Tips for using Green Light Energy - Moving forward in your life after Mercury becomes Retrograde

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By Selacia 11/13/2013

The last two months have been a wild ride of erratic energies, probably catalyzing some turbulence in your life. If you have been wondering when things would calm down and you could breathe easier, that time is now!

Why? Planetary energies, including 2 eclipses and a retrograde Mercury for 3 weeks have been left behind. And with Mercury going straight this week, the energies are supporting the green light for their projects and the momentum forward. This includes things of a more personal nature, such as relationships and their internal front. It also includes the work and the way you express the purpose of your life in the world.

If you have been feeling emotional waves, or perhaps a destructive wave of the tide in recent times, you are not alone. It is part of this current energy cycle to have these ups and downs. Some things - especially those involving communications and technology impacted by retrograde mercury - can now dissipate with live mercury. Breathe and remain with a positive attitude towards a new flow.

When they experience weeks of problematic communications or steps to follow that simply do not work, they can become complacent and forget that they have been in a cycle with no fixed and challenging course that affects everyone. Between retrograde Mercury and eclipses, by the way it has been more intense than usual! Now, however, they have a green light to move on

In this article I will give some tips to be anchored spiritually to take advantage of this green light energy. Check your heart and inner wisdom as you read, paying attention to what is most applicable to each of you and your current situation. Have this information on hand in the next few days, too, returning to it as a resource to stay on the path.

Tips for using Green Light Energy

FIRST - Update your perspective on this past cycle including the 2 eclipses and the 3 weeks of retrograde Mercury. Think big instead of superficial appearances.

On the surface, for example, there were disorganized communications, with missed calls and appointments maybe also lost. Some people had travel plans that were interrupted, while others report that they had problems with technology. Relationships, and sometimes the direction of our life was questioned by many people, who were called to give their opinion and perhaps change things for the better.

Looking at the larger picture, the last two months have been perceived as a great sharp push to review life goals and specific plans to move forward in a lighter and more productive way in our existence. Things that energetically brought them down probably entered their perception on a daily basis. Perhaps they felt driven to look for a new personal care routine or find a more effective way to cure long-standing problems. Cycles like the ones you just had - including the retrograde - are natural. The more they can apply this perspective during the cycle, using the energies to rebalance and reorient their lives, the more productive it will be.

SECOND - Keep in mind that there is a shadow period of 2 weeks before and after a retrograde Mercury. During the shadow, like the current one that ends on November 27 remain present in the details of your life. There are many things that involve communications and technology that can already be experienced more smoothly. However, they may still experience blows here and there. So double check your schedules, meetings, and do your best to be clear and focused on your heart in all communications. Also keep in mind and remember that the global time period in which we live - is a moment of great unstoppable massive revolutionary change. There will be continuous ups and downs, even outside the retrograde periods. Their role as divine change makers is to become increasingly expert in riding this wave of energies, finding their center and then becoming an example to the world of how to find harmony during stormy times.

THIRD - Some people, challenged by the recent cycle, may have felt depressed, anxious or just angry. If you have felt this way, be sure to make an adjustment in your attitude now. You do not want to have low frequency emotions in your current activities. Being angry, even if you let go of your anger and don't think about it, it won't help you take advantage of the green light. After all, when they get angry they leave the center and are less able to connect with their heart and intuition. Anger, then, becomes the lens through which you see what is in front of you. Anger invades their energy field, even if they pretend it is not there. That anger becomes toxic substance by manifesting what they want. This is how you can obscure your vision in such a way that you may not even notice the green light right in front of you!

FOURTH - Deliberately stay awake and present, being aware of the need to change when there are energy changes. This means recognizing that they may have experienced a boring routine recently. They could have become complacent, feeling it was useless, even focusing on their projects during the retrograde. They could have fallen into bad habits, such as sleeping late or not checking your email. Don't judge if this has happened to you. Decide now, however, that you are going to change your own energy towards an active and forward movement. You do it with your own mind, with your focus, your intentions and your actions - one step at a time. This last part is vital to be remembered. You do not want to overload now. Take your time. But, take the initiative.

FIFTH Probably in the last two months you have seen some changes in your life. They may have even begun to make some of the changes. Consider what desired changes you have now, updating everything that needs an update. Give priority to these things. Incline them in your daily intentions and prayers. Ask for dreams and inner guidance that will help you solve the complexities of your biggest changes. Then, start where you are, with one thing at a time and give that one thing your conscious focus, with a heart-centered approach. Do not wait for a complete life plan to materialize. Certain actions by the way fall into divine time at this time choose them. And trust that the spirit is there with you, guiding you gently and lovingly.

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Translation: Alicia Virelli

Tips for using the Green Light Energy Advancing in your life after Mercury becomes Retrograde

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