Mother Mary Queen of Heaven and Earth

  • 2013

French original

Channeled by: Jean Luc Ayoun

Transcript: Véronique Loriothttp: //

Translation: Hedyn Núñez

December 1, 2012

I am Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth. Children of the Light, here and elsewhere, I pay grace and I am honored by this moment that we will share in the Heart of Love. I appreciate your presence and your constancy. I thank your conscience that knew in different ways over the years, and of your lives, to keep in you the memory and trace of your Eternity.

Behold, the times have come (so precise, so intimate and so intense), to live, which will bring you to Eternity. As for many of you, I can now say: "I am with you until the end of time." I am with you and in you, as Mother, not seeing any human connotation or coloration. Our filiation (our resonance in the crystalline core of the Earth, which is common to us), is not a filiation that borders on another place, but the key to your Freedom. From this day, I invite you to immerse yourself, in the bathroom of Happiness. The nourishment of the Earth, passes from now on to various Doors of the Stars and the Sun. The mechanisms point (in all possible ways), to restore your Integrity and your Everything, which are definitely in place, in your body as A whole this solar system. The action of the Elements continues (and will continue), the time that is necessary, during this month, to complete your Freedom, with the end precisely, that each one is able, to see clearly, in broad daylight, what They Are, of be clear about something other than what was ordinary in your lives in this world

I also come, in a way, to invite you to something more important than our date of this day, to stay where everything is light, where everything is Joy, where everything does not depend, on anything in this world. It is to this condition that they are fully alive, fully in life. And it is this fullness that is installed in you, with more or less evidence, more or less easily. But you know very well: whatever the intensity of your experiences, whatever the intensity of what you experience, in what you live, together we have built everything that was necessary, to achieve, with maximum ease (for this world, for all the consciences of the Earth), a mechanism that effectively allows most of you to live it, without being affected by the adjustments of the Light or by the resistances of the Shadow. Whether they are inside or outside of you, you know very well that this is only a point of view.

Today, the Earth, which has carried us all on this Plane of existence, having been released, now lives its birth. This birth, which could compare it with a birth, will come to present all the elements that are necessary for your conscience, as for the Earth, as for what they are, in Eternity, to achieve this greater alchemical work, in its different stages that they lived more or less easily, with more or less hope, more or less according to your conscience (and with the body), it has been shortened by The Source. The purpose of everything that has been lived has already begun to unfold in various ways for you. Some have had the revelation of their Lineages. And you know what this Revelation represents: it is not a knowledge like any other, it restores you through the four Pillars of the Heart, and helps you find, in some way, the center of the Center, the heart of the Heart, That has always been there. Regardless of the stages that seem to have lived (or escaped in some way, your conscience), all that will leave more room, a very clear and more lucid feeling, of what is happening, where you are, in that body, and even in your life, in its most everyday aspects.

The extraordinary comes to meet the ordinary. But the extraordinary, you know, can be daunting for those who are not prepared (through what we have proposed or in other ways), or whose heart is not innocent enough. The key to this period, as you know, is Abandonment, the ability to stay in Peace, the ability to live, more safely for you, are the states of Bliss, Ecstasy or Samadhi. You live it, somehow, through the notion of distortion of time: for some, time seems to stretch, for others time seems to shrink. And in all this, your body is subjected and reacts by itself, to this influx of Light, to this influx of Love. The set of your perceptions (those that have been), currently tend, I would say, to be resolved in this kind of emptiness in which everything is full, where everything is perfect, where all the questions that might arise, however, seem to him now, superfluous. The Light guides them: she cuts them and leads them to your Supreme Being, without difficulty. The only difficulties, as you know, are represented today, by the last resistance: either by the Shadow, which is linked to customs or related to all ignorance concerning the Truth, Supreme, she too.

