Message from Maria She asks us to persevere

  • 2018

The beauty and energy of Mary are immensely great, with her feet on the globe blessing the vibrational transformation of God's children, AMI SHADDAI, with rays of divine light . The mantle of purified light that it gives us is that which the beloved Melchizedek has for us to manifest through a higher understanding the energy of SHEKINAH.

Mary protects you with her divine love energy that you can see around you allowing you to transmute other lower energies. Right now we perceive the energy of Mary manifested by her white mantle and her crown of precious stones and gold. Christ takes with one of his hands the energy to bless while the other is in the Heart.

Mary, with both open hands full of multicolored divine rays

Mary is the living representation of the energy of the Holy Spirit through her being of light. She has raised her hand directing light towards the Heart of AIN SOPH GOLD and with the other inn in her heart she transmits higher energies of the divine rays to our heart chakra. In the heart chakra is also that of a magnificent golden sun that grows and expands.

This energy that also connects us with the heart of Mother Earth leading through our physical body all the knowledge of the divine love of Mother Earth, from our lower chakras, filling it with the energy it needs to integrate the Upper Light. In this image that we have sent you can see the star of David, pyramid to AIN Soph O with the Central Sun and pyramid of the lower heart of Mother Earth Ruby and gold.

These energies that encompass our being and the entire Earth have become so great

This image of Mary is present in our being, giving us energy of love and knowledge from the Holy Divine Spirit SHEKINAH. In the third eye chakra I see the energy of love that allows us to understand the message of the Holy Spirit that enters our being in the form of light and transforms us by rising to a higher vibration in order to understand the wisdom of Melchizedek by purifying the image of Mary in this purified Light dress.

If we do not purify it is not possible to transmute the lowest energies into our brothers, on earth and beyond. Let us understand that the divine rays of light of Mary is love that help us to raise the vibrations in ourselves and around us. It is now when your being begins to be aware of this perfection of Light of EYEH ASHER EYEH .

The love sun of the Christic energy present in the pyramid of light where the powerful omnipotent eye that sees everything expands towards the upper chakras and also towards the chakras that go to the Heart of Mother Earth. Not only does the vibration of your physical body transform, it also offers you understanding in your DNA through the power of the light of URIM THUMIM.

The Metatron's cube that is placed in the heart chakra needs to be understood and surrounded by invoking the following:

Michael YHWH (Yod Hey Hey VOD) (4x)
Uriel YHWH (Yod Hey Hey VOD) (4x)
Gabriel YHWH (Yod Hey Hey VOD) (4x)
Rafael YHWH (Yod Hey Hey VOD) (4x)

Now we see Mary with a splendid blue aura, the color of the Cosmic Love that she gives us so that we are under the Divine Protection of the Cosmic Love of the Divine Astrea. My beloved hearts of Light, when we get the vibratory energy to transform, we also transform and isolate ourselves from the lower energies. There is no reason to be afraid, just understand that the Cosmic Love of the Divine Astrea can dissolve everything that relates to lower energies.

When your being transforms, it rises, the protection of Archangel Michael and that of Divine Astrea

Mary gives us the daily protection we need to be able to integrate and project freely this energy of Love of the Cosmic Christ, of the Heart of AIN SOPH O, of the Heart of the Cosmic Christ and shows us that the blue and gold energy around us can transmute lower energies. This same energy helps the beings that are still with lower energies transmuting the discord, anger, resentment and everything related to these low energies.

The Love energy of Divine Astrea, not only allows you to transmute the lowest energies around you from your home, your work or wherever you are, it also enables you to do it at the level of the entire planet and the cosmos. If you use that energy of Love and Light with conviction and power, you have in your hands the ability to help those who have lost all hope and believe that there is nothing to be done, transmuting those low energies and that is what you have to understand, that there is no inferior energy that resists the love of the Cosmic Christ and the Love and Purity of the Sacred Fire of AIN SOPH GOLD.

With this message Beloved Hearts of Light, we want to encourage you to make use of these energies radiated by the light dress of the pristine Mary, because you have the ability to awaken other beings who feel the light of Cosmic Love, but are not aware of it . In the hearts of all there is the triple flame that is nothing more than understanding, will, wisdom and Divine Love in each being. But Mary asks us to help develop this potential much more by projecting those energies of Love from the different Divine rays to transform and bring the planetary vibrational consciousness to a higher level.

The Celestial Hierarchy of the Beings of Light, revolves around you, feel the Angels, Archangels, the White Brotherhood and also the Lords of the Elements. And this is an extraordinary splendor that accompanies you, strengthens you, gives you power, courage and perseverance to work endlessly in the projection of this energy of Love. Listen to Mary's request that you do everything for your brothers and sisters and also for those on the other side of the veil.

Michael, Melchizedek and Metatron give you Love and the power to project Light, transmute and raise the vibration of the physical body to a Light body. The Love of Christ, the Love of Mary and the Love of the entire Divine Hierarchy are with you and help you to transmit strength and power of Divine Love and Light in you and others. If you feel that there are seemingly insurmountable situations and are about to give up, look up at the light image of Mary, of Jesus Christ and Cosmic Christ, feel that energy that is unperturbed.

You know Beloved Hearts of Light, that the power of Love is within you, you must use it radiating power, beauty and all the splendor of the Archangel Michael with his Shield and Sword of Light. In very difficult situations for you, ask that the Sword of Light dissolve causes, effects, of that situation that is happening in you or around you . Notice how we give you a miraculous way to transform and vibrationally elevate the earth, the planet through Divine Love.

You have the necessary awareness to reveal the power of Divine Love thanks to the Light and the strength of all the Divine Rays, because the energy of Mary is in your hearts, Beloved Hearts of Light. Mary wants all life forms to receive the Love of Christ that you receive, so she asks you to be persevering. That love that is so powerful that there is no inferior energy that can overcome it.

Jesus came to earth to make you understand that this energy is in you, that you are Light and sons and daughters of God. Feel the strength and power that you have inside and use it in favor of others, projecting energies of love and light because now you are blessed. The Heavenly Hierarchy that surrounds Mary and Christ blesses you, loves you and thanks you beyond what you imagine.

Adonai, Amen. Mary who loves you.

Channeled by Bernard Fuchs

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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