Mr. Melchizedek: Do you believe in magic?

  • 2019

Channeled by Genoveva Coyle, February 20, 2019

It's about tuning in with your unique voice and your sacred purpose and bringing everything you hear into this reality as you impact the transformation and elevation of the world.

Mr. Melchizedek

Greetings dear! Greetings, beloved ones! I AM Mr. Melchizedek, I am his brother and family, I am his teacher and friend.

I come to bring you the love and understanding of these new times that are affecting everyone so deeply. I come to activate and anchor your wisdom, your knowledge of this New You .

Well, remember that this is not really a New You, but a return to the original plane of the human, of the children of God, angels in human form. But this is an issue that we will discuss at another time.

Dear hearts, it is time for you to go ahead and begin to fulfill your missions and your totality. It's time to leave the old customs and the old you behind . That which worked so well in the past, and we thank you for your diligent response to your soul's requirements, is being updated and changing.

It is time to leave the old customs behind and begin to fulfill your mission.

It could be said that they have been promoted, that they have graduated to another level. But I love addressing you as adults, as mature beings, masters of love and light who have been promoted and rewarded for the constancy and focus of their love work . And because of this amazing achievement, everyone is ascending, dear brothers and sisters, all who are at any point related to you, and how they may not be, because everyone needs to move on.

And this is wonderful news that I love to bring to you, but at the same time, it is also wonderful for us as your teachers and masters in the invisible realms. We can tell you about the deepest truths of how universes work, and " how to do it " in this process of creating from love . We can walk closer to you and have the joy of co-creating with you these new worlds, this Nova Earth, as well as the worlds beyond it.

Dear ones, I am asking you: "Do you believe in magic?"

And if you do, do you believe and trust yourself? Are you willing to take a step forward in your new roles as a Creative Race leaving the old you behind? ”

They have done an outstanding job in clearing their deepest fears and removing any shackles of disempowerment and limitation. During this work they have helped many others to do the same. It is time for them to rise and expand, not only at a higher level - say as teachers and as road counters - but at a deeper level to explore and bring into this reality all that they really are .

His change in behavior and in being must be further directed inward to the desires of his soul, and to listen to the song of his heart . It's about tuning in with your unique voice and your sacred purpose, and bringing everything you hear, bringing all that, to this reality. Because they see, this is what they are here to do, and this is the most complete and enlightened way in which they impact the transformation and elevation of the world.

You have done an excellent job clearing your fears. Now is the time to tune in to the song of your heart.

And I will be here for you, to embrace, encourage and applaud you, and to encourage you to be fully revealed, showing others the splendor of your integrity.

These are sweet and exciting times, dear brothers and sisters. It is an honor to travel with you! We love you so much!

Goodbye, although I'm by your side! Goodbye for now!

Mr. Melchizedek

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TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of

SOURCE: Genoveva Coyle (2019) Lord Melchizedek Do You Believe In Magic?

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