The Christ Light - Message from the Masters of Light

  • 2018

Channeled Messages of the Masters of Light.

In Portuguese the Original.

The Critical Light

The energies of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are in you and over you.

You are, then, the bearers of the Christ Light, of the Trine Flame. You are like tunnels where the Light is infinite. You cannot imagine the immensity that you attain in the other dimensions when you are faithful to the Light ; and you cannot know of the daily response that your souls and spirits receive, because they feed on the Light and communicate with those who participate in the Great Unity of Cosmic and Universal Life. You still can't know everything because your personalities are vain and blind.

Dear brothers!

New opportunities are being given to your soul and your spirit to evolve and reflect its strength in your daily action, so that you may be one with the principles of universal life.

The horizons that open for you also bring a new life.

You know that you are being renewed and your innovative minds.

Do not miss the opportunity of this transformation, try to perceive the new language of your mind and your heart. Be consistent with your deepest feelings.

You don't want to be the old men of the old world!

- Transmute your internal difficulties, your distortions!

Look at life under the Light that you have received. You are not the same as before. You must assume your transformation so that she benefits others around her.

Be aware that within you is a soul that communicates with your personality and that she has the record of your true experiences.

Do not search the books and their earthly formation for the answers of all things.

Do not be mediocre to the point of wanting to maintain a spiritual state with your scarce knowledge acquired in this life.

- Headquarters like a mystical seed!

Proliferate the Light, do not turn aside and do not let the concrete mind dominate your day to day .

You will have to assume the language of your heart and that of the higher mind, because they are energized by the energies of the Holy Spirit and are vehicles of the Word and the language that governs the New World.

In the New World the word is not only the vehicle of communication between men. She is also the vehicle of communication between worlds, spirits and souls.

- Get up on time!

- Awaken your Divine Essence!

- Be united with all the Beings of Light!

With love,

KOOT HOOMI teacher

Spiritual Channel: Lourdes Rosa.

Message from the Book "Messages from the Beings of Light" - vol. II

Authors Henrique Rosa and Lourdes Rosa

TRANSLATION FROM PORTUGUESE TO SPANISH: Patricia Gambetta, editor in the great family of


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