The time of my Call has come, in a personal way, many of you have received me, or received a Call from my Star Sisters, one of the Elders, or from an Arc ngel. Today, you are somehow invited to this Party. This is not a wedding. Since a wedding is a moment. And this Fiesta is not expected to last a while, it is to be established permanently, ending everything that is separated, to everything that could be a zone of suffering or pain, even if some appearances of the world, seen through normal eyes, make them doubt this moment of Fiesta. But this Fiesta, is registered at all times. Simply, what we said, is that the specific circumstances, to arrive at this Party would be profoundly different, depending on the response of humanity. But, as the Angels have told you (either, after the Heavenly Weddings, or as we usually repeat it): from our point of view, everything is absolutely perfect. Even if it seems to you that in your life, or where you live, there are more pressing things, it is simply that the constraint has not changed, but your vision and ability to perceive is largely amplified and developed. What you perceive today, try to remember objectively: and you can see that things have progressed to present themselves to you very differently. The great novelty for most of you (and hopefully more numerous, every day), is to realize the Truth. Not the truth of the story, which as you know, has always been written by those who were at the head of something (an institution or group of people), but never, a story, no matter which, It can replace the experience of your experience. And everything has been led by the Light, also by your heart, and little by little or suddenly, they have realized for themselves, what is consciousness in its limited aspects and in its Unlimited aspects. Realizing that everything you have to live, in your personal history, she will only be a personal history, always tribute to the circumstances, of a series of frames and limits of this world.

Humility meets its Humanity, it resembles the salt aspect of the Earth or the flesh of the Earth. Because, precisely, they are inscribed between Heaven and Earth and may have lost, many of you, the notion of relationship with Eternity, which comes to transcend all stories, both personal and personal. as collective They live, and experience, therefore, another temporality more: the Encounters (called in different ways), with other planes, other Dimensions, which were hitherto inaccessible. All this, if you see it objectively, is the evidence, it cannot be more formal, in the change that is underway. But this change is not a simple change, as they have occurred throughout the history of this world. This is much more than a change of cycle, a change of era, a change of state of consciousness. The return to Multidimensionality, right here on Earth, allows you to make your own opinions and live your own truth. If you agree to leave the work to the Light (since it will work harder on you), you will find that between the Light and you, there is only the space of the illusion of beliefs of this world and its truth, that the more you give it the Welcome to the Light and the more you abandon it, the more it reveals and reveals to you the fairest. "The tree will always be recognized by its fruits" and its fruits, of course, are not manifest or manifest, only by what is acquired or developed (either in matter or consciousness), but much more, by this concept of affiliation. Because this affiliation is not simply a vague memory, but rather, we hope so, the reality of your experience, more and more frequent and everyday. Despite some oscillations between Eternity and the ephemeral, the illusory and the Absolute, which sometimes seems like proof. If you are here, here or elsewhere, to read or listen to what I say, you will realize what is happening in you, and it happens in your field of experience. So, as he said a few years ago, the Commander (OM AVAÏNHOV): of course, here where we are, we knew that there were deadlines and those deadlines were astronomical. But do not see this astronomical term, as a time to mark with a white or red stone, meaning a before and after, because before and after cannot be constructed according to your linearity, in the space of a Click, although, the moment that comes, that will be like a click. There were, of course, a number of resistances, a number of beliefs, and elements, in your body, as in what surrounds the Earth in its control (that is, the control system of the human mind or the egregores), the impossibility of recovering, in total freedom. Some of you have found it. Others are one step away from living it. All this has rejoiced us, because we have seen in our various Encounters with you (either with one of my Sisters, myself, or one of the Elders or one of the Archangels), that each one contributed his stone to allow them to find and reconnect, finally as they are in eternity.

We are fully aware (at least for those of us who have experienced the flesh of the Earth), that there is such a weight in the density where they are found, that some obstacles could appear, a few years ago, hardly avoidable. But I invite you to see objectively: what they were, what they thought they were, a few years ago, and look now, what they are. I do not speak, of course, of the circumstances, whatever they may be, of your life, but I am addressing your Heart and your conscience directly. The more they raise awareness, the more they will accept releasing the latest habits, the latest fears, the latest doubts, such as the latest collective resistance. You know that behind all this is the Abode of Peace. And we know they are now, more likely to experience it, settle there, and stay.

As I told you in my last speech, the time of my Call is very close. The collective Marial Canal was created and constituted: it is already operational. We are close to you. We even reveal ourselves within you. So this is a Party moment, but a Party that never ends. Because many in this world, are accustomed to oscillate between one state and another, from one experience to another, from the joys to the sorrows, while in your Eternity, none of these alternations can appear, no fluctuation can occur. Of course, for the remainder of your person, inserted in your history or in the history of the world, that may seem, still far away, or really hypothetical. But you know very well, from your experiences, your experiences, the various testimonies that can be communicated, that all these steps (that we have crossed and that you have crossed), were healthy steps aimed at shortening and softening the most unpleasant elements, even for personality

Childbirth and delivery will occur at any given time. But, it needed to build that moment. It took little by little to build, and rebuild, I would say your Eternity. And it is what they have done. Those of you who have already been called, at one time or another, have to settle more in this reminiscence, and much more in this Peace, in this Happiness that is promised to you, since you deserved it. Not as something that should be acquired: it is what they were before. And I speak of "before" as the experience of this incarnation, as well as of every incarnation in this world. Be it your Star Lineages, that is the action of the Elements, or the different perceptions in the body, all of you, in one degree or another, approached, or experienced the Absolute Truth of Love and the Light that Are.

