Who is Goddess Lakshmi

  • 2018

Goddess Lakshmi, also called Goddess-Lotus, is the goddess of wealth and prosperity . This is the goddess represented with four arms, dressed in red and gold, standing on a lotus, distributing coins to her devotees.

She is a symbol of luck and is also compared to Aphrodite, for it is the embodiment of grace, beauty and charm. Today this Goddess is worshiped as Mata-Laksmi, who protects and heeds the requests of her faithful, in relation to wealth, but not only material.

Representation of the goddess Lakshmi

Goddess Lakshmi is represented standing or sitting on a lotus flower, with gold coins flowing from her hands.

She is a beautiful Indian woman with big dark eyes, with four arms and four hands, dressed in a red sari embroidered in gold. He wears lotus flowers to bless his devotees and his front arms offer a protective blessing.

The gold color symbolizes the prosperity of a goddess busy distributing wealth and granting goods. The lotus seat means that in this world we have to enjoy material riches, but not obsess with them.

The four hands of the goddess represent the four extremes of our human life:

  • Dharma (righteousness)
  • Artha (wealth)
  • Kama (genuine desires)
  • Moksha (the liberation of the cycle of birth and death)

The front hands correspond to the activities of the physical world and those of back the spiritual activities. The lotus flower in his hand means that we must perform our actions according to dharma (righteousness) and this leads to moksha, liberation.

Lakshmi's right hand offers a blessing to the devotees, while with the left, where gold coins flow, he brings the wealth and prosperity that is requested.

Some images of the goddess Lakshmi show two elephants standing next to her, which symbolize the fame associated with worldly wealth. This means that a true devotee should not desire wealth only to gain fame or only to satisfy his material desires, on the contrary, he must share his wealth to make others happy.

Who is goddess Lakshmi?

In ancient times, the goddess Laksmi was called Shri . She was a divine manifestation of Devi-sakti, the sexual principle that created the universe. Laksmi represents the woman who remained on a lotus flower during creation and joined the gods to stir the primeval ocean to obtain the elixir that would eliminate the evil of the world.

The goddess rose in the middle of the foam in her splendid beauty and for that reason it is related to Aphrodite, and it was when the rivers changed their course with the purpose of converging towards her and the celestial elephants took the waves to clean her.

Today, the goddess Laksmi is the most adored female deity, it is a symbol of luck and prosperity and is invoked so that a petition or manifestation works according to the 3 elements: Mantra, Mudra and Sutra:

  • Mantra: a decree, prosperity is on its way.
  • Mudra: an attitude or reminder, the image of Lakshmi.
  • Sutra: the intention of things happening.

How to invoke the goddess Lakshmi?

There are several ways to invoke Lakshmi, but it is believed that who pays attention to the goddess every day, develops a channel of communication with her . He must focus attention on his energy and be his devotee to be worthy and deserve his blessing.

The goddess day is November 3, but any day you can build an altar to make offerings or recite the mantra to goddess Lakshmi.

Seen in Pateón-Hinduísmo, by Pedro, editor of the White Brotherhood

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