Adama's message: Hope is fundamental to spiritual evolution

  • 2018

In general, everything that is possible to say, especially through what is known as “the media” or the Internet about Hope, is very surprising. And it is even more surprising that several beings accept as true that, unfortunately, it is only a brake for their evolution . However, it consists of something that is part of the freedom that each individual has to believe or not in the various theories and ways of perceiving life.

This issue afflicts us, especially since those who are responsible for annihilating any kind of hope in life have not truly been able to understand what can be achieved through thought, mainly through the powers possessed by the mind. We regret the fact that several beings consider that Hope consists of a brake and not a path that will allow them to overcome numerous stages of life while allowing them to grow and evolve.

If you have no hope, you have nothing

Hope stands out for being the most important thing in humanity, since any humanity that has no hope will be a humanity without a future because it is not able to expect anything else.

They must remember that in the same way that it is possible to create with thought, it can also be done through hope and consequently, have a much brighter future. It is true that each individual carefully performs his programming before incarnating within this world; however, any programming that can be understood before it has been implemented would not really have any purpose.

We are not referring to hope in the material sense as having a beautiful home, having a great economic situation, etc., but of spiritual hope ; that is, the hope of continuing this earthly journey and to be able to better understand what they really are. In addition, hope is an essential factor in spiritual evolution ; Therefore, leaving it aside, the spiritual advance is automatically stopped and humanity is stopped, completely taking away its ability to evolve.

To complement everything we have been saying about hope so far, we must add that it is possible to repeat many times the thoughts of hope that are formulated, it should be noted that we refer to a positive hope, since some situations are related to a hope something minor, in any case and after expressing some thought of hope, it may be necessary to renew it a few more times, when it is a positive hope, not the negative one that can be generated when wishing that someone else suffers for some reason; It must never be renewed if something inferior is expected for another person, not even in the case of an enemy.

Under no circumstances should we expect someone to be in trouble

Being positive hope is something really sacred, which is possible to cultivate continuously and taking into account that spiritual hope allows you to connect with the highest parts of the Divine Being that lives in each of you. Hope consists of an engine, which is fundamental for every human being; and by snatching it from an individual what does he have left? Obviously he will have to continue living his life just like the others, but he will have to do it in a more difficult way.

By taking hope away from a human being, he will not have the strength he needs to continue his life ; because it will be a life without health, peace and joy.

Even in the case of the most material things that exist within the earthly experience, human beings always retain the hope of a better health or financial situation. When these individuals take their hope away, what could they do to conform and suffer their destiny? The answer is no; no being has to suffer any spell. Everyone has the right and the ability to see beyond, avoiding suffering.

We can also say that your current society, which is considered modern, is permanently subject to a series of laws, in which many of you place your hope.

Trusting that their social, political and economic laws are improving and will allow the man of tomorrow to bring Peace to their societies. This is also an act of Hope! And by removing it, only the suffering and nonconformity of that kind of life will remain; However, by having hope there is the possibility of accepting things as they are presented and having the ability to change them positively.

You all have incredible tools in your interior to improve your lives . Why not use them to achieve greater evolution and live better? Hope is an essential part of the faculties that the human mind possesses; It is a beautiful and powerful energy that helps them continue regardless of the circumstances that may arise, in order to evolve spiritually and achieve a higher level of Love.

Hope never stops because of the limitations that concepts can generate, but it encourages them to continue regardless of anything else; Hope gives them wings and serves as food; Hope allows you to create everything you wish to achieve, both in the earthly and in the spiritual world. Therefore, we can associate the term `` wish '' with `` hope ''.

In opposition to Hope there is despair n ; That is why when people take away hope, people tend to despair. But there is no reason to despair, we invite you to always have Hope, since this energy will not only give you joy, but also help you survive by feeling that the Light does not shine for you. or when going through difficult situations.

It is possible that today you are experiencing problems, but hopefully, tomorrow will change everything that afflicts you today. That is the only thing they must understand and accept. Remember that Hope plays a great role in your lives and how you can face your earthly experience. Once they understand this, they can preserve Hope, and know that it is a very valuable tool.

Hope is presented as a vibration whose purpose is to help you

Be sensible and leave aside those individuals who believe that Hope is nothing more than a limiting thing that does not allow them to live fully; Instead, open your Being to Hope, and allow those beings through you to have the opportunity to know the value and power of this great energy to achieve their ideals and improve their lives. Forget about "despair" and trust in Hope!

Hope will allow them to accept and face things, since having no hope will not be able to accept situations that arise.

Adopt hope and accept the situations presented by proclaiming : "Today I must experience this situation, but I hope that tomorrow everything will be better and I will understand life better." Finally, Hope will give them the opportunity to experience the acceptance of numerous things.

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Monique Mathieu

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