From now on, the previous circumstances are all together. You, like us, like the Earth, have said "yes", while waiting without impatience, in this Peace, the moment when the threshold of Light is such that the Click will occur collectively. Remember that during this period (either before my Call, or just after, before this famous, precise and pointed moment), what you are, no matter what you live, either for an instant or permanently. There is nothing else to consider or prepare. From now on, I would say that there is nothing to prepare, there is nothing to do, nothing to expect, but only to live what is taking place now, in the most humble way possible. From your Humility and Simplicity will be derived, really the support they will bring to the Light, for their work. Remember that until that Click, until that moment (which is not, I repeat, necessarily similar and superimposable with astronomical deadlines), all this takes place at the same time. Although, for us, everything is accomplished, we know of course, that from your point of view, there may be something more to do, of course, for what you call Ascension (and what we call with you Translation) . But what needs to be done does not need your part, other than Humility, Benevolence, and the idea of ​​letting work work.

Therefore, from this day, I would say, and until this astronomical period, we will be two of my Sisters and I, as close as possible to you, preferably, but not exclusively. Therefore, my Sisters GEMA GALGANI and MA ANANDA MOYI and I, will be more than ever, present with evidence, during your Alignments, for others during the nights and also, as a kind of reminder before the Click, that I spoke to you, that It is to manifest to you, to speak to you, to keep you. I know that there are among you, here as everywhere, those who listen to me and with whom I exchange. Of course, this may seem surprising, because you always tend to consider that beyond our Presences in our Communions, or feeling our Presence in you, it is sometimes difficult for you to find a different meaning, than contact or exchange other than through Communion itself.

Currently, some of you have really risen Vibratingly and in conscience, it is no longer difficult for us to talk to you about various things that are your own. But remember that at any given time I will express myself to you, collectively, at the same time. That moment, you cannot know it, if it is not already updated in another space - time, in other Dimensions, and it only remains, that the deployment of the Ascensional Heart be carried out, for the entire collective of the Earth. Because this is the time for those of our Brothers and Sisters and my children who sleep, to remember, by the final impulse of the Light, what they have been and what they are, since Eternity. Whatever your passage on this Earth, whatever its duration, and its intensity and that are the markers of evolution today, you are invited to leave all that, to be swept away, by our Presence, by your Presence, and Therefore, the Light itself.

Our 19-hour appointment will be increasingly noticeable by our Triple Female Presence, near you and in you. Because it is the best way to balance, I would say, definitely, the Duality masculinity - femininity and allowing them to join what has been called by Archangel Michael, the Primal Androgyne. All Encounters with your Doubles, whatever they are (either with KI-RIS-TI, with Miguel, with us or with the Elders), have as their sole objective; allow them these mergers. Not only with a Double, not only with the one incarnate, but in reality, this Fusion with Life, that is, to recover this filiation, this Freedom to Be what they want, whatever they like, wherever they are, in in any form, in any Dimension, in whatever consciousness.

Keep in mind in the Spirit, that in these very precise times, you can manifest, still (in you, more than you call the outside, that is to say the world), signs that could be considered, such as what is called catastrophes, from the personality point of view. But no disaster concerns what you are. Quite the contrary. And what is called from a point of view, a disaster is a Liberation, on the other hand. This is not a play on words or questions of definition, but rather, the very state of your own consciousness. Depending on what they are, and not according to what they have thought, created, imagined or believed, depending on your intimacy (which is their own, or where all the intimacies are found), in the same dependence, in the same filiation, which is that of Freedom, Love and Light.

I propose a few moments of Fusion in silence, before continuing with the second part of what I have to deliver.

