Message to Mexico by Madre Mileila: Nature must be purified. Channeled by Fernanda Abundes

  • 2017

It is we who create the reality we want to live.

It is natural that after the events, the human mind is focused on the external factor that created its reality.

But, to what extent did the external factor create reality? .

Everything that happened is the product of a great cleansing that should happen and the agreement of the souls that were allowed to be at that time and even those that decided to transcend. Free will lies even in choosing those moments of change, chaos and transition.

Nature must be purified as human nature does, without containment and with absolutely all the energy that must be purified.

The energy of nature is overloaded with all that thought that is not generating and on the contrary is destructive. All that nonconformity of the reality and present of the human being generates in its environment a complete state of imbalance that was left to balance nature, adding this energy to what it normally requires.

Everything that has happened to the mind has been reviewed over and over again, not allowing the present to live in this moment and continuing with the emotion experienced moments ago. Unconsciously the mind is generating the same energy of the past but for this reality and then knowing the potential of the mind, what exactly is it generating?, remember that all thoughts are energy and energy in principle materializes . What are we materializing? Nobody needs an episode in the same sense, that is, by the creation of collective thought.

Thoughts must be with the awareness that nature MUST REMAIN CLEARING because it is something that cannot be avoided, she must purify all the energy that is produced moment by moment, but if it is IN FULL BALANCE FOR HUMANITY.

Be communicators of great intentions, of good news, of great moments and above all of hope and calm for the minds that need it most.

The whole human mind is being intoxicated with energy of destruction and tragic change.

ALL CHANGES GENERATE CRISIS, but let's understand this crisis as a necessary and NOT destructive debugging .

The energy that they are about to receive at the cosmic level given the planetary alignment and the change of season causes the human body to be right in the middle of two magnetisms, that is, the energy of the nucleus of the earth that is being purified and the energy received from the cosmos, which will necessarily cause change in nature, in the human body and its environment; Let us intend this energy for change in equilibrium and for all those humans who need to transmute it in peace and as a medicine for their soul in complete harmony with nature.

It will not be the end of the world as a portion seeks to continue to make the human mind sick, but if it can be the end of many truths that are not compatible for balance and that have been allowed to become its reality.

A mission of life is to make a different moment for a human being, it can be simply going out and smiling at someone, we do not know if that someone brings a thought opposite to happiness and just seeing something different for at least a few seconds changes your reality and leave the continuation of a negative thought .

Transmuting energy is the art of the wise, be alchemists of chaos and generate that beautiful reality that they deserve to live.

Message channeled by Fernanda Abundes ( ) (Puebla, Mexico. September 23, 2017)

Published by Geny Castell, editor of the great family of the

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