Message Arc ngel Gabriel: Non-judgment and the return to yourself

  • 2019

How can we be sure that we do not return to an energy of judgment ? Currently, the human structure undergoes cellular changes depending on the level of consciousness. The two cerebral hemispheres begin to reconnect in the subtle plane. Thought and intuition merge; disconnecting emotions and operating in the energy of your Divine Presence.

What happens or will happen when you face a conflict situation or a friendly moment? The new reconnection energy will quickly discover people's motivation. To avoid an energy of judgment, you must raise awareness of the positive and how it benefits you in order to evolve . Do not judge the motivation you find in the other be positive or negative; This energy belongs to him. If it happens in your life it is for a reason. Choose to let yourself be dominated by your feelings and yield to your compulsive thoughts (qualify, accuse, analyze). You will enter a stage where you activate the sufferings of the past and those of other souls who are in the same vibration and amplify your own anguish.
Or on the contrary, you transmute these energies. How to do it?


In absolute calm, with the help of your light guides, stand at the level of the heart. Take your inner child in your arms and express love. Tell him his qualities, what you admire about him; until it is impregnated with the vibrations of love for yourself. By celebrating their qualities, they will emerge and fill the spaces they had . You will transmute your energies and eliminate from your cells the suffering that comes from the past; The conscious and unconscious guilt that enslaves your life will have no more space. You will recognize that you are a perfect being. A divine spark.


Analyze how you feel about a situation: rejection, abandonment, guilt and helplessness . Return to a similar scenario in energy. Be aware that this fact of the past reactivated a wound in your body of suffering but in the present. Ask yourself: Am I the same person I was in the past at the time of this suffering? Although it is the same energy of past suffering, you are no longer the same because you are in the present. Today you have the power to choose, to recognize who you are: a being of light in a human body that radiates energy and forgets the past.

The cure will be definitive, because you have chosen the love that heals everything.


Face an event or conflict environment. Welcome it and ask yourself a question: What can I do? Nothing, then trust the universe. These evolutionary tips are tools that you still need so that you become aware and accept the totality of your being. When acceptance is decisive, you merge the shadows and the light to settle on that much desired love in life. Live surrounded by this energy, act according to your feelings and remember that you have the key to return home and be happy. You have the power to open the door to attract the vibration of love for yourself. Use your discernment and make the right choice.

All that love you give will radiate out of you and will touch the beings that surround you and will join with the incarnated souls that work in your same vibration to bring them into the light. There will be spirits that do not yet recognize the divinity that inhabits them, but they will also be touched by your love. Your spiritual guides will expand this vibration since love and light are their food. The Earth will resonate, allowing you to eliminate your suffering and accompany you in this experience. Then that balance of the wise man who has everything will be installed in you. While love completely envelops you.

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Sally Solara

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