Message Archangel Chamuel: Our Presences are only of Light and Love

  • 2017

Beloved brothers, we thank you for being here and it is that as always, we appreciate with a little fun, the curiosity that a part of you still feels for knowing if we really exist, if It is true that we are at his side and the answer is yes.

We are always present to guide you during your existence in this world

And today we are present because, obviously, we have looked at the depths of our hearts and have found a strong signal sent by the Great Source, with the purpose of activating the Renewal Plan, which will be announced soon, since everything is in the process of preparation .

We are constantly pending to provide as much help as we can in this event; We are in the front line in order to help each of you when the time is right, to help you start over with everything that the Great Renovation Plan entails.

Finally, you will be able to understand clearly and precisely everything that takes place within your world, you will be able to understand the process that has passed through your evolution, which began years ago, when you were lost and in search of your Sacred Center, which was then made present thanks to his Celestial Identity .

For some years now, sparks have been emerging within their consciences, which appear because they are attracted to some recent events and equally, due to the new technologies implanted within their world, which disseminate multiple information, and through which it is possible to access that illumination that is required to achieve the awakening of their consciences, by allowing them to know how far they were in the past from finding, the role that would give them the opportunity to externalize their ability to change the planet Earth .

For a long time and especially, during the last global conflict that his world lived, which was and we regret it, the beginning of many sufferings and the end of a great number of souls . Those souls that left your planet at that time, did so with the purpose of showing you the madness of those things that you produce as human beings, things that divide you and prevent you from having the ability to see each other as the brothers you really are.

Remove the fabric that prevents you from opening your eyes, it is necessary to move forward

Because of that last catastrophe that took place within their world, new consciousness embodied on the planet. Several of you are part of it, because you were born just at the time the last war ended, having with you a knowledge that was given to you during the succession of previous lives on Earth and in different worlds.

Such knowledge has allowed them to have the necessary wisdom to move forward and change the world while they are experiencing the existence on Earth. The incarnation of beings that were born after the last world catastrophe of their world, gave the Souls, the Light that they needed to be more awake and finally to know the reason for their incarnation.

We are present today and we must make you understand that our presences are only of Light and Love . Those who are often called " aliens " do not manifest themselves with the purpose of destroying them, but to create a connection between species and thus extend their knowledge about the superior plan that the Source has conceived for all its creations. Understand this dear beings of light and you will have the opportunity to expand the barriers that limit your knowledge about the Universe .

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