Message from the fire salamanders and the new Gaia collective

  • 2019

We fire salamanders, yes, we are the light. We live deeply in the mother's womb and in you too, human . Whales are storing codes. Fire salamanders help to ignite codes. Are you ready to be on fire?

Bright neon, rotating light, fire kisses you now, tonight

We see undecided humans in your new glory. Do not hesitate. Hesitation is not for the gods / goddesses . The hesitation is aimed at students, beginners of a trade. Now you are teachers, forming kingdoms with the fire of intention.

The new Gaia is formed. We partner with her every day to light the fire salamanders with a burning and fresh passion, full of joy. Because it fulfills our plan of the heart, to infuse life with fire, and to be reborn again.

As now, you have to listen, find your own song in your heart, find joy. Be happy We see humanity always looking for joy outside of itself. Why is that so? We do not understand this strange custom of the world.

Why seek outdoor entertainment while life codes overflow in you, hoping to be untapped? Why are you discontented? No longer. The new Gaia awaits you, guides you, feeds you, infuses you with a new life . Inhale this. Partner with us, fire salamanders, if you wish.

We will be happy to share with you our codes of light, love and joy to move forward with confidence in your creations . Without hesitation That is all for now. Be strong Be strong like the trees of the new Gaia, giants of peace. Deeply rooted, they have immobility codes, but also growth and renewal. We are the salamanders of fire. May you be in peace .

We are the group of trees of the new Gaia. Feel the sparkling fractal light through our branches. Feel the kiss of the wind through our fairies, instill peace in your transformation .

The old method is no longer necessary, abandon it. Allow the new of the new Gaia in you now. Let us embrace you through our sacred fruits, crystal clear waters, dolphins and our mermaid kingdoms. Get on our branches .

Fly high, high and fast or slowly to enjoy every sacred moment. Find your tree Sit on them. Embrace the branches of light, strength and support . Rest in them. Swing away with my branches like children, with luminescence and carefree. Do not be afraid to fall , swing without fear of heights . Be happy.

The new Gaia is robust, strong. Ready for you Find your tree Maybe this is a good place to meditate? It may bring you peace if you cement it in your memory through meditation in our place . Stay in the present, always remember to be in the present . And the new Gaia will start to grow like a bush and will quickly become a big tree, and you will have tree friends who will call you home.

Colorful lights, soft breeze and quality with a certain tropical air are waiting for you . You are the creators, everything revolves around you now, you are inside the whirlwind. You are the new Gaïens that we, the trees, see affectionately and thus send our love and support to this day.

We are the collective of the new Gaia tree that whispers praises and joys this morning. You have to realize this for yourself, which we strongly encourage you to do. We love you See you soon. You decide for how long. Come see us every day! Come and feel our presence of renewal, of growth, of joy. We are the group of trees of the new Gaia.

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Galaxygirl

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