The Elemental Beings: Little Guardians of Nature

  • 2017

“I continued with my long walks in the countryside, focused on photographing nature as it used to be, with the serenity of those who feel integrated into it. I learned to move without leaving a trace of my passage, to observe without seeking, to be an inhabitant of the forests.

And so, slowly, they resumed the usual dialogue with their creatures, without being disturbed by my presence.

Then, and only then, I met the fairies again ”

- Joan Gómez-

What can we hear when we take a walk in the forest?

Usual sounds of nature: the murmur of the treetops, the trills of the birds, the cheerful bustle of the water of the stream, the sighs of the wind, the rattling of the rain on the earth; a snap of branches that break, perhaps the fleeting echo of tiny feet that run to hide.

Field mice? Perhaps. Or maybe it's something very different .

As old as the world, so familiar to the human race, and yet so distant ...

Sometimes we get glimpses of a forgotten wisdom, or the feeling that we have known something forever, even if we don't know it at all. Sometimes we think we see what we had seen before, but we don't remember when or where.

And it is that deep down, we all know that there are S are Elementals who accompany us, although we have never seen them, except in our dreams .

In this article I will not discuss the existence or not of these wonderful creatures, nor will I classify them as if they were specimens that could be analyzed by our limited senses .

I will only briefly review the traces left by the world, and I hope you can recognize them or even believe in them, because the origin of all the legends tells us about a state of perception before birth. A look at the nebulous land of the preexistence of where certain memories come to us. That is why stories about Elemental Beings affect us in a way contrary to scientific logic.

If when we are awake, we know that the illusion is false, why do we have the feeling that we have already lived before?


The Elemental Beings

Invocation :

Esp ritus Elemental, come closer to me!

Gnomes, share your mood with me.

Undinas, play in my presence.

Silfos, let the breeze caress me.

Salamanders, move in the candle flames.

Esp ritus Elementals, Thanks for coming!

Current studies in Philosophy and Metaphysics tell us that the Universe is Unity. That is, it is constituted by a single Unique Element that encompasses all existence.

Therefore, the substance that composes it is one in Essence . However, Science also shows us that this Unique Element is in turn divided into a plurality of Elements, which in parallel are divided into other Sub-Elements forming a complex organization chart of which we all form part.

We can also affirm that the plane where we move, the one that we can perceive and study a priori, is composed of four fundamental elements : namely, Earth, Water, Fire and Air . These Elements are Sub-Elements of the unique Essence.

On the other hand, the four elements of our Plane cross each other, because the Earth and the Air have a horizontal movement, while the Fire and the Water move vertically .

Through its constant interpenetration the essential components for life on Earth originate: Matter and Energy, which in turn are intertwined in an endless circle, giving rise to the Life Circle of our Existence.

And who is responsible for monitoring the proper functioning of the Vital Circle by facilitating the primary interrelationships of the four Elements ?

His very name indicates it. The Elemental Beings are the guardians of Nature and the Elements that comprise it.

That's how important your work is. In this way we humans strive to spoil it.


Because the Elemental Beings are Invisible beings that do not live exactly on our physical Plane ; or rather, although they work in the physical plane, they are not within the reach of the visual senses it is or auditory s of normal human beings.

However, the fact that we cannot see them does not categorically mean that they do not exist.

There are many examples of the same phenomenon in Nature .

How recurring evidence always refers to the intangibility of the Air element. It is not possible to see or touch it, but we can feel it and know that it is everywhere.

Scholars also talk about the rigid sheet of paper . If this sheet were in profile, completely motionless, we would not be able to see it even if it was at the height of our eyes.

Make no mistake. Our senses are limited and only perceive a small percentage of what exists in Nature . To think otherwise reflects the enormous pride of the human race.

This is not so much about what Science cannot explain, but what Science cannot deny.

On occasion, certain especially sensitive people get to see the Elemental Beings under certain circumstances.

Nature's conditions are also changing: day and night, heat and cold, the passing of the seasons, the atmospheric pressure, the height index, the influence of the Astros, the particles that flow arbitrarily in the air ...

Some of these conditions favor the materialization of the Elemental Beings more than others.

Sometimes they become visible to the human eye, and the story is full of documented cases, where the marveling witnesses tell their encounters with these creatures.

We will examine one of the most famous assumptions, where an illustrious character was involved. Nothing more and nothing less than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


It was 1918 when an 11-year-old girl named Frances Griffiths, who had just arrived in England, sent a letter to one of her best friends who lived in another country. The letter says like this:

Dear Joe:

I hope you are well. I wrote you a letter before, only that it seems to have been lost. Have you played with Elsie and Nora Biddles? I am now learning French, geometry, cooking and algebra in school. Dad came from France a few weeks ago, after being there for 10 months, and we all think that the war will end in a few days. Let's get our flags ready and hang them in our room. I will send you two photos: both are mine, one in a bathing dress in our patio (this one was taken by Uncle Arthur), the other is with two fairies that are at my disposal , this one was taken by Elsie. Rosebud is as far away as ever and I made him some clothes. How are Teddy and Dolly?

It is curious how the appearance of two fairies in a photograph is told in a completely natural way by an 11-year-old girl.

But it is that, according to many inhabitants of rural England, the presence of fairies was common in those days.

When Frances's father revealed the photographs, he considered that his two daughters had manipulated the camera and gave it no more importance.

However, Frances's mother, a fan of the paranormal, went to the Bradford Theosophical Society to tell them the story .

Edward Gardner, director of the Society, saw the photographs and immediately became interested in them.

The first thing he did was send them to an expert: Harold Snelling, who (to everyone's surprise) stated that there was no trace of manipulation in the negatives.

Later, the illustrious Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (creator of Sherlock Holmes), became interested in the images and began his own research work.

In 1920 Gardner visited the Griffiths family at his Cottingley residence. He handed a couple of cameras to the girls and asked them to take new photographs of the fairies.

They accepted, and after a few days Gardner received two new photographs where fairies supposedly appeared.

In 1921, a new visit led to a fifth (and last) photograph that visualizes a little fairy in a meadow.

The group of 5 photographs rose to fame and even appeared in some national newspapers.

With popular dissemination, heated debates about its truthfulness or falsehood took place that did not reach any definitive conclusion.

For his part, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle published the photographs in his book: " The Coming of the Fairies " in 1921 .

Fake photo?

Later, it was concluded that some of the photographs were false ( If you look closely, the wings of the creatures are perfectly still in the air, how if they were cardboard silhouettes, in contrast to the blurred motion of the waterfall ), but nothing could be concluded from the last photograph, which is said to be authentic and impossible to fake .

Authentic photography?

After all, who knows what beings hide in our forests and gardens?

The story of Cottingley's Fairies was taken to the cinema in 1997, by the hand of a wonderful film entitled " Photographing Fairies "

I recommend your viewing to all sensitive souls, because it contains natural secrets that are not completely unknown to us.

AUTHOR: Eva Villa

MORE INFORMATION in the Manuals " Experiencing the Elemental Beings " by Ursula Burkhard, " The Elementals " by Franz Hartmann and " The Elemental Spirits of Nature " by Jorge Angel Livraga

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