I share the Gift of Grace


Mary Queen of Heaven and Earth. Part II

1st. December 2012 MARIA Queen of Heaven and Earth Autres Dimensions

I share the Gift of Grace

I am going now, to continue with some elements that I hope will help you, in your own process of verifying what is happening within you. And remember these phrases: only what is doomed to disappear is afraid of disappearing, what is Eternal does not have to be affected by anything.

Our triple Star Radiation (produced by GEMMA, MA and myself), manifested by the Blue Mantle of Grace and the Marial Channel, is now going to cross a threshold. This is the threshold of a more direct, easier communication, according to your criteria. Peace will grow from our Meetings. From our meetings will come to Love. We invite you to immerse yourself completely in our contacts. You will possess without asking, everything that is useful and necessary for this time. Finally, I remind you, also, the Click, in terms of time (the moment of Tilt, if you prefer), which corresponds to a moment, which has not been chosen, either by us or for you, not for the Earth, but for what is called (and what we call with you), The Source and also for the Revelation ability of The Source. The Light penetrates you. Not only does it penetrate now, by the Stars of the head or by the Heart, the Light can penetrate through any space of your consciousness and body. Of course, there will be necessary adjustments. But your body is a guide, perfect for what you have to live now.

Follow what your body tells you, and not what your desires and customs say. This is where you have to be clear with yourself. Is that what you really agree with yourself? Is it that you agree to provide what is necessary (and that the Light asks you to), to improve your own Translation? This is a time (during these days and a few weeks before the end of this year), where you can not only position yourself, but really, establish yourself in Love and Light, or in the mental In Love, or something else. There will be no more two sites available. There will be no possibility to choose between one place and another place. You will not be able to be between two realities, or you will find for yourself, that one reality replaces another, or the reality that you know becomes even more marked. This will be easily noticeable.

And always remember, our Presences, by your side and in you, that in some way they are the evident proof that they are no longer separated, that they are no longer divided, even if this world is still It seems separate and divided. And if you accept this Unification, this Union, which occurs in you, then you will quickly see that, really and concretely, the circumstances of the ephemeral are not in any way in front of your life, but that away from you, naturally and spontaneously, without rejecting anything, without taking anything away. It is precisely what was deprived of Light in you, as in this world, that disappears completely, although in some cases, appearances can give you an image that it resists and opposes. That only has a time of existence, which is more limited and less and less apparent.

It is for that, that we have insisted: they must be freer, especially of beliefs, of all preconceived notions, and of any projection. Remember that ultimately, whatever it is, that you are told about the time that develops, and the astronomical deadlines, about the Click, or the Translation, you are already out of all that, from the moment you are no longer Personality part. In addition, they will find it easier and when they reconnect to your Freedom, they will not be affected by any history of this world. Whatever the beginning or end of the story, you are no longer in history, you are in Life. But life does not accommodate any history, any arrangement with the mental or with the memories (whatever they may be). Rediscovering Life and Freedom is manifesting Peace, Love, Light and Humility, and above all Simplicity. Because, in Humility and Simplicity, I would say, is the quintessence of your Eternity.

So, you can call me, my Sisters or me, in the same way as Uriel, who has accompanied you during these weeks. He ends his mission today. In the same way that other Archangels have finished their mission, in the same way as some Elders or certain interveners (who have recently left you, because they have nothing to express), it is the same way for you. There is not the slightest belief to acquire. You just have to establish yourself in your Eternity. All the rest, absolutely everything else, derives from that. There is no time to try to change circumstances. There is no time to try to modify the conditions. It is really time to live the Essential, to become yourself, in the Essential that You Are.

So, to help you in this, my two Sisters and I will be with you every night, at 19 hours, or when you call us. I will return, to express myself, in a week and in 15 days, among you, always at the same time (December 8 and 15 at 14 hours). In this quotation that I give you, there will be, as you see, less and less words, and more and more Presence, more of Eternity and more Beauty. Because all the words, which was possible to say, have been. Since all the experiences of your consciousness, which were possible to live during this phase, have been communicated to you. You have lived, maybe the whole, or maybe none. But whatever these phases are, today they vanish by themselves before the magnificence of Light and Love, in the integral Return of KI-RIS-TI.

