We return to the Temple of Hathor where the energy of the Sacred Feminine is again present

  • 2018

The energy now brings us back to the Temple of Hathor, where the energy of the Sacred Feminine is again present and radiates to all beings. The energy that is present is multiple, it is a very powerful energy. The present beings are solar beings, solar cosmic beings.

His presence responds to the call of your hearts, the triple flame of your being is there to help humanity open to the understanding of Christ, light and Buddhist love . The energy of the Mother is also present and related to the Hathor, these Solar Cosmic Beings of great power and working in the name of Ain Soph Or.

These energies have the ability to transmute the ancient memories that are still in the hearts of beings in the incarnation and that date back to the period of Atlantis and Lemuria. These beings have the ability to eradicate by love, those memories inhabited by projections of consciousness that have been made against the cosmic law.

These Beings have an energy of love of such power to heal what humanity, and especially the feminine, have suffered in the past and inherited it in genetic manipulations. They are present so that their energy through the Love of the Cosmic Christ and the Shekinah, can completely heal all that the feminine energy has had to endure compared to the attempts made by the lower consciences.

This has left great marks on this humanity and brought a certain degradation, a certain lowness in the course of the centuries, in which this humanity had to suffer not only the duality, but also an unimaginable suffering. But now the time has come when, by decree of the Central Sun of Ain Soph, the energies of the Love of these solar beings will bring this vibration that will dissolve and transmute.

It is the energy of the love of your daily prayers that allows this to happen

The Love of Ain Soph Gold is infinite for all her creatures, it restores perfection in the DNA of Light, by the Power of Urim Tummim, Crystal of Light. And it is the DNA of the Lord El Shaddai Metatron, the supraluminal electron that is activated in each Being. This leads to a connection of the Christian Super-Self in yourself, also an understanding and connection with the wisdom of your own Triple Flame.

This energy has a Power and a Force such that each and every one of you receives the vibrational transformation that is necessary, adapted to your soul, your consciousness and everything that you have already been able to access in your different lives and in your causal body, where all the good that can be experienced, performed and accumulated is stored.

This brings us back to the Temple of Hathor, where the energy of the Sacred Feminine is again present and radiates to all beings. It is an energy of Love, of a power that fills the Heart of All.

The Gates of Heaven, the Orion Gates and the Pleiades that are now opening, are thresholds through which Divine Love and Light are shed, in the People of God, Ammi Shaddai. It is also what is done for you and through you, towards all beings. It is to understand that this humanity is transformed, rises vibrationally, and each one is left with the option of accepting or rejecting this Light of Love.

You are on a planet of free will, where everyone has their rhythm but they also have the option of accepting or rejecting the Light of Love that is transmitted. Now you are offered a grace that allows you to free yourself from the lower energies that are often subconscious, symbolized by the snake, entropy and can be heavily trampled by the energy of the Mother, which is the Love of the Shekinah.

This grace is a contribution of which you still cannot imagine the consequences, when you accept the Splendor of your own Light, which is the light of Ain Soph O, that of the energy of the Cosmic Christ in you, in singularity with the Sacred Feminine, Shekinah, the energy of the Mother.

The image shown to me, the one that you all know, is Mary who crushes the entropy snake, and in reality each and every one of us crushes that entropy snake inside from ourselves. This is what is happening now, in accordance with your own acceptance of the Divine Will .

The energy of these Solar Beings rises as a geometrical form, it is a geometry of Light with a very large Power, which covers with its radiation not only the Earth but also me s there. It is unified with the cosmic grids of the Light of Love, at the level of the Cosmos in uniqueness with the Originating Beings, the Pleiades, Cassiopeia, Arcturus, Sirion and many others.

It is like a lattice of Light placed around Mother Earth, activated and stabilized that radiates in uniqueness with the other brother planets, light to our Mother Earth. This energy that fills your Being, your body, your cells, your electrons and your molecules with Peace .

The Elohim Peace that is now present, is also the Flame of Peace on your forehead that allows you to integrate, understand, receive and manifest this reality, that splendor that develops in you. This energy is now moving along the Nile. From the Temple of Luxor she goes to Giza, to the Sphinx.

This energy that is Knowledge and Wisdom reaches Humanity

You will discover that more and more, the superior understanding of beings leads you to change your daily lives, to open yourself to a reality in which Peace reigns in Hearts, as well as Serenity, Joy and Happiness.

And what is still a problem, a difficulty and a discord, now receives these energies of openness, love, understanding and knowledge through Higher Wisdom. Understand that the Being is free to accept or reject, means that each Being has the option of entering these energies, receiving them, activating them to emanate or reject them and fight against them.

Changes and transformations, in the coming weeks and months, will bring a dimensional elevation of the consciousness of the People of God. This is what leads to the activity of Peace in you and gives you the strength and courage to bear witness, so that it would give you that torch whose light emanates from the pillar, manifests and realizes the perfection of the Divine Plan is yours.

This energy now encompasses the entire Earth. It is the Energy, the Light and the Love of Sananda Christ Jesus, Cosmic Christ, who at the request of each Being transmits these energies not only on this Earth but also in the universe, galaxies and on the other side of the veil.

The Love and Light of Christ and Buddha unified with the entire Heavenly Hierarchy, bless you, greet you and love you.

AdonaĆ­ Amen.


TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Bernard Fuchs

Original URL: https://www.messagescelestes-archives.ca/christ-cosmique-le-sphinx-est-dore/

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