How to Create Your Reality, by Master El Morya

  • 2018

Channeled by Natalie Glasson, September 7, 2018

Bringing divine blessings, I, Master El Morya, greet you. I am the guardian of the divine will and divine power of the Creator, it is my purpose to activate the sacred frequencies within your being to support your experience as an expression of the Creator on Earth. The divine will and divine power of the Creator contain the greatest plan of the Creator for all and the power to bring creation to manifestation . The divine will and power are in constant action within the Creator Universe creating pure experiences that strengthen, expand and evolve in the truth of the Creator for all to experience. These sacred energies are present on Earth and within your being.

Earth souls may misunderstand the presence and purpose of divine will and power, mistakenly believing that the universe will tell them what to do and that if they accept power they will be able to control or harm others around them, they are pure delusions!

When you are willing to let go of your negative perceptions about the will and power and how they have manifested in your life in the past, then you will begin to co-create in harmony with the pure will and power of the Creator.

What is the Divine Will of the Creator?

The divine will of the Creator is an expression of energy from the core of the Creator, full of an understanding of how the universe, including Earth, is synthesized, synchronized, and how it can remain in harmony and evolve to serve everyone. The divine will of the Creator contains the final goal, manifestation and evolution of the Creator at any given time. When you access the divine will of the Creator you are not only asking the Creator how your reality and your actions fit the divine plan and the final goal of the Creator, but you are also realizing that you are an aspect of a greater whole.

You are downloading an understanding or knowledge of the numerous realization options available to you in your life and spiritual growth. In truth you are always aligned with the divine will of the Creator, and yet calling this energy allows your alignment to be strengthened. When you receive the divine will of the Creator in your being and distribute it in your reality, you cannot make a mistake, everything you create is in configuration with the truth of the Creator . Through the acceptance of the divine will, your soul inspires you as to the most appropriate paths for you.

What is the Creator's Divine Power?

Divine power has nothing to do with control, influence or authority, but it is the creative force that empowers or brings things to manifestation or physical experience. Power can be expressed through your being and yet your true divine power is your ability to bring thoughts, feelings and ideas to materialization and active presence.

Divine power is the active process of manifestation through or into one of the 352 dimensions of the Creator Universe. When you bring things to manifestation on Earth, they have been drawn from another dimension to vibrate in your dimension and reality to be useful or valuable to you. Divine power is the change in vibration and frequency of energy and how it impacts at its anchoring place. It is also the driving force that supports the evolution and expansion of the Creator and all aspects of the Creator.

Co-Creating with the Divine Will and the Divine Power

The unloading and conscious activation of the divine will and the power of the Creator within your being creates a powerful source to feed what you wish to manifest. The divine will produces the vibration of harmony and the presence of satisfactory opportunities, as well as a feeling of being supported and inspired. Divine power energizes your focus and anchors the appropriate vibrations in manifestation.

When you can access and experience the synthesis of the divine will and power within your being as an energy, light or knowledge, you have everything you need to manifest the reality you desire. Then there is simply a need to discover what you want to manifest for yourself, for reality and to support others.

You have everything you need to manifest the reality you want.

This can sometimes be more challenging since discovering what you need in your current stage of ascension and in your life is very different from discovering what you want, although they may be the same.

I, Master El Morya, wish to share with you my guide on how to create your reality. These will be the steps that will encourage you to enter the most appropriate state of being and mind to serve and enhance your manifestation skills. You will notice that most of the practices that I share with you will focus on discovering what you need to create a complete realization and to realize that this is not always the same as what you want or believe that will create the realization.

Steps to help you create your reality

  • Recognize the Synthesis of Divine Will and Power

Bring attention to your Soul Star Chakra above your Crown Chakra .

Say out loud: 'Now I am ready and willing to recognize and experience the synthesized presence of divine will and divine power in my soul and in my whole being . '

Focus on discovering and experiencing the energy merging with your whole being. Move through each Chakra repeating the declaration and recognizing the presence of the divine will and power, until you truly believe in the presence of the energy within your being and can recognize it vibrating through and from you.

  • Want and Need

Write on one side of a piece of paper what you want in your life, then on the other side what you need in your life. Look and see these two lists and how they differ. Do you feel more attached to one list than another? Do these two lists represent for you an accomplishment?

  • A realized being

Imagine yourself as an accomplished being, how are you, how is your reality and who is present with you? Write what you receive. Allow yourself to connect with the feeling of fullness that you experience radiating from your essence to your being and your reality. You may want to practice this a few times, observing if you, how to be performed, change in any way. Complete this process until you feel that you have accessed a true and pure understanding of who you are as a realized being.

  • I choose to manifest

Allow yourself to connect with your inner energy synthesized by divine will and power. With this sacred energy that emanates from your being, imagine that you allow your reality to move away and you are simply your soul and the expression of divine will and power. Then, repeat:

I am the source of my creations, therefore, I choose to manifest ……………………………………… ..

Allow yourself to complete the statement with whatever comes to you or feel guided. When you are satisfied with your full statement and feel it is meaningful and exciting, focus on the statement as much as possible each day.

  • How to make a request

You extract energy from other dimensions to anchor yourself in your reality therefore energy becomes useful or valuable to you. The manifestation of energy flows through your being, that is, from head to toe, taking root in your Earth Star Chakra that is under your feet.

I, Master El Morya, advise you to write a request paragraph. This is to ask that what you wish to experience be taken from the most appropriate dimension of energy towards rooting and manifestation within your physical reality. Write the petition to your soul, the soul group, the universe and the Creator. Describe what you want to manifest, if you want it to be rooted in your body or in reality and how it could appear once manifested. Explain the feeling and value of the manifestation. It can be as short or as long as you want, keep it focused and engaged instead of confusing and blurry. Read this often out loud.

Imagine that you receive energy as it travels through your being and is anchored in your Earth Star Chakra.

Your thoughts and feelings create the reality you experience, let your thoughts and feelings align with the desired manifestation. If this does not happen, examine what is blocking or distracting you from focusing where necessary and required.

With love and abundant blessings,

Master El Morya

TRANSLATOR: Carolina, translator of the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Natalie Glasson (2018) How to Create Your Reality by Master El Morya.

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