Therefore, you just have to look for an external signal, you don't have to look for more, a date. Because of all this, upon entering your Eternity, they will know, it is no longer important. What you are, is no longer a tribute to this world, even if you are still in this world. True Freedom and true Liberation are there. It is not elsewhere. To become aware of this is to realize and live your Eternity. It is living the unspeakable, of which nothing can be said. It is, above all, to lay down the weapons of all resistance and any hint of confrontation, even between your ephemeral and his own Eternal, in you. These various mechanisms that have experienced and were called, even a week ago, overlap, and juxtaposition (see: on the subject Anael's intervention, November 24, 2012), become, at times, a kind of overprint where two realities are mixed, where two things (which until now were unknown to each other), meet. It is, indeed, a rencuentro. And like all Reunions it is always a Party. Except that this is not a Party limited to a time, or a moment, but that every day, it will appear to you as Eternal, Perpetual and of a great Grace.

If it has not already been done, you will discover that Light and Love are the only Truth, present and inscribed at all times, in any Dimension, even here, where they are. Not as a search or something outside, but as the very nature of who you are and what we are. So we invite you, more than during these years, to remain as simple as possible. Observe, if you wish, the action of Light and Love in you. Observe what seems to change in your environment, as in you. One of my Sisters has prevented them: now, the Light is such that it will nourish them, in every sense of the term (see: the intervention of Hildegarde de Bingen October 3, 2012). And everything that fed them before (either in fraternal exchanges, or in harmonious relationships with another Brother or Sister, whatever their role in your life), which does not seem sufficient, but as elements that were somehow palliative. Today, they are discovered whole and cured. Even if you still have the appearance of a dream, or a dream, because it has not yet been established, for you, in a fixed and definitive way, you cannot ignore these two components. You cannot ignore what is happening in you, in a more tangible way, like what is played in this world.

The fusion of the Elements, which is carried out at the level of the Ether, and at the ER point of your head and your Heart, is a time of great joy. This is the moment in which everything, what is known to them disappears (be it the body, be it the sense of an identity, even a vibration that can become very intense), seeming to take the body elsewhere. In a moment, after all this, there is Peace. And this Peace is not simply an opposition to war, it is really the true Peace, which coincides with Eternity, which is the manifestation, here, for you of Eternity. To find the seat of consciousness, of The Source, the heart of the Heart, is to move from one state to another, without difficulty and without apprehension. Ultimately, it is no longer a question of making a distinction between the known and the unknown, since the unknown has been revealed to them, more or less powerful, more or less integrally, however, they have sufficient evidence to consider, what is happening now. From your constancy in Peace, from your constancy in Humility, it will be derived directly, the ease with which the Light will establish its Eternal Kingdom.

Be aware, too, and I repeat now, that you don't have to convince anyone. Only your Presence (not with words but through the quality of the Transparency that inhabits them), will be able to illuminate, really, not the mind, but the heart of the beings that approach them. Love is the evidence. Love will never be an expression or point of view. This evidence is established by itself. I would say that you do not need, from now on, anything of your ephemeral, unlike what during these years, we have insisted on your conscience, on the Lamps of the body, on the Crosses of the head and so many elements that have allowed refining of some way, your conscience, in your ability to discover Love, which is itself.

All this is now obsolete, since they are immersed, more and more, in the Light. They are more immersed in this Peace. Of course, there are countless Brothers and Sisters who do not live this Peace. They live fear, anger, denial. And they refuse to see the Truth of conscience. And you can't do anything. Simply be more and more humble and more transparent, so that what emanates from you passes from words and attitudes, surpasses what you see. And what emanates from you, be the only sign and the only important evidence for all mankind.

From tonight, at 19 hours, we will establish our Presence in you until this Presence, in turn, is common and habitual for you. Not to make a habit, but to establish, a permanence that never goes out. When you begin to live that, during these days that pass until the end of this Earth year, you will know that (and you know it), that you are approaching this Click. Remember that the Sounds of Heaven and Earth (which have been heard everywhere on Earth, discontinuously), will be continuous shortly before my Call. There is no better way to disappear, than to disappear in the Light. Ese es el propósito de este Clic, ese momento que fue enseñado de maneras tan diferentes, desde los profetas (del Antiguo y del Nuevo Testamento), en escrituras Védicas o Coránicas. Todo esto había sido coloreado por la historia del momento, por las personalidades de la época. Por supuesto, las circunstancias han cambiado gracias a la Luz, gracias a ustedes. Cuando estos signos se hagan más fuertes en ustedes, cuando desaparezcan, cada vez más, de vuestra forma de vida en una personalidad, cuando no exista más que la Luz y que siempre estarán ahí, independientemente de ese cuerpo, de esta forma y vuestra persona, sabrán entonces, que están en la Eternidad y que el tiempo está muy cerca para que la Eternidad se establezca en la Tierra, en su nueva Dimensión de vida.

