The Yoga of Dreams 3: the illusory body.

  • 2017

Meditation to eliminate the attachment to Dreams

In order to develop the illusory body, it is necessary to have experiences that are based on the “Dream Practice ”. To proceed during the day, because the appearances of all internal and external phenomena that arise as the various reflections in a mirror, are no more than the manifestations of radiant emptiness that do not have a nature intrinsic itself, there is nothing that one should consider as really existing . Through an intention without distractions, which considers that all inanimate and lively phenomena are manifestations of deception and reflexes, it is meditated that whatever is manifested is an illusion a reflection.

In particular, each reflection emerges as in a mirror, when we dress, when we decorate ourselves with jewelry, when we make praises, or when we say unpleasant things etc, it is only the form of this or that the one that arises in the mirror and cannot produce any benefit or damage.

Ultimately, one is able to experience with certainty that nothing really exists . Similarly, it is understood that the self and the others, the enemy and the friend, the food and the clothes, the pleasant and the unpleasant, the joy and the sadness, the attachment and the aversion ; Any phenomenon of samsara or nirvana that arises, anything that is perceived, anything that manifests itself, everything is understood at the time of its manifestation as having no essence, like the reflection in a mirror. Because of this, the non-reality of deceptive manifestations and the nature of illusion are perfected in our lives. Our own body is then experienced as an illusory body and without difficulty, we can recognize the illusory body of the bard .

The method to practice the essence of the Illusory Body.

During the night, to understand that all manifestations are dreams, because one practices diligently to understand that all the animated and inanimate phenomena of the Universe have the nature of the illusion of dreams, all the deceptive manifestations of birth and death, of Denial and affirmation are recognized as dreams and illusions . Thus, when one is able to manifest all this in a dream, one becomes free from attachment to any phenomenon that manifests itself anywhere.

Practicing in this way day and night, if one ceases to be attached to the deceptive manifestations of reality, the body itself manifests itself as a certain type of immaterial shadow, and one is able to see its non-existence . The body itself leaves no shadow, the ' illusory body of the bard ' can be recognized, and the next rebirth will be in a higher body.

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SOURCE: " The Yoga of Dreams " by Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche.

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