Lord Ganesha: Love Is Truth And Truth Is Freedom!

  • 2019

Channeled by Genoveva Coyle, December 29, 2018

The current journey tries to be fluid and flow with its purpose while being consistently present in its truth and integrity.

Mr. Ganesha

Greetings dear! I AM Lord Ganesha, his family and friend, ally and companion, at your service today and forever.

They don't think of me as their best friend, but I am. And I am telling you that you do not have to see me as a god or a distant teacher, or as someone to be begged and asked to prostrate many times to come and help you out.

I am always with you and I listen to your thoughts and your silent prayers of the heart.

Understand and listen to me, dear friends! We are one! We are doing this work, walking together along this path of collective ascension on planet Earth, and yes, each and every one of us is contributing in very unique and specific ways, but ultimately we need to be and do it together.

They are not meant to do it all alone and in isolation. On the other hand, this does not mean that you have to ask and direct others to do the work that is yours, or to put the responsibility of your actions, or of your inertia and inaction, in the lap of others - whether they are beings that are in physical form or some that are in etheric form, it does not matter.

But they need to ask us for help, because this world they inhabit has free will, and we cannot intervene on their behalf unless they ask us to . Your ego, your pride, will try to make you believe that you need to do it alone or on your own.

Ask us for help so we can intervene.

And let me tell you this secret, which is a serious mistake in which many of you were trapped, in that false and mistaken belief that going alone on this trip has some kind of value or deserves praise .

They need to let go of this need to prove themselves. I will remove it and erase it from your cellular memories right now.

You are special and beautiful in ways that do not need worldly recognition, and we can certainly feel and read your hearts.

We see your beauty, we see you!

This life and this journey is about balancing everything - lives and lessons learned, making room for the new, while letting go of the old, being in communion with everyone - being one, clinging to his bright and beautiful individuality. It is about learning to let go of what does not work and let only love enter .

This life is about refining your discriminatory skills and learning to be in balance in all bodies and all realms and knowing that this does not always mean the same as before or in the same amount.

This current journey is about being fluid and flowing with your purpose, while you are consistently present in your truth and integrity ... awake, alert, accepting and always cheerful, optimistic and light.

Be fluent and flow with your purpose.

I come today to help you remove the last obstacles in your path, those blockages and fears that can and will prevent you from seeing your magnificence and power.

I come to take away the blinders that they have put in front of the eyes of their loved ones for fear that they will not be able to handle so much love that comes upon them.

Open yourself completely to your love and sit with him.

Sit with him for as long as you need and let him be absorbed in each fiber and cell of his being.

Give this love to yourself and see why so many others wanted to distract you with other reasons and insignificant distractions. I am holding you in my sacred space to do just that, give all the love you need to your sweet being first .

Feel the power of your love!

Love is true and truth is freedom! Yes, this is what you and all who are here in this forum and, indeed, in all parts of the universe and the multiverse, are looking for. Because getting rid of the survival needs and limitations of the old third dimension is what now allows them to express themselves and be all that Mother has always wanted them to be.

Allow yourselves to rise, dear hearts, and love me and all of us in the heavenly kingdoms, encouraging you and flying side by side with you.

We adore and love them, and we hold them in the greatest esteem for all they are!

Goodbye for now!

Mr. Ganesha

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TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of the hermandadblanca.org

SOURCE: Genoveva Coyle (2018) Lord Ganesha Love is Truth and Truth is Freedom https://counciloflove.com/2018/12/lord-ganesha-love-is-truth-and-truth-is-freedom/

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