Cuando los Sonidos del Cielo y de la Tierra sean permanentes (yo sé que lo viven individualmente, por el fortalecimiento de lo que se llama el canto del alma o del Espíritu en ustedes), cuando sea audible para todos, en todas partes, entonces sabrán que en pocos días (3 días después) yo intervendré. Y que tres días después de mi intervención, se producirá ese mecanismo de desaparición y de aparición, con las mayores facilidades. Debido a que este proceso, una vez más, es completamente natural para la Luz y totalmente opuesto a mantener lo que es efímero.

Hoy, son llamados por nuestra Presencia y vuestra Presencia, a establecerse de manera más permanente y evidente en lo que aparece. Y alejarse, sin buscarlo, de todo lo que desaparece. Y ustedes se darán cuenta: que nada ha aparecido y nada ha desaparecido. Sólo queda lo que siempre han Sido. Por el momento, estas son sólo simples expresiones, a pesar de que vuestro Corazón Vibra con lo que digo, lo importante no es decir “sí” o “no” de creer o no creer, sino de vivirlo ustedes mismos, en vuestra intimidad. Eso es desde hoy, lo que está llegando.

Nosotros elegimos, por supuesto, los momentos más fáciles, para cada uno de ustedes: fuera de los Alineamientos cuando ustedes están solos, elegimos los momentos en que la permeabilidad de vuestra forma, es más segura para ustedes, como para nosotros. Muy a menudo, al quedarse dormidos o al despertar, en vuestras meditaciones o en las noches. A menudo, ustedes encontrar n que vuestros sue os se ven interrumpidos y ver n, entonces, que lo que les parec a un sue o, no lo es. Y que ese sue o no es m s tangible que vuestra vida. No hablo, por supuesto, de los sue os relacionados con vuestra vida diaria, sino de los sue os que pueden hacer que ustedes vivan, tanto la Luz como las Vibraciones o Encuentros m sticos. De esta manera, se dan cuenta (o lo percibir n cada vez m s) que la definici n de la realidad, no tiene sentido para ustedes y no se hace sentir. Lo que se llam real, la material, lo concreto, se espiritualiza, y al espiritualizarse desaparece de un plano de manifestaci n, para entrar en otro Plano de manifestaci n.

Tenga presente que lo que la oruga llama la muerte o cat strofe, la mariposa lo llama Nacimiento o Liberaci n . Y no tiene por qu ser una creencia. Esto no tiene por qu ser una ideolog a, m s bien vuestra experiencia, e intimidad. Tienen todo, ahora en ustedes, y con ustedes, para llevar a cabo lo que llega. No s lo para ustedes (o para algunos de ustedes), sino para la totalidad de la humanidad. No deben crear ansiedad, ni inquietud, ni miedo, ni impaciencia, o cualquier proyecci n. S lo tengan en cuenta que todo est hecho, que tienen en ustedes, todas las estructuras, todas las funciones y todas las percepciones tiles, para llevar at rmino este Basculamiento.

La Puerta Estrecha (para un n mero m s grande de Hermanos y Hermanas encarnados), se realiz o est en camino de realizarse. Si bien puede haber, en ustedes, resistencias, no les den peso. Permanezcan Humildes y Simples. Porque, c mo pueden pretender que la Luz Es Todo, y no dejar a la Luz, ser Todo? Qu quieren mantener? Ustedes deben ver. Pero, m s que nunca, esto vendr de vuestra propia capacidad de vivir la intimidad o no. Los invito de nuevo, m s all de cada noche, a establecer un proceso de Fusi n en el coraz n del Coraz n, cada s bado, durante los dos s bados que vienen, a la misma hora. Este es un momento en que no s lo Comulgaremos, sino que nos Fusionaremos, en la Libertad y en la Verdad.

