Restoration of the diamond consciousness. Beloved Lemuel

  • 2016

This Andromedian code of light helps us to work different states of personal transformation. It was delivered to me from the guides of the emerald ray, specifically Beloved Lemuel.

Working with this code of light prepares us for the creation of realities . It allows us to specify and focus on the essence itself from the inner silence.

This exercise of light, in the thymus chakra, in our heart chakra, its main function is to seal the balance of the diamond consciousness.

It is specially created, as a portal of internal light that restores the tissues of the diamond consciousness after chapters of ill-treatment, a sudden accident or post-traumatic shoc .

The code of light prepares us for a change of consciousness or an internal emotional healing.

By unifying the timus chacra.

Application Exercise:

We breathe deeply two or three times, and ask for light and energy ki or golden light to the universe, we see how this light fills us with peace, and how it descends from our crown chakra to the core of the earth, forming a prana of golden light.

We breathe softly 9 times, and we feel how a light spot is formed inside our heart chakra, which extends, horizontally, along our arms, forming a straight horizontal line inside and outside our body, we breathe deeply again and see how a few centimeters from our arms, in the same line two points of light are formed, each of them, opens an arc of curve, draws a curve, which goes up and down, (see drawing), opening a structure, similar to an H curve that is inside a golden light toroid.

We breathe light again, and ask the universe and the core of the earth, a ray of light of emerald frequency, which enters through our star farm of Gaia in the prana about 20 cm from the bottom of our feet and the star farm from the Soul about 20cm from our head, and they are inside our timus or heart chakra, we breathe deeply several times, and we feel a light-energy point open in the horizontal line of golden light, with the vibration and Emerald frequencies, we continue to breathe and see how an octahedron, an emerald, is drawn inside, which increases its size, until regulated, with the center of our thymus farm.

We breathe 9 times again, letting the emerald crystal octahedral, heal our memories and forgotten and broken tissues, restoring with love, everything we do not know, and that will be disconnected again.

We can continue breathing as long as we want inside the toroid and symbol of Lemuel, or we can after breathing, when we feel it, fill ourselves with light, and emerald our whole body, and breathe, moving our feet and hands, our torso, and little by little the whole body, which stretches and fills with light, gently opening the eyes again.

This exercise can be done, as much as desired, with the peace and tranquility of balancing the resonance of the heart . Also for those who wish so, they can work with the code of light, on the physical plane, draw it, on their body in light, or on matter, on printed paper, in the house, on their objects, in spaces, knowing that they are going to energize, their body of light, for greater healing, and that of the people in that space.

Thank you all for sharing Elsa Farrus.

AUTHOR: Elsa Farrus

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