Message from the Divine Mother: Stock up on food that conserves the water of life

  • 2017
Table of contents hide 1 But what does it mean to talk about the foods that feed the water of life? 2 Be careful with the food you eat, since you may be contaminating your body and soul 3 The capacity of our mind on our body is really incredible 4 Remember that our home is not a simple house or apartment, but the earth

Mother Nature is extremely mysterious and her way of acting is very different from what we can imagine. Although sometimes Mother Nature seems to provide us with only terrible catastrophes, she has also endowed us with everything we need to cover all our needs and thus be able to survive.

Divine beings also have their mother nature, only that they have a different concept from her. The wisest of the divine beings are called " Galmols ", and are above the simple beings, such as rocks, plants and living beings and although it sounds somewhat arrogant, these beings really seek to take care of everyone, and Especially of the youngest. But this article is not about those who live in the upper levels, but about the foods that feed the water of life .

But what does it mean to talk about the foods that feed the water of life?

That's right, although it seems strange, after this article you will not go to the supermarket in the same way and that is that food is one of the most feasible ways to cope with some compounds that pollute the world . Every product you buy has to be thoroughly reviewed, as some can be really harmful to you. Actually, in the supermarket there are many more harmful than beneficial products .

Many have analyzed several supermarket foods under the microscope, and the results have been really appalling. Most foods are infested with multiple hydrocarbons, in addition to the harmful additives . Not only that, but terrible things have also been found in food packaging and that all these wastes found in food products have created a micro contamination in the human body, which is becoming a very worrying and even alarming issue.

Be careful of the food you eat, since you may be contaminating your body and soul

Although the matter may seem terrible, there is a very simple way to cope with it and to be able to live peacefully . The first thing you should keep in mind is that the body is a machine that is designed to perform two very important food processes: ingestion and digestion . These two processes are related to a very important third quality of the body, which is the ability to eliminate everything it needs or rather everything that is harming it.

Over the years, the human body has become much stronger and more resistant to everything that damages it and that is in our environment . That is why it is currently very difficult to be severely affected as viruses such as influenza, when in ancient times it was one of the leading causes of death .

That's right, our body gets stronger and stronger and this is especially true every time we think we get stronger, since our mind's ability on our body is truly incredible . When your body begins to become much stronger, then the bodies of light begin to descend upon you, because they will make you be much calmer and more relaxed, and peace begins to take hold of your body. When these light bodies begin to descend, then your body is capable of transforming all those inactive compounds that are in it. These change during the night and everything that is absorbed by the body and is not beneficial to the body is simply eliminated.

The ability of our mind on our body is really incredible

Of course, even though this is a solution, you need to know that all these harmful particles in the world are growing and expanding even exponentially. There are other particles called diamantines that are opposite to these harmful particles and that also grow at an accelerated level.

Diamond particles are capable of giving hope, relieving pain and even giving confidence. The divine beings are also there to accomplish that work, in addition to making all those substances that threaten life and pollute the human disappear. These beings are so full of love for us that, despite the fact that the work they do seems difficult, they do it with great joy and enthusiasm.

Another part of nature that we use every day and that is highly contaminated is water . You can find pollution in rivers, ponds, oceans, seas, swimming pools and even in the water that flows from the river. Dog and baby food are also contaminated, so you can notice the level of danger in some foods .

If you only look for harmful food and feed your family with it, then you will not find more than diseases . Another of the products that contain many contaminants are cosmetics, which contain products derived from petroleum and mineral oil, which generate the opposite effect by which they have been manufactured.

For this reason, many brands of wrinkle creams have received thousands of lawsuits for skin damage and acceleration of old age and the same applies to companies of other types of cosmetics. In order to offset this type of damage to the body, it is necessary that you stop using medications and use cosmetics, which are made from petroleum .

To heal the planet you must also buy products that do not have a high level of contamination, since the residues of the contaminated products go directly to the earth, which is poisoned. Although it may not seem like it, anything you do has a consequence, such as climate change, which is a consequence of the damage that man has caused on the planet.

Everything that men do has a direct impact on the environment, and also on life in general. Although it may not seem important, buying products that do not harm the environment is extremely essential.

Remember that our home is not a simple house or apartment, but the land

If we don't take care of it soon, our home will disappear, along with all the resources that allow us to survive. The same happens with our body: if you don't take care of the products you consume, then you will deteriorate your health or accelerate your aging, as well as produce diseases.

The planet is messy because man puts substances on it that should not go there. Not only is the environment and organic life damaged, but the energy flow of the planet also changes. Although it does not seem important, the flow of energy is what generates the magnetic fields and vibrational waves, which affect our internal energy .

If the energy flow of the earth is affected, then ours will be affected as well. That is why you must replace your products with other organic ones . For example, you should change your medications for the largest amount of natural substitutes . These home remedies are really effective, since they use the purest components of the earth, have no harmful chemicals and prolong life . In addition, the waste of these remedies will not harm the earth, since they belong to it. Try herbal infusions, fruits, vegetables, and some roots to improve your health.

Replace canned products with organic products that do not have additives or any other type of chemical that can harm your body and your home.

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