En estos momentos en que m sym s de ustedes en esta Tierra, experimentan transformaciones significativas (transformaciones Interiores, ante todo), tanto en este cuerpo de carne que vuestra conciencia, que es el testigo indiscutible de lo que de despliega para ustedes y en ustedes, como tambi n para la Tierra. No voy a hablar de los signos de Tierra relacionados con los Elementos, ya que estos aparecer na ustedes cada d am sym s evidentes. S lo aquellos (de todos los Hermanos y Hermanas encarnados en la Tierra), que estar n en la negaci n, no podr n aceptar, ni siquiera creer en lo que es visto, percibido o experimentado. Recuerden, tambi n, que eso no importa, ya que hasta un cierto umbral, la inmersi n en la Luz puede ser negada o evitada, pero en alg n punto la intensidad, de la difusi n de la Luz Vibral ser tal, que no podr n substraerse, sino simplemente rencontrar su Eternidad, aun cuando despu s, vuestra elecci n sea diferente, porque son Libre. Y es precisamente esta Libertad Rencontrada, la que les permite ser Libres, sin dejar de experimentar el estado de conciencia o Absoluto.

Este tiempo, es tiempo, de Amor Infinito, de Amor poderoso (dependiendo de vuestro criterio ), de un Amor Vibrante, Total, que no se abraza a ning n compromiso. Porque el Amor no ser nunca un compromiso, ni la Luz misma. Amor y Luz son evidencias que les hab an sido sustra das. No voy a detenerme en datos hist ricos, pero quiero, detenerme sobre todo en vuestro momento presente. Este presente, que se desarrolla este mes, en que se debe estar más a la escucha, no de lo que sugiere vuestra personalidad, sino de lo que les dice la Luz misma, sobre las costumbres, acerca de vuestro comportamiento, en todo lo que constituya vuestra vida. Debido a que la Luz hace algo más que sólo invitarles a ciertas cosas: Ella viene a establecerse en totalidad. Y con ella, nada puede hacerse a medias.

Comencemos, si lo desean, después de esta segunda parte de mi exposición, para inaugurar la jornada con otro momento de intimidad, de corazón a Corazón. Hagamos esto.


María Reina de los Cielos y de la Tierra. – Parte III

1o. de Diciembre del 2012 MARIA Reina de los Cielos y de la Tierra Autres Dimensions

… Comparto el Regalo de la Gracia …

Una vez más, rindo Gracia por vuestra Presencia y por vuestra Luz. Si tienen preguntas específicas, de manera exclusiva, a mis palabras de hoy, los escucho antes de retirarme.

Pregunta: ¿Es posible que el canal Marial está activado unos días, y otros se desactive?

Amado, como eso ya se expresó en tres ocasiones: la desaparición de los procesos Vibratorios, puede hacerse de forma intermitente, e incluso de forma definitiva. El pico más alto de la Vibración, que les fue descrito por dos Ancianos como Vibración celular, o Luz celular (ver: intervención de UN AMIGO del 2 de Noviembre de 2012, y del 1 de diciembre 2012, de SRI AUROBINDO), en un tiempo determinado (en virtud de la superposición, de la yuxtaposición de la conciencia), y hay una aclimatación que se produce. En ese momento, la Vibración no tiene que ser percibida en el cuerpo. Ahí, se convirtieron totalmente en la Luz. Y en la instalación de ésta, hay efectivamente momentos en que la percepción (ya sea del Canal Marial, del Fuego del Corazón, incluso de uno de los Triángulos Elementales de la cabeza o, de la Onda de Vida, si ustedes lo viven), pueden desaparecer por completo, pero también pueden reaparecer (mientras el Clic, el Basculamiento no se haya producido), en ese cuerpo, y ser percibido de nuevo. No hay que alarmarse (o inquietarse), por la desaparición de una Vibración. Sino díganse, que si ella aparece, o si desaparece, no ha desparecido, lo que ustedes Son. Simplemente, ya sea en la Infinita Presencia, o incluso al salir de la propia conciencia, no hay más razones para que nada de lo percibido, no sea, sino la Beatitud de la Luz. Sigue siendo ciertamente difícil imaginar eso. Por supuesto, los que no viven estos aspectos de la conciencia tendrán un bonito juego, al decir que la Vibración no es nada e inútil, que la conciencia es lo que es, independientemente de cualquier circunstancia. Pasar a través de la Vibración ha sido el medio, el más directo, de hacerlos acceder a lo que Son. Por tanto, si alguna Vibración, o alguna percepción desaparece, no sólo no se alarmen, mas bien acepten eso. Ya que ahí, es donde se encuentra la Paz. En Shantinilaya, no hay más Vibración, si bien lo previo puede ser, por ejemplo, la Onda de Vida o la percepción del Manto Azul de la Gracia. Pero lo previo, no es lo que se establece en definitiva. Puede ser una circunstancia anticipada. Puede ser una etapa. Pero, como hemos dicho, desde el momento en que el interviniente, que mucho ha hablado durante el año (nota: BIDI), vino: los pasos preliminares fueron, tal vez los esenciales para muchos de ustedes, para dirigirlos hacia la Conciencia Pura, la que los reconecta al Absoluto, que Son, que no tiene necesidad de manifestarse por esta especie de interfaz, relacionada con la sobre posición (o yuxtaposición o superposición), de conciencias. Así que, cuando Eres Amor, lo Eres. No tienes necesidad de percibir, incluso la Vibración del chakra del Corazón. Debido a que quien percibía, era por supuesto, la personalidad en transformación. Pero desde el momento que la personalidad se disuelve, desde el momento en que este efímero comienza a disolverse, a desaparecer o ustedes comienzan a aparecer (o, en todo caso, tienen la sensación de aparecer), no hay más razón válida, para que la Vibración esté presente. Cuando ustedes se vuelven Luz, Son la Luz. No hay más impacto la Luz en la densidad. La espiritualización de la materia (la Ascensión, la Transubstanciación, la Translación o el Clic) es exactamente eso. Así que no se alarmen, de lo que pueda sobrevenir, especialmente en esta fase, última del Tiempo.

