and the reason for such conflict can be transcended.

Being able to transmute in the subtle plane the human feelings that we generate by an intangible need in the face of any problem, we understand how we can become the architects of our own lives. If we learn that everything is One and that it is our Dual mind that generates the perception of conflict, we will understand that as parts of God that we are, we are also God, and we are able to act according to this reality, to raise our vibration, our level of Consciousness, and merge with our Higher Mind, integrating with our Higher Self.

In these times when the level of vibration of Humanity and Earth / Gaia rises progressively, the one who is not prepared will be a potential victim of those who aspire to control the behavior of others and / or will be abandoned to their own destination.

Being ready to move forward implies working to define each one's personal process.



Transpersonal Therapy Sessions with Graciela Bárbulo


Raise the level of Consciousness to turn problems into opportunities.

Every problem in appearance contains an opportunity to "Be"

ASK YOURSELF : “What opportunities does this problem offer me?

  • The Problem : What forces you? => What opportunities does it give you? / What wouldn't you have without him?
  • The Answer implies the definition of who “You are” (what you came to do in this dimension).

If you access this Understanding, you access the level at which to transcend the problem, and turn it into Creative Realization / Expression of your Being.

  • The Key : Raise the level of Consciousness to " See " the other side of the problem = the release of it + the Realization of the Being that You Are.

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