Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll: Adventure in South Lemuria - 05 Franz Josef Glacier Village

  • 2017

Dear Greetings, I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

We say again that you may notice that my partner launches too fast to the channel; too fast according to what authorities of the esoteric world identify.

The Human Cell Structure is not designed for trance

There is a body balance that is very tetradimensional, very 4th Dimension; you are born like this, you study like this, you go to school like this; and if you study mediumship in trance, if you study what is channeling, you receive instructions to prepare yourself in a certain way; the tools to achieve this are relaxation and breathing, the visualization of the transformation of who you are into something different; that takes a while and then you can channel. A while ago I told you that even that has changed Dear ones; It makes no sense to turn your spirituality on and off, to have a structure called Human and another called trance.

We have already told you for some years that you can merge them in such a way that you can enter meditation instantly, get answers instantly and channel instantly. And that happens through what we have called the rewriting of everything you thought; and what you think and know comes from what others have taught you ... Where else would you get it? ... Consequently there is a linear tradition about how to do things, about how they work, about what is known; and about what your teachers say. One of the most important things we have talked about; and recently, it is what happens when you begin to change your thinking; precisely we told you that to meditate, to channel, perhaps to heal, everything that required a huge effort to reach a certain situation of consciousness, is now instantly available because you mold your consciousness differently, so you can move differently; and that puts us in trouble because teachers of the past have said that this is not done.

Again I want to remind you what changes your attitude Dear ones. Some of you who are now sitting in front of me whom I know, because I know your names, have opposed that training. You have been trained to do a certain thing in a certain way; and then you have begun to have verification experiences that rewrite and rethink what you learned. The most difficult thing possible for the Human Being at the moment is to change his attitude towards deep things that affect him; It is almost a betrayal to those who taught you. If you have had a mentor who has taught you how things work, it is only natural to fall in love with that information and maybe even the mentor or the mentor. And you adopt that personality and you say: “This is who I follow, from this one I learned; this is what I know ”; and you teach and adopt it and use it every day; and then something happens, someone arrives and says: "Did you know that this is different now?"; or maybe your own consciousness tells you that now it seems to be different; and at that moment you have to assume an attitude: Yes or no.

And if you start to change even a little, that can lead to a feeling of betrayal towards who you have followed and loved and appreciated. This is how you know if you are an awake Light Worker; because you can remember when you started to change against what they taught you. It is very important that you understand that if you changed against what they taught you, that does not mean that in the past that was wrong; That means things have moved and changed. So the movement and change in which you are bring this information different from what they taught and told you; and for many who were told and taught the same thing, it makes you a stranger. That is why many of those I am mentioning, you are the black sheep of your family; you have left Karma, training, what your parents and your teachers have told you, in order to discover something that makes much more sense to you, which is more beautiful and elegant for you.

The Masters of the Planet did not go around accusing others of being wrong; What they did was show the magnificence of being right (Kryon's smile). Right and wrong are not black and white; They are nuances of consciousness and knowledge. But the Masters had one of the highest nuances; and what he produced in them was Compassion, not prosecution; they showed something that everyone wanted and that didn't make anyone right or wrong, it simply changed the thinking paradigm, it raised it. When you go to school and go from grade to grade; and you realize that the information becomes more elegant and more understandable until you reach the point of graduation ... Is there something wrong with you in your life through these nuances of Light and darkness in order to reach a time of graduation? ... Sometimes you go through stages in which you learn elementary things; and then you can discard the elementary things when you reach a higher level of learning.

Many times before I asked you: How many do you have the booklet with which you learned to read? ... And the answer is: None; and the reason is that the booklet is no longer needed, it is already part of your knowledge and reading is part of you ... Do you see where I am going with this? ... Even some of you carry the 'accessories' (Kryon's laugh) of spirituality, things that they had told you that you had to do or be, or carry, or touch, or look at, certain ways of breathing and doing; That is the primary primer that begins to be abandoned because it becomes inner intuition. Each one of you here is being invited in some way, some slowly and some quickly, to realize that there may be more than you thought; and it is not that there is more information, but that the World is bigger, that you are bigger; and when you begin to examine it, you realize that it is benevolent. That does not come with fear or prosecution, in fact each of the doors that opens slowly contains joy. The consciousness of the Light is a joyful experience ; Even when you are struggling with the problem of betrayal of a teacher, you begin to understand that it is completely appropriate.

So this message today is about the appropriateness of movement and change

Do not be afraid to look around . I will say this to those who are listening right now, not necessarily in this group: If this drives you to look around and that is scary, or if it is not right or it is not the right time; if you want to close the door Do it! I want you to do whatever is more intuitive; That simply means that you are not ready yet. This is how the old growth works; if you are ready to ride a bicycle, you ride; If you need training wheels, there they are. If you can't ride today, you can ride tomorrow; The bike is always there to ride it. So you go at your own pace, at your own speed; and in this there is neither right nor wrong. We say again: Your path is your path, it belongs to you, it is beautiful, it is respected; no matter what you see around you, no matter what they tell you, no matter what the duties are and should not come from those who could advise you You are your best advisor! Your own maturity is the queen of all this.

We've said it before: Don't always look for solutions outside of yourself, because the best ones for your path are yours. This is a beautiful message of self-empowerment; and it’s a difficult thing for many Old Souls who have gone through a difficult stretch in the past, while the energies and others pushed you forward and backward, until you got to where you are today; I can tell you that you are free, that this change has freed you to think what you want, to go where you want; and to start gathering the energy you need for a new life; even when it is a new subtle life, in it you wake up smiling instead of worried . That is all for today; We'll talk one more time ... Maybe more.

And so it is.


AUTHOR: Lee Carroll

TRANSLATION: Jairo Rodríguez R. Energy and Spiritual Consulting


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