Recuerden, que no es lo que piensan, quien crea, lo que ustedes Son. Lo que ustedes Son, ha creado lo que ustedes piensan y que se ha alejado. Por lo tanto, la Vibración se relaciona con la conciencia, pero desde vuestro punto de vista: el de la personalidad. Poco a poco elevando la conciencia y las Vibraciones, ustedes vivieron a través de la experiencia, el Sí, o la Infinita Presencia. La Onda de Vida, entonces se alargó y transfiguró, lo que quedaba como ataduras, las estructura y los hábitos de este mundo. Y algunos de ustedes lo están descubriendo ( lo descubrieron a están por descubrirlo), que más allá de la vibración de la conciencia, en efecto, está efectivamente la no-conciencia. Es ahi que Son, y solo, ahí Son. Nada más puede existir. Ahí, habrán terminado,, de exteriorizar vuestra conciencia. Habrán terminado de discriminar Vibración o no Vibración: establecidos en la Eternidad. Y la Eternidad, no tiene por vocación, si se me permite decirlo así, demostrar nada. Y es precisamente en el cese total de la manifestación (sea de la mente, como de las Vibraciones), que se vive Shantinilaya. Por lo tanto, no hay nadie que esté más avanzado o en retraso. Simplemente hay etapas de la Luz, que se suceden en un orden determinado o en un orden diferente, para los demás.

We have no more questions. Thank you.

Queridos hijos, les digo: a 14 horas, en una semana. Pero también les digo: a cada minuto de vuestro tiempo Terrestre, en ustedes si lo desean. Que todas las bendiciones de Amor, aquí y en otros lugares, estén en ustedes. I am Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth. See you soon.

NDR. 1: Alineación colectiva

MARIA propone, entonces, en la alineación de 19 horas, durante el mes de Diciembre, de llamar simultáneamente a ella misma, a Gema Galgani ya Ma Ananda Moyi, para ayudarnos a reequilibrar la Dualidad masculinidad – femineidad y permitirnos unir lo que ha sido denominado por el Arcángel Miguel, el Andrógino Primordial.

(Consultar: “Protocolos a practicar – Protocolos Prioritarios”).

NDR 2: Proceso de Comunión y Fusión al corazón del Corazón, con MARIA

– Sábado 8 de Diciembre de 14:00 a 15:00hs. (hora de Francia)

– Sábado, 15 de Diciembre de 14:00 a 15:00hs. (hora de Francia)

* En esos días, las canalizaciones públicas están ya programadas (el 8, en Lyon, y el 15, en Angers), estas intervenciones por lo tanto, serán públicas, en este contexto ( pueden encontrar todos los detalles en los “canalizaciones públicas” ). Sin embargo, más allá de la presencia física, la conexión, en Espíritu, a esta hora, sin importar dónde se encuentren, pueden vivir los aspectos Vibratorios que serán propuestos.

* Las horas indicadas corresponden a la hora de Francia. Para deducir la diferencia de hora, que le permitirá ver vuestra hora local.


Madre María Reina de los Cielos y de la Tierra

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