The Resurrection of Christ channeled by Ann Albers

  • 2018

According to the history we know, Jesus Christ was linked all his life to the divine, always proved to be an elevated being, who transcended beyond the body and mind and was aware of all the love within him and that was reflected in all those who defended him before the execution and who did not abandon him or stop believing in him, there he also experienced the divine in others and with that he left a clear testimony that love exists in all beings; Jesus did not disappoint them and so much love corresponded to the resurrection.

That same love led him to make us aware that not all the evil in this world of betrayals, cruelty, intrigues, torture, beatings, hatred, death and so many more sins, will he be able to separate you from love. He lived in his own flesh that light is able to overcome darkness at all times and thus demonstrated it to his followers. Thanks to that light so powerful Jesus Christ endured the cruel death they gave his body, because he was aware that he was more than that body, his spirit was what really mattered and he remained intact to return through the resurrection of the physical body and give forgiveness to those who tortured him.

Have you ever wondered what meaning the resurrection of Christ has for you?

What you surely have not noticed, is that the same light of Christ that was present in Jesus is also present in each one of us, as well as that divine love that he professed us, when the human being is aware of this internal brightness that gives us Christ is able to shape his life, experienced experiences and giving love as he had not been able to give before, you have to open up and get ready to feel all that light full of life and love that you want to travel throughout your being, but many of us are not capable and what we do is block it.

We know that Jesus' body was resurrected, but what does it really mean? It means that in the resurrection there is no torture, evil, denial, darkness, abuse or disloyalty that is capable of ending the love that is in you, everything is having the will and being aware of the power that gives you all that love that lives in You to relive love in the world, cheer up, it is time to embody love, to live it and transmit it to other people, do not let the darkness that is always on the prowl prevent you from enjoying light and love.

That will to find the light is in each one of us

She is there waiting for you to find her to manifest in love, to overcome the darkness, to overcome hatred, so that the truth prevails before the deceptions that make you deviate from the path that leads you to love, search patiently, humbly and you will see as that light appears asleep just waiting for you to wake her up.

Remember that the love I look through the eyes of Jesus Christ, is the same love that is now willing to look through your eyes or that perhaps has already looked, the difference is that your experience has been different. Keep in mind all the physical pain that Jesus could experience before the resurrection, a pain that instead of breaking his will of love and light, elevated him to a higher plane where the suffering of the body, of the nails placed on his hands and feet they were depleted by the spirit and the desire to wash all our sins.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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