Transformation of Stress into Personal Integrity, key self-motivation of success!

  • 2017

Imagine that your doctor examines you, and his diagnosis says that you have less than a month to live, what would your reaction be? How would you live this distressing and stress-producing moment? Would you change something in your life before you died? What would your main experiences and concerns be before you died? How would you like to motivate yourself to end your last days in peace? Will you use self-motivation mechanisms to get out of this crisis?

Transforming experiences of stress and anxiety, in personal integrity and achievement of daily goals, is an arduous and permanent task . You will probably be wondering, and ... how to achieve it? I invite you so that together, we discover the answer to this and other questions, besides you are passionate about the practice of automotive actions and experiences. Your life will change, and all your goals will be achieved!

Practical self-motivation exercise

You are a winning Being, you challenge yourself and meet them! Never forget it, stress has no place in you

Before telling you some keys, techniques and advice on Self-motivation and stress transformation in personal integrity, I want you to do the practice of an experiential exercise .

I invite you to do the following exercise together, your Self-motivation will skyrocket and your goals will be achieved!

Let's start now! Find a quiet place where you feel very well. Be very careful! You must not feel well, you must feel very well . Then, on a clean sheet and with a pencil and ruler, divide it into two columns with a vertical stripe. Having done this task, write at the top of the columns, on the left side "realities that I like", and on the right side "realities that I don't like" . I ask you, do the exercise as I explain it to you.

Now, start writing those realities, experiences or things you don't like in the indicated column; Also, perform this task with the column that says "realities that I do not like." When you're done, you can continue. Here I wait for you!

Already? Let's keep going! Look closely at those realities you like . Imagine negative, conflicting situations or experiences that would make you no longer like that reality . For example, I like working on health projects, but without a good budget and a good boss, I would not like to develop them anymore. It is understood? Hope so! When you finish placing your realities that you like those negative last names, I invite you to ask yourself, even so, with negative difficulties, do you still like this reality, experience or thing? Take time, avoid responding by responding.

Go now to the right column and do the same task, however, you'll see that it changes in reverse. To those realities that you do not like to do, put positive surnames that would lead you to realize that reality, experience or thing you do not like . As an example. If you don't like to exercise, how would you do it? With my work friends who always cheer me up, with the girlfriend or boyfriend who always wants me to be fit and healthy, in short, choose your answer, the above was just an example of a guide. Just do them all, answer yourself, I still do not like these realities or experiences, although I may like at some time, with certain conditions? Spend time on your answers, avoid that you and your life are permeated by mediocrity.

How did you feel? What was the only thing you needed to spend a reality of not liking if you like and like not to like? Simply, your explanations. Whatever you say and proclaim in your mind, that will be what will happen!

Think, do your explanations condition your experiences and actions to perform? Is it because of your constant explanations your life is not motivated? What you live and do has to do with what you explain to yourself inwardly .

Every time you have difficulties with performing some task, I invite you to approach this exercise, it will really help you! Remember that your mind is powerful, it is extraordinary .

Keys to Self-motivation: Your mind is powerful!

What you do in your mind, will be what you will live, and will be the goals you will achieve.

I am going to mention some keys, the most important ones, in relation to the need for permanent self-motivation exercises . As you do them, you will realize that your stress and limiting scenarios will be transformed into realities and experiences of personal integrity. I will list them below.

Positive Thinking : You already lived it in the previous exercise, what you do in your mind, will be what you will live, and will be the goals you will achieve . If you persist all day in staying angry, if from your mind you don't change anger, so stay. I do know that there are problems and difficulties, however, they have a solution ?, Of course, death is the only one that has no solution. Then, you should have control of your thoughts, finally they will determine how to live your feelings. Practice it, the stress will disappear and your goals will be fulfilled!

Self-efficacy : what is self-efficacy? The Psychologist Albert Bandura says that this is the true and proper belief that, with your qualities and abilities, you will succeed in the projects you program . Look at the difficult goals as challenges, do not do as the losers who say: "I am not able", "that can not be achieved", you are a winning Being, you put yourself challenges and meet them! Never forget it, stress has no place in you.

Focus in a certain and clear way on your goals . Your goals, Dr. Edwin Locke had already said, have five (5) important characteristics. First, you should be clear that all your goals are clear, specific and measurable. Then, that really for you they do imply a challenge, without thinking impossible; and together with this, in the third moment, think about achieving attainable goals, focus on reality, do not wander about ephemeral and tireless issues. Then, look at the degree of complexity of each of your goals, which really are not going to exceed a certain level of complexity, could become tireless for you. Already achieved these four characteristics, think about feedback on your goals, dedicate time to motivate you even more. If you do so, surely, you will notice more clearly the way you should go.

Check your surroundings . To make me understand more deeply, I propose an example. Imagine a classic final between Barcelona and Real Madrid, but with the empty stadium, without spectators, without transmission or recording, with what effort and dedication will the players play? Is it true that it would be very low, or perhaps none? If you do not surround yourself with people who help you, encourage you, show you respect, impregnate you with good energy, congratulate you and correct you, you will be alone, and the task will only be more difficult, sometimes it becomes even impossible. Look who suits you, and who you should discard. So, get dressed and surround yourself with an excellent environment. If you do so, you will see that you will remain stress free, and your goals and objectives will be more visible.

How do you see the homework? It is not complex, but it needs your responsibility, for this task your constant self-motivation is necessary. Look that it's not about extraordinary experiences, just go designing your life with the same resources that life itself has given you . Remember these self-motivation exercises, they are the way to transform your stress into personal integrity .

“These self-motivation exercises are the way to transform your stress into personal integrity”

Author : William Hernán Estrada Pérez, Editor in the Great Family of

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