María Magdalena: Separation Is An Illusion

  • 2018

Channeled by Linda Dillon, November 17, 2018

María Magdalena says: "We count on you, literally, to erase this illusion of the planet, and thus erase it throughout the multiverse."

Maria Magdalena

Greetings, I AM the Magdalene, I AM Mary . Welcome my beloved brothers and sisters, sweet angels of light, sweet beings of love, from every ray of the rainbow and much beyond.

I am pleased to join you on this day and in the strength, beauty and wisdom of this beautiful pink ray. We don't need to borrow from blue, or ruby, or gold, or violet, because we dance with all of them, we love them all.

We bring to our presence all the rays, all the roads, all the trips, all the journeys, all the light, all the love because there is no separation, there never has been and never will be ... not between kingdoms, or dimensions, or realities, or planets, or societies, or galaxies, or universes. It is simply an illusion . And it is an illusion, yes, carried by the ego, but deeper than that.

There is no separation and there never has been nor will be.

In a way, this illusion of separation stems from the desire to be seen and loved.

Does the illusion of separation nullify its purpose? Of course it is . But it is important to understand the origin and healing, elimination, disintegration, dissolution, of this strange paradigm.

In the yearning to be loved, as unique, as special, in recognition of your beauty, strength and service to the Mother, you have created this sense of individuality .

And this has been extraordinarily useful, particularly when they live in a physical form, a beautiful and radiant physical form that they have designed, that they have had the luxury of designing in tandem with their guides, their guardians and Mother Herself. And it is an entity of beauty, it is a creation of magnificence that must be honored and admired and appreciated.

But as children, they have said so many times: “ Mother, do you see me? Mother, do you see me? Look at me ... I can walk, I can ride, I can travel, I can talk, I can pray, I can create. Look at me. Look at me. ”And that has grown in this sense of separation .

Very often, the wrong ego is literally blamed for the illusion of separation. But I encourage you and I bring you this day, so you can go deeper, that is truly born of the desire to be loved .

The separation is born of the desire to be loved, to be seen.

And yet, in this illusion, in this growth of being unique and separate has come the desire for reunification .

That is why we are bringing the powerful pink legion to dance with you this day, since they have achieved this unified field of knowledge, uniqueness and complete connection a long time ago.

Every being, every energy field, the vision of beauty, power, gentleness, and sweetness. This is where we bring them back! They are unique . They do not need, have never needed, to create a sense of importance . They have never needed to act to be identified, loved, appreciated and admired.

It has always been ... not even a birthright ... simply the truth of who they are.

As you know, as they have said, there is no separation between kingdoms, between devas, fairies, elves, rocks, mountains, dogs, giraffes, whales, and each other as hybrids, and humans, and everything else.

Because what are you You are the pink glow of love .

You are the only and beautiful expression of love … yes, carrying the essence and energy, the DNA, of the Mother / Father / One. But also its DNA, its essence, its beauty.

When you recognize and embrace the essence and beauty of each being that you find, electronically, etherically, in person, or much further, then you are eliminating, transmuting, transforming and erasing this illusion of separation .

They are not erasing the beauty of their sacred being. There has never been, in or out of form, a desire to erase any will be your fingerprint, your spiritual footprint, your essence. Your flame is eternal. It won't go out, it won't and it won't.

They are the expression of love.

So, come back and just eliminate the illusion of separation. Recognize that this illusion arose from the desire to be seen, appreciated and loved. And in doing so, my family, know how deeply I love you and that I am with you every step of the way .

We count on you, literally, to erase this illusion on the planet, and thus erase it throughout the multiverse. They are powerful and will do it with kindness, compassion and love, for the recognition of beauty.

Go with my love and go in peace. Goodbye

Mary Magdalene

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TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Linda Dillon (2018) Separation is